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Families covered: Dickson (Baronets), Dickson of Inveresk

(1) We are not aware of there being any connection between the families shown below. They share the page for our convenience.
(2) BEB1841 ('Dickson' (in section on Scotland)) includes a quote from Nisbet that "They of the surname of Dickson (are) descended of one Richard Keith, said to be a son of the family of Keith Marischal, took their name from Richard (called in the South country Dick), and to shew themselves descended from Keith, Earl Marischal, they carry the chief of Keith" (in their coat of arms).
(3) BEB1841 shows that the following family had the following as their coat of arms: "Arg. three estolies, gu. on a chief of the last as many pellets or.".
Archibald Dickson of Tourlands Kilmaurs, Ayrshire (d c1690)
m. _ Barclay (dau/coheir of Robert Barclay of Montgomeryston, Provost of Irvine)
1. Sir Robert Dickson of Sornbeg (in Galston, Ayrshire) & Inveresk, 1st Bart (d 10.1711, Captain, MP)
  m. (mcrt 31.01.1693) Helen Colquhoun (dau of Sir John Colquhoun of Luss, 2nd Bart, by Margaret Baillie)
  A. Sir Robert Dickson of Inveresk, 2nd Bart (bpt 12.11.1694, d 01.02.1760)
  TCB identifies Robert as the only son & heir and reports that he dspms. However, TCB also reports that a David Dickson of Derrymore, King's Co. (possibly the same person as the David Dickson of Dublin who had a licence to marry Elizabeth Hay of St. Paul's) was reported to have succeeded to the baronetcy. TCB adds that "no further trace of him can be found".
  m. _ Douglas (dau of _ Douglas of Dornock)
  i.+ issue - Robert (dvp unm), Anne (d 15.07.1795), Margaret, Helen



BP1895 shows that the following family had the following as their coat of arms: "az., an anchor, erect or, encircled with a gold wreath, vert, between three mullets, pierced, or, on a chief paly of seven of the last and gu., a mural crown arg.". BP1895 starts with the following Archibald, describing him as "of a Scottish family".
Archibald Dickson of Pontefract
1. William Dickson (d 1803, Admiral)
  m1. Jane Collingwood (dau of Alexander Collingwood of Unthank)
  A. William Dickson (dvpsp 1795, Captain)
  m. (1791) Elizabeth Dickson (dau of Sir Archibald Dickson) @1@ below
  B. Sir Archibald Collingwood Dickson, 2nd Bart (b 30.061772, d 18.06.1827)
  Archibald succeeded to the baronetcy of his uncle Archibald below.
  m. (17.08.1797) Harriet Bourmaster (d 06.01.1863, dau of Admiral _ Bourmaster of Tichfield)
  i. Sir William Dickson, 3rd Bart (b 10.06.1798, dsp 05.01.1868)
  m. (26.06.1850) Laura Emmeline Northey (d 05.10.1890, dau of Col. _ Northey of Llanywathan, m2. Henry Buckworth Powell-Montgomery)
  ii. Sir Colpoys Dickson, 4th Bart (b 21.08.1807, d 21.05.1868, Colonel, 4th son) had issue (1 dau)
  m. (1831) Emma Knyvett (dau of William Knyvett)
  iii. Sir Alexander Collingwood Thomas Dickson (b 01.08.1810, dsp 22.06.1884, Captain RN)
  m. (15.11.1837) Amelia Caroline Beauclerk Whimper (d 27.07.1882)
  iv. John Bourmaster Dickson (b 29.04.1815, d 11.02.1876) had issue
  m1. (19.06.1855) Sarah Matilda Poynder (d 31.10.1866, dau of Thomas Poynder of Hilmarton)
  m2. (04.08.1868, sp?) Ellen Frampton (dau of W.H. Frampton of Hall House)
  v. George Collingwood Dickson (b 15.12.1817, d 1853, Captain) had issue (2 daus)
  m. (11.12.1849) Henrietta Frampton (dau of W.H. Frampton of Hall House)
  vi. Francis Farhill Collingwood Dickson (b 29.09.1822, d 1884, Captain) had issue
  m. Frances Murtagh Turner (dau of Thomas Turner of Arcot)
  vii. Harriet Jane Dickson
  m. Thomas Wren Carter (Vice Admiral)
  viii. Mary Magdalen Dickson (d 1847)
  m. Claude Douglas (Lt. General)
  ix.+ other issue - Archibald (b 24.11.1802, d 1834), John Collingwood (d young), Augusta Caroline (d 08.1833)
  C. Sir Alexander Dickson (d 1840, Major General) had issue
  m. (1803) Eulalia Briones (dau of Don Stephen Briones of Minorca)
  D. Jane Dickson
m. Archibald Dickson (Captain RN) @2@ below
  E. Eleanor Dickson
  m2. (1786) Elizabeth Charteris
  F.+ other issue - David John (d 1870, Commander RN), Rowland (had issue), Robert, Mary Anne, Louisa
2. Sir Archibald Dickson, 1st Bart (d 1803, Admiral)
  m1. Elizabeth Porter (d 1779)
  A. Elizabeth Dickson (d 27.07.1856)
  m1. (1791) William Dickson (dvpsp 1795, Captain) @1@ above
  m2. (1804) John Child Purvis of Vicar's Hill House (Rear Admiral)
  m2. Frances Anne Willin (dau of Rev. James Willin of Norwich, m2. Maj. Gen. Edward James O'Brien)
3. John Dickson (d 29.01.1829, Lt. General)
  m. Elizabeth Collingwood (dau of Alexander Collingwood of Unthank)
  A. Archibald Dickson (d 1836, Captain RN) had issue
  m. Jane Dickson (dau of Admiral William Dickson) @2@ above
  B. Eleanor Dickson
  m. _ Soane( Captain)
  C. Elizabeth Dickson
  m. _ Burdon
4. Mary Dickson
  m. Archibald Smith
5. Elizabeth Dickson
  m. _ Ball (Captain)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : TCB (vol 4, 'Dickson of Sornbeg', p368+)
(2) For lower section : BP1895 ('Dickson-Poynder')
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