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Families covered: Dynham of Boarstall, Dinham of Dinan, Dinham (Dynham) of Hartland

BE1883 suggests that the founder of this family was Sir Fouke of Dinan Castle, later called Ludlow, who was a knight of Roger de Montgomery, Earl of Shrewsbury (who d 1094). TCP reports that the family took its name from Dinan in Brittany. It is thought that, whilst some descendants kept the name Dinham or Dynham, others spelt their name Denham or Denholm (Denholme) (see Dinham3).
Geoffrey, Sire de Dinan (a 1122)
m. Orieldis
1. Oliver, Sire de Dinan (d 1150)
  A. Geoffrey de Dinan (founder of Hartland Abbey)
  B. Oliver de Dinan (a 1173)
  i. Geoffrey de Dinaunt of Hartland, Devon
  a. Oliver de Dinham or Dinaunt of Hartland (d before 28.06.1221)
  (1) Sir Geoffrey (Geffery) de Dinham or Dynham of Hartland (d before 26.12.1258)
  Vivian omits the previous 2 generations which are given by TCP. Apart from mentioning the probable progenitor Fouke de Dinan, BE1883 starts with this Geffery.
  (A) Sir Oliver de Dinham of Hartland, 1st Lord (d 26.02.1298/9)
Although BE1883 & Vivian identify only one marriage for Sir Oliver, to Isabel de Vere, TCP identifies Isabel as his second wife. Noting that Isabel's first husband (Sir John Courtenay of Okehampton) died in May 1274 and that TCP reports that Josce was aged "24 or more, or 26 and more" at his father's death, this suggests that Josce was probably son of his father's first wife and not Isabel.
  m1. ??
  (i) Sir Josce de Dinham of Hartland, 2nd Lord (b by 1274, d 30.03.1300/1)
m. (before 23.04.1292) Margaret de Hydon (d 15.05.1357, dau of Sir Richard de Hydon of Clayhidon and Hemyock)
  (a) Sir John de Dinham of Hartland, 3rd Lord (b 14.09.1295, d c14.04.1332)
  Other than to confirm that she was not daughter of Sir Guy de Briene, which is what is suggested by Vivian (who names her Margaret), TCP does not identify this Sir John's wife other than to name her Margaret. Various web sites identify her as ...
  m. (by 1310) Margaret Botreaux (d 28.11.1361, dau of Sir William Botreaux)
((1)) Sir John de Dinham of Hartland, 4th Lord (b by 1318, d 07.01.1382/3)
  m. Muriel Courtenay (dau of Sir Thomas de Courtenay of Woodheish, etc)
  ((A)) John Dinham, 5th Lord (b 1359/60, d 25.12.1428)
  m1. (before 03.02.1379/80) Ellen (a 09.1387)
  m2. (before 26.11.1396) Maud Mautravers (dsp c01.11.1402, dau of Sir John Mautravers of Hook)
  m3. Philippe Lovell (d 15.05.1465, dau of John Lovel, 6th Lord of Titchmarsh)
  ((i)) Sir John Dinham, 6th Lord (d 25.01.1457/8)
m. (before 12.07.1434) Joan Arches (d 1497, dau of Sir Richard Arches of Eythorpe)
  ((a)) Sir John Dinham of Hartland, etc., 7th/1st Lord (d 28.01.1500/1)
  m1. (1467) Elizabeth FitzWauter (b 28.07.1430, d before 08.1485, dau of Sir Walter FitzWauter of Woodham Walter)
  (((1))) George Dinham (a 10.07.1470, dvpsp)
  m2. Elizabeth Willoughby (dau of Robert Willoughby, Lord Brook)
BE1883 suggests that John dsp. TCP reports that he dsps, mentioning George. Maddison & MGH shows that he dspl having had an illegitimate son ...
  (((2))) Sir Thomas Dinham of Boarstall & Eythorpe - continued below
  m. Jane Ormond (dau/coheir of Sir John Ormond)
  ((b)) Margaret Dinham or Dynham
  m. Sir Nicholas (not John) Carew (d 1470)
  ((c)) Elizabeth Dinham or Dynham (d 19.10.1516)
  m1. Sir Fulke Bourchier, 2nd Lord FitzWarine (d 18.09.1479)
  m2. Sir John Sapcotes of Elton (d 05.01.1500/1)
  m3. (before 10.01.1506/7) Sir Thomas Brandon of Duddington (d 27.01.1509/10)
  ((d)) Joane Dinham or Dynham
  m. John la Zouche, 7th Lord of Haryngworth (b 1459, d c03.1525/6)
  ((e)) Catherine Dinham or Dynham
  m. Sir Thomas Arundel of Lanherne (d 10.1485)
  ((B)) Muriel Dynham possibly of the next generation?
  m. Sir Edward Hastings of Elsing (b 21.05.1382, d 06.01.1437-8)
((2)) Joan de Dinham (b c06.1311)
  The following is reported by BE1883 with some support from a note in TCP.
  (b) Oliver Dinham (d c1347)
  ((1)) Oliver Dinham (d 29.06.1351?)
  m1. ?? (Joan de Brienne, dau of Sir Guy de Brienne ?)
  ((A)) Oliver Dinham (dsp)
  m2. Margaret de Hydon (dau of Richard de Hydon)
  Given that a lady of this name is reported by TCP to have been Oliver's grandmother, this marriage must be doubtful.
  ((B)) Margaret Dinham or Dynham
  m. William de Asthorpe
  ((C))+ 2 daughters (nuns) - Elene, Isabel
  m2. (before 1276/7) Isabel de Vere (dau of Hugh de Vere, 4th Earl of Oxford)



Sir Thomas Dinham of Boarstall & Eythorpe, Buckinghamshire (d 01.1519/20) - continued above
m. Jane Ormond (dau/coheir of Sir John Ormond by Jane, dau/heir of Sir William Chaworth by Elizabeth, dau/coheir of Sir Nicholas Bowett of Rippingale by Elizabeth. dau/coheir of John Zouch of Haringworth)
1. John Dinham of Waddesdon (Buckinghamshire) & Ashridge (Hertfordshire) (d by 1535) ancestor of Dinham of Sittingbourne, Kent
2. George Dinham of Milstead, Kent
  m. Lucy Potter (dau of Richard Potter of Welstreet in Westerham by Elizabeth, dau of William Marshall)
3. Thomas Dinham or Dynham of Boarstall (Borstall) & Pedington (Oxfordshire) (d 06/16.02.1562, Chief Forrester & Chief Steward of Brenwood Forest)
  m. (16.08.1546) Katharine Rede (d 1547, dau/heir of Leonard Rede or Read of Borestall by Anne, dau of John Heron of Heron)
  The following comes from Visitation (Buckinghamshire, 1634, 'Dynham of Boarstall'), supported by Lipscomb (Bucks, vol 1 (1807), p66). It was originally shown within Temp77 on 22.05.12.
  A. John Dynham or Dinham of Borestall (Boarsall) & Muswell (Oxfordshire) (d 1602)
m. Katharine Brome (dau of Sir Christopher Brome of Halton, m2. John Fullwood of Fordhall)
  i. Sir John Dynham of Boarstall (d 16.02.1634)
  m1. (sp) Elizabeth Dormer (dau of Sir John Dormer of (Long Crendon in ) Oxfordshire)
  m2. Penelope Waynman (dau of Sir Richard Waynman of Thame Park)
  The following is supported by Visitation (Buckinghamshire, 1634, 'Banastre').
  a. Mary Dynham
  m1. (c1632) Laurence Bannester (d 1638, son/heir of Sir Robert of Passenham)
  m2. Stephen Soame of Little Thurlow (son/heir of Sir William)
  b. Alice Dynham
  c. Margaret Dynham (d 07.1668) who married ...
  m. (17.06.1641) Sir George Villiers, 2nd Bart of Brokesby (b 02.1619-20, d 1682)
  ii. Christopher Dynham (dsp)
  iii. Elianor Dynham
  m. (Basil) Wood
4.+ other issue - Charles, Roger, Edward, Jane, Eleanor, Anne, Katharine, Elizabeth

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