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Families covered: Derham (Dereham) of Crimplesham, Dereham (Derham) of Dereham Abbey

The information we have on the early generations of this family is scanty. The following combines what we have with input kindly provided by a contributor (DD, 30.01.06) who identified his main source as information obtained from an unidentified book, thought to have been produced in the 1980s, supplemented by information from sundry other sources such as the IGI. We welcome this information but, as we are wary of relying too much on sources whose reliability is unknown, show below in italics where we have relied on DD's data.
Herlwinus (a temp Norman Conquest, an Anglo-Saxon)
1. Geoffrey de Dereham
  A. Geoffrey de Dereham
  m. Anthega
  i. Nichola(s) de Dereham
  m. William @@ below
  ii.+ other issue - Elias, Richard



m. Nichola de Dereham (dau of Geoffrey de Dereham) @@ above
1. Helmerrus de Dereham
  A. Thomas de Dereham
  i. Geoffrey de Dereham
  a. Thomas de Dereham of Crimplesham, Norfolk the first mentioned by Visitation
  This appears to be the Thomas reported by BEB1841 as having settled in Crimplesham 13 Edward III (c1340).
  m. _ Schardelow = Johan (Joan) of Shondelow
  (1) John Dereham or Derham of Crimplesham
  m. Ann
(A) Thomas Derham of Crimplesham
  m. Alicia Walpole (dau of Henry Walpole)
  This generation is not mentioned by Visitation. Furthermore, BEB1841 identifies the following Thomas (who married Elizabeth de Vere) as son or grandson of the first Thomas of Crimplesham mentioned above. We suspect that Alicia was the first wife of the following Thomas whom BHO mentions as probably son of Ralph (d c1399).
  (i) Thomas Derham of Crimplesham (a temp Henry V who r. 1413-1422)
  m. Elizabeth de Vere (d c1469, dau of Baldwin de Vere of Denver, brother of Robert of Addington)
(a) Thomas Derham of Crimplesham (b 1436)
  m1. Alicia Haltoft (dau/heir of Gilbert Haltoft or Halcroft (Baron of the Exchequer))
  ((1)) John Derham (b 1466, d young)
  ((2)) Elizabeth Derham (b 1467)
  m. John Fincham of Outwell
  m2. (1470) Jane (Joan) Bennett (dau of John Bennett of Bunwell)
  ((3)) Thomas Derham of Crimplesham (d 1531)
  m. Isabel Paynell (dau of John Paynell of Boothby by dau of Philip Tylney)
((A)) Thomas Derham of Crimplesham (b 1503, d 1554) - continued below
  BEB1841 suggests that this Thomas was grandson (rather than great-grandson, shown by Visitation) of the Thomas who married Elizabeth Vere. Visitation suggests that Thomas was the eldest son of this marriage though the dates provided by DD suggest otherwise.
  m. Elizabeth Audley (dau of Sir John Audley of Swaffham)
  ((B)) Dorothy Derham (b 1504)
m. Thomas Gawsell of Watlington (Gowcell of Wattlyngton)
  ((C))+ other issue - Sir Francis (b 1501, d 1542), Richard (b 1502), Edward (b 1509), Baldwin (b 1510, rector), Anne, Jane (b c1501, nun), Morville
  ((4)) Elizabeth Derham
  m. William Bethick or Dethick ## this one? ##
  ((5))+ other issue - John (b c1471), Baldwin (b 1484)
  (b) Alice or Eliza Derham (b 1440)
  (B) Elena Derham
  m. Baldwin de Vere of Denver (brother of Robert of Addington)
  (2) Sir Robert Dereham



Thomas Derham of Crimplesham (d 1554) - continued above
m. Elizabeth Audley (dau of Sir John Audley of Swaffham, m2. Thomas Guybon)
1. Thomas Derham of Crimplesham (dsp 1576-7)
  m1. Amphillis Lovell (dau of Sir Francis Lovell of Harling)
m2. Ann Catlyne (dau of Richard Catlyne, Serjeant-at-law)
2. Baldwin Derham or Dereham of London, later of Crimplesham (d 1610, 4th son)
  m1. Margaret Heath (dau of John Heath of Kepe, Durham)
A. Sir Thomas Dereham of Dereham Abbey, West Dereham, Norfolk (d 20.04.1645)
  The following is partly supported by TCB (vol 3, 'Dereham or Derham of West Dereham', p206+).
  m1. Katherine Anderson (dau of Sir Henry Anderson of London)
  i. Sir Thomas Dereham, 1st Bart of Dereham Abbey, West Dereham (bur 30.03.1668)
  m1. (by 1625) Elizabeth Scott (b 1603, bur 24.01.1640/1, dau/heir of Richard Scott of Scott's Hall by Catherine, dau of Sir Rowland Heyward (Hayward), Lord Mayor of London)
BEB1841 suggests that there was no issue by this marriage but Visitation (1664) shows the following. TCB does not mention any children but reports that Elizabeth, the 1st wife, "fell mad in childbed". DD, who shows the marriages the other way around, differs slightly on the children.
  a. John Dereham (dvpsp)
  m. _ Codd or Codde
b.+ other issue - Anne, Elizabeth, Mary
  m2. (by 1643) Elizabeth Gargrave (bur 12.11.1677, dau/coheir of Sir Richard Gargrave of Kingsley Park by Catherine Danvers)
  e. Sir Henry Dereham, 2nd Bart of Dereham Abbey (b c1643, dsp bur 27.05.1682)
  m. (c01.1678/9) Dorothy Maynard (b c1647, dau of Sir John Maynard of Tooting Gravening, serjeant-at-law)
  f. Sir Richard Dereham, 3rd Bart of Dereham Abbey (bpt 10.04.1644, d before 1697)
  m. (by 1678) Frances Villiers (bur 27.12.1720, dau of Robert Wright or Villiers, adopted son of Viscount Purbeck, by Elizabeth Danvers)
  (1) Sir Thomas Dereham, 4th Bart of Dereham Abbey (b c1678, d unm 16.01.1738/9)
  (2) Richard Dereham (b c1680, a 1693, d unm)
  (3) Elizabeth Dereham
  m. Sir Simeon Stuart, Bart of Harteley Mauduit (d 11.08.1761)
  g. Lucy Dereham (d unm)
h. Penelope Dereham
  m1. Thomas Keble of Newton Hall
  (1) Penelope Keble
  m1. Thomas Ruse
  m2. Rev. Robert Palmer
  m2. John Shaw of Colchester
  ii. Henry Dereham
  m. Olivia Kirby (dau/coheir of Jeffrey Kirby of London)
  m2. (sp) Ann Gooding (dau of Thomas Gooding of Bliburgh (Sir Thomas Goulding of Bliborough), relict of Richard Gotts)
  B. Anne Dereham
  m. Roger Pratt
  C. Mary Dereham
  m. Sir Hugh Hammersley, Lord Mayor of London (b 1565, d 1636)
  D. Margery or Margaret Dereham
  m. _ Turfet
  E. Elizabeth Dereham
  m. Anthony Peninston
  F. Susan Dereham
  m. Henry Farington
  G.+ other issue - Roger (rector of Branston), John, Baldwin, Robert (rector of Stukeley), Nicholas, Audley, Martha
  m2/3. _ Booth of Cheshire
  N. Jane Dereham
  m. Thomas Coventry of London
O. Thamasine Dereham
  m. John Edes (rector of Lawford)
  m3/2. Catherine Walrand shown by Visitation (1664) as Baldwin's 2nd wife (possibly the Kathleen shown by DD as his 3rd wife)
3. Thomazin Derham (b 1535)
  m1. John Throgmorton of Werington
  A. Roger Throgmorton
  m2. John Reppes of West Walton and/or London
  m3. John Heth of London
4. Jane Derham
  m. Richard Ladd (Lade) alias Baker of Tyrrington
5. Alice Derham (b 1537)
  m. Humfrey Guybon of Lynn
6.+ other issue - Robert (b 1529), John (b 1530), Audley (b 1532), Ela (b 1534)

Main source(s): Visitation (Norfolk, 1563+1589+1613+1664, Derham), BEB1841 (Dereham of West Dereham), BHO ('An Essay towards a Topographical History of the County of Norfolk', volume 7, 'Clackclose Hundred and Half: West-Derham') with input from a contributor as reported above
[This page was originally launched as DRAFT on 03.02.06. It was released 'properly' into the database on 13.06.14 after some further research & input.]
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