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Families covered: Denholme of Muirhouse, Denham (Dynham) in Surrey, Denham (Denholm) of Westshields
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It is thought that this family descended from the family de Dinan which produced the Lords Dinham (Dynham) shown on Dinham1.
Andrew Denham of Braidstain
m. Marion Liddle
1. Patrick Denham of Westshields, Lanarkshire
  A. Thomas Denham of Westshields
  m. _ Gilchrist
  i. James Denham or Denholm of Westshields
  m. Catherine Stewart (dau of James Stewart by Helen Somerville)
  a. Robert Denham or Denholm of Westshields
  m. Margaret Hamilton (dau of Robert Hamilton)
The above comes mostly from web sites which appear to have been based on the IGI. The following comes from a combination of data taken from various web sites which appear to have been based on sources other than the IGI, from cross-references from elsewhere in the database, and from TCB (as shown).
  (1) James Denham or Denholm of Westshields
  NB. Crawfurd, in his 'History of Renfrewshire', suggests that Janet's wife was Robert Denham. It is perhaps possible that Janet was mother or stepmother of James rather than his 1st wife.
  m1. Janet Steuart (dau of James Steuart of Allanton)
(A) James Denham or Denholm of Westshields (dsp)
  m. Marion Steuart (dau of James Steuart, younger of Allanton (brother of Janet))
  (B) Robert Denham or Denholm of Westshields
  m. Marion Lockhart (dau of ?? Lockhart of Waygateshaw)
  The following comes from TCB (vol 4, 'Denham of Westshield', p363+).
  (i) Sir William Denham or Denholm, 1st Bart of Westshields (b 1630, dsp 01.01.1712)
  m1. (13.10.1670) Anne Maxwell (dau/coheir of Sir William Maxwell of Sauchton Hall)
  m2. (07.07.1679) Elizabeth Henderson (dau of Sir John Henderson of Fordell)
  m3. Catharine Erskine (dau of Henry Erskine, 3rd Lord Cardross)
(ii) Grizel Denham or Denholm
  m1. John Weir of Clowburn, Ayrshire
  m2. William Baillie of Hardington (minister of Lamington)
  (a) Sir Robert Baillie, later Denham, 2nd Bart of Westshields (d before 25.10.1737)
  m. Margaret
  ((1)) Sir Alexander Baillie or Denham, '3rd Bart of Westshields' (dsp before 01.1748/9)
  ((2)) Sir Robert Denham, 4th Bart of Westshields (dsp 29.09.1756)
  (iii) Susan Denham or Denholm (b 30.09.1640)
  m1. William Lockhart of Waygateshaw (Wicketshaw)
m2. (1677) Sir Thomas Steuart, 1st Bart of Coltness (b 1631, d 1698)
  m2. (1610) Marion Carmichael (sister of James, 1st Lord Carmichael)
  (C) James Denham or Denholme of Muirhouse (bailie of Edimburgh)
  (i) John Denholme of Muirhouse 'of Westshields'
  (a) James Denholme of Westshields probably of this generation
  ((1)) Catherine Denholme
  m. James Hamilton, 1st of Pencaitland (d 1729, Senator)
(b) Marion Denholme
  m. Sir Robert Hamilton of Presmennan (d 10.11.1695, Senator)
  (c) Cecilia Denholme (d 10.11.1706)
  m. (02.09.1673) Sir James Elphinstone of Ressiviot,1st Bart of Logie (d 10.03.1722)
  (d) Agnes Denholm
  m. James Graham of Poltoun & Edinburgh
  (e)+ 4 daughters
  (ii)+ 2 others
  b. Janet or Margaret Denham (d 1628) probably of this generation --
  m. Hans (John) Hamilton (b 1536, d 30.05.1608, vicar of Dunlop) --



It is thought likely that the following family was not at all closely connected to the family shown above. It is shown here for convenience. The following has been pulled together from references in various web sites and from cross-references from elsewhere in this database.
William Denham or Dynham
1. Sir John Denham or Dynham of Dublin, later in Egham, Surrey (b 1559, d 06.01.1628 or 1639, Baron of the Exchequer, firstly in Ireland (as Lord Chief) then in England)
  m1. ??
  m2. Eleanor Moore (dau of Gerard or Garret Moore of Mellefont, 1st Viscount of Drogheda)
  A. Sir John Denham or Dynham, Sheriff of Surrey (b 1615, d 10.03.1669, poet, Surveyor of the Works)
  m1. (25.06.1634) Ann Cotton (dau of Donne Cotton of Whittington)
  i. Ann Denham
  m. (c06.1662) Sir William Morley of Halfnaked/Halnaker (b c1647-8, d 30.05.1701)
  m2. (25.05.1665) Margaret Brook (b c1647, d 1666/7, dau of Sir William Brook)
  This marriage proved an unhappy one for Sir John as Margaret became mistress of James, Duke of York (later King James II).
2. Sarah Denham
  m. Francis Morley of London
3. Katherine Denham probably of this generation
  m. William Tothill of Shardeloes (d 1626)

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