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Families covered: Delafield of Fieldston, Delafield of London

(1) Commoners reports that "This family derives its descent from the Counts de la Feld, the once powerful proprietors of the demisnes and castle near Colmar, of which the latter still bears their name."
(2) We are a bit suspicious of some of the connections reported for this family. We hope to find another source on the family in due course that will give us more comfort on what is shown below.
John de la Feld in Buckinghamshire & Lancashire
1. John de la Feld
  m. (1253-4) Elizabeth Fitzwarine (dau of the "Lord Warden of the Marches in the North")
  A. John de la Feld
  m. (1286-7) Maude Montacute (heir)
  i. Robert (or Hubert) de la Feld
  m. (1317-8) _ Fitzwarine (dau/heir of Fulke Fitzwarine, cousin)
  a. John de la Feld
  m. (1349-50) Margaret de Tyringham
  (1) Thomas de la Feld
  m. (1371-2) Elizabeth Butler (dau of Thomas Butler (son of Thomas, Earl of Ormonde), great-grandau of Norman D'Arcy (by Elizabeth de la Feld))
  (2) Robert de la Feld
  m. (1377) Elinor Butler (dau of Thomas Butler (son of Thomas, Earl of Ormonde), sister of Elizabeth)
The fact that the Earls of Ormonde around this time were all named James leads us to hold back from linking to Butler01.
  (A) Robert de la Feld
  m. (1410-1) Alice de Grey (dau/heir of Sir Reginald de Grey)
  (i) Sir Thomas de la Feld of Ailesbury (Buckinghamshire) and Fieldston & Culduffe (co. Kildare)
m. (1437-8) Katherine de Rochfort (dau of Sir Thomas de Rochfort (by Elizabeth D'Arcy), m2. Thomas Luttrell of Luttrelstown)
  (a) Sir John de la Feld 'of Fieldston'
  m. (1454-5) Elizabeth Hankford (sister of Sir Richard Hankford & aunt of Anne)
  ((1)) Sir Thomas Delafield
m. (1481-2) Margaret Howard (dau/heir of Ralph Howard, "descended from the Howards of Fersfield")
  ((A)) John Delafield - continued below
  m. Thomasine Dillon (dau of Sir Thomas Dillon)
  ((B)) Isabel Delafield
  m. Gerald Fitzgerald of Alloone ("descended from Maurice, first Knight of Kerry")
  ((i)) Bartholomew Fitzgerald
m. Anne Aylmer
  ((ii)) Alison Fitzgerald
  m. Gerald Aylmer ("ancestor to the Lords Aylmer")
  ((2)) Gerald Delafield had issue
  Commoners reports that Gerald marrried an heiress and assumed her surname though his son resumed the family name.
  ((3)) Catherine Delafield
  m. (1478-9) Sir Richard Barnewall
  (B) Anne de la Feld (abbess)
  (3) Nichoas de la Feld
  ii. John de la Feld (Canon of Hereford Abbey Church)
  B.+ other issue - Robert/Hubert, Nicholas
2. Elizabeth de la Feld
  m. (1258-9) Norman D'Arcy of Nocton ## see here ##



John Delafield - continued above
m. Thomasine Dillon (dau of Sir Thomas Dillon, "ancestor of the Earls of Roscommon")
1. Sir Thomas Delafield
  m. Margaret Fleming ("granddaughter of the Lord Slane")
  A. Patrick Delafield
  m. (1563) Elizabeth Cusack (dau of Thomas Cusack of Gerardstown by Anne St. Lawrence)
  i. John Delafield
  m. Anne de la Bere (coheir, of "a younger branch of the De la Beres of Gloucestershire")
  a. John Delafield
  m. (1610) Elizabeth Hampden (dau/heir of Thomas Hampden, son of John of Hampden)
  (1) John Delafield
  m. (1636) Elizabeth Brooke
  (A) John Delafield (b 1637, a 1697, Count of the Holy Roman Empire)
  (i) John Delafield (b 1656)
  m. Mary (dau of James Heanage or Headage)
  (a) John Delafield (b 1692)
  m. Sarah Goodwin (dau of James Goodwin)
  ((1)) John Delafield
  m. Martha Dele (dau of John Dele of Aylesbury)
  ((A)) John Delafield (Count) "settled abroad"
  m. Mary Tollemache (dau of George Tollemache)
((i)) John Delafield
  m1. Mary Roberts (dau/heir of John Roberts of Whitchurch)
  m2. Elizabeth Tollemache (cousin)
  ((ii))+ other issue
  ((B)) Joseph Delafield 'of Kensington' of Camden Hill, Middlesex (b 14.05.1749)
  m. (04.01.1790) Frances Combe (dau of Hervey Combe of Cobham Park)
  ((i)) Joseph Delafield 'of London & Leybourne Grange' who married ...
  m. (1819) Charlotte Combe (dau of Harvey Christian Combe of Cobham Park)
  ((ii)) John Delafield (cleric, 3rd son)
  m. Cecil Jane Pery (dau of Earl of Limerick)
((iii)) Frances Henrietta Delafield
  m. Thomas Rennell (prebendary of Salisbury, son of the Dean of Winchester)
  ((iv))+ other issue - Edward Hervey (d unm), William, Maria
  ((C)) Martha Delafield
  m. (06.04.1779) Thomas Arnold of Slatwoods, Isle of Wight
  ((D))+ other issue (d unm) - William, Mary
  ((2)) Mary Delafield
  m. E. Unsworth
  ((3))+ other issue - Thomas, Joseph
  (ii) Leopold Delafield (Count) had issue, "married and settled abroad"
  (2)+ other issue - William, James, Thomas
  b. William Delafield
  m. Isabel Dudley
  (1) William Delafield
2. Gerald Delafield
  m. Elinor Plunket ("of the Killeen family")

Main source(s): Commoners (vol 1, 'Delafield of Fieldston', p542+)
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