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Families covered: Disney of Lincoln, Disney of Norton Disney, Disney of Swinderby, Disney of The Hyde

Richard Disney of Norton Disney, Sheriff of Lincolnshire (d 30.12.1578)
m1. Margaret (or Neile) Hussey (b c1511, dau of Sir William Hussey of Bevall)
m2. Jane Ayscough (bur 27.12.1590, dau of Sir William Ayscough of South Kelsey)
The Visitation records both show Richard's children as by his second marriage (to Jane Ayscough) but BLG1952 shows them (naming only the eldest 2 sons but "with other issue") as by his first marriage (to Margaret Hussey). As BLG1952 appears to have referred to the Lincolnshire Visitation but (presumably) found reason to disagree with it, we do not know which version is correct or whether some children were by the first marriage and some by the second.
1. Daniel Disney of Norton Disney, Sheriff of Lincolnshire (d 03.02.1587-8, 2nd son)
  m. Mary or Elizabeth Molyneux (bur 24.04.1609, dau of Sir Edmund Molyneux of Hawton and Teversall)
A. Sir Henry Disney of Norton Disney (b 01.03.1569, bur 11.10.1641)
  m1. Barbara Thornhaugh (dau of John Thornhaugh of Fenton)
  i. William Disney of Norton Disney (b 03.01.1589-90, d 1656)
The Lincolnshire Visitation identifies William's wife, Bridget, as daughter of Edward Molyneux of Carlton but we follow the Essex Visitation in identifying her as follows because we've found no evidence of a Molyneux of Carlton.
  m. (01.05.1612) Bridget Molyneux (dau of Edmund Molyneux of Thorp)
  a. Molyneux Disney of Norton Disney (b 01.08.1614, bur 30.04.1694, Lt. Col. 2nd son)
  m. (14.01.1633-4) Mary Monson (bpt 25.07.1616, bur 13.10.1669, dau of Sir Robert Monson of North Carlton)
  (1) William Disney (dvp 29.06.1685)
  (A)+ issue - William (dsp 1722), Anne (b c1674)
  (2) Mary Disney (b 10.03.1635-6)
  m1. (02.11.1663) John Stow of Newton
  m2. Robert Heron of Newark-on-Trent
  (3) Bridget Disney (bpt 01.02.1639-40)
  m. (21.06.1669) Francis Bussy of Lincoln Close (captain)
(4) Elizabeth Disney (bpt 08.10.1642)
  m. Francis Clarke (rector of Stoke)
  (5) Catherine Disney (b 06.10.1650)
  m. _ Seymour of London
  (6)+ other issue - Monson (b 27.12.1647, bur 11.08.1670), John (b 06.06.1655, d young), Penelope (d young), Sarah (b 23.05.1638), Diana (b 27.08.1646), Hantasia (b 17.11.1651, d 1651)
  b. Daniel Disney (bpt 02.05.1616, bur 30.07.1661)
  m. (02.05.1639) Eleanor Beaumont (bur 23.03.1643-4, dau of Thomas, Viscount Beaumont of Swords)
  (1)+ issue - Daniel (bpt 09.03.1639-40, dsp 1662), Molyneaux (bpt 20.07.1641, dsp 1663), Sapcotts (bpt 10.10.1642, bur 22.09.1655), Sapcotts (bur 24.11.1655)
  c. Richard Disney (b 22.03.1623-4, a 1682, captain, 8th son)
  m. (04.12.1657) Anne Wightman (dau of William Wightman of Stoke)
  (1) William Disney of Norton Disney (d unm bur 21.08.1722)
  (2) Richard Disney of Norton Disney (a 1708, rector of Bloxham)
  m1. Rebecca Wych (dau of Rev. Henry Wych of Sutton)
  (A) Anne Disney
  m2.(01.12.1692) Bridget Lenton (dau of Eakins Lenton of Wigtoft)
  (B)+ other issue - Richard (b 1694), William (b 1696), Lenton (b 1699), Bridget, Eakins (b 1700), Mary (b 1708)
  (3) Bridget Disney (bpt 01.05.1661)
  (4) Anne Disney (bpt 21.03.1663-4)
  The Essex Visitation suggests that this Anne was daughter rather than sister of Richard of Norton Disney. The dates suggest that the Lincolnshire Visitation is correct as showing her as Richard's sister.
m1. (26.01.1681-2) Timothy Boole of Navenby
  m2. John Gilman of Canwick
  d. Elizabeth Disney (bpt 21.06.1621)
  m. Samuel Fisher
  e. Mary Disney (bpt 11.1622, bur 08.05.1704)
  m. (18.05.1647) Bartholomew Lascelles of Elston
  f.+ other issue - William (bpt 04.06.1613, bur 12.07.1622), Francis (b 11.11.1618, bur 28.11.1626), Thomas (bpt 25.03.1620, dsp, captain), William (bpt 10.01.1627-8, bur 10.02.1627-8), William (d young), Elizabeth (bur 06.11.1614)
  ii. Guido Disney (captain)
m. Joane (a 11.1651)
  iii. Anne Disney (bpt 05.02.1587-8)
  m. John Williamson of Burton
  iv.+ other issue - Daniel, Thomas
  m2. (29.01.1593) Eleanor Grey (bur 10.03.1613-4, dau of Thomas Grey of Langley)
  vi. John Disney of Swinderby (b 30.11.1603, d 10.01.1680)
  m. (25.01.1636) Barbara Lee (d 18.06.1703, dau of Gervase Lee of Norwell Hall)
a. Gervase Disney of Swinderby (b 08.04.1641, dsp 03.04.1691, 2nd son)
  m1. (29.06.1671) Rebecca Spateman (d 07.06.1686, dau of John Spateman of Rednook)
  m2. Mary Serle of Lambeth (a 03.1691, widow of Robert Wright)
  b. Daniel Disney of Kirkstead and Lincoln, later of Swinderby (b 10.05.1656, d 29.08.1734)
  m1. (01.06.1674) Catherine Fynes-Clinton (b 11.04.1655, d 16.05.1690, dau of Henry Fynes-Clinton of Kirkstead)
  (1) John Disney of Lincoln (b 26.12.1677, dvp 03.02.1729-30, 2nd son)
  m. (20.05.1698) Mary Woolhouse (b 06.12.1677, d 20.05.1763, dau of William Woolhouse of North Muskham)
  (A) John Disney of Swinderby, Sheriff of Nottinghamshire (b 03.04.1700, d 26.01.1771)
  m. (29.12.1730) Frances Cartwright (b 11.11.1709, d 05.01.1791, dau of George Cartwright of Ossington)
  (i) Lewis Disney of Swinderby, later Disney-Ffytche of Danbury Place (b 09.10.1738, d 22.09.1822)
  m. (16.09.1775) Elizabeth Ffytche (b 05.09.1749-50, d 12.11.1787, dau of William Ffytche, Governor of Bengal)
  (a) Frances Elizabeth Disney-Ffytche (b 29.08.1776)
m. (21.02.1800) Sir William Hillary, Bart
  (b) Sophia Disney-Ffytche (b 15.12.1777)
  m. (22.08.1802) John Disney of The Hyde, Sheriff of Dorset (b 29.5.1779) @@ just below
  (c)+ other issue Diana (b 19.05.1779, d 19.01.1782), Anna Maria (b 21.06.1780, d 10.03.1787), Charlotte Lucia (b 16.04.1783, d 05.05.1783), daughter (b b/d 09.11.1787)
  (ii) John Disney of The Hyde (b 17.09.1746, d 26.12.1816, vicar of Swinderby)
  m. (17.11.1774) Jane Blackburne (b 31.01.1745-6, d 02.10.1809, dau of Rev. Francis Blackburne)
  (a) John Disney of The Hyde, Sheriff of Dorset (b 29.5.1779) had issue
  m. (22.08.1802) Sophia Disney-Ffytche (b 15.12.1777, dau of Lewis Disney-Ffytche of Swinderby) @@ just above
  (b) Frances Mary Disney (b 07.08.1775)
  m. (29.05.1818) Rev. Thomas Jervis
  (c)+ other issue - Algernon (b 01.06.1780, d 23.01.1848, Major), Elizabeth Jane (b 19.10.1776, d 30.10.1776), Elizabeth Collyer (b 18.01.1784, d 10.03.1784), Jane (b 19.05.1785, d 07.03.1786)
  (iii) Mary Disney (b 27.08.1732, a 1790)
  m. (18.12.1753) Edmund Turnor of Stoke Rochford
(iv)+ other issue - John (b 09.07.1734, d 18.01.1737-8), son (b/d 26.01.1739-40), Frederic (b 25.11.1735, d 19.05.1736), Frederick (bpt 10.08.1741, d unm 13.0.1788, Major), Frances (b 12.08.1733, d 21.08.1734), Louisa (b 09.01.1736-7, d 10.02.1736-7)
  (B) Henry Disney of Newark-on-Trent or Newcastle (b 15.06.1701, d 04.11.1760, Captain)
  m. Martha Roebuck (dau of Thomas Roebuck of Heath)
  (i) Henry Woolhouse Disney of Ingress, later Roebuck of North Muskham (b 16.07.1733, a 1790)
  m1.(17.06.1770, sp) Katherine Russell (d 28.01.1771, dau of Rev. John Russell)
  m2. (02.02.1774, sp) Elizabeth Baylis (a 1790)
  (ii) ?? Disney-Roebuck
  m. ?? Delaval (dau of Francis Delaval, natural son of Sir Francis Blake Delaval)
  (a) Henry Disney-Roebuck
  m. _ O'Halloran
  ((1)) Alice Mary Disney-Roebuck
  m. (06.05.1868) Hon. John Vivian (son of 2nd Lord Vivian of Truro)
  (b) daughter
  m. Thomas Cobham of Marley Lodge
  (iii)+ other issue - Marmaduke (b 26.12.1736, d 03.1738-9), Martha (d young0, Martha (b 08.04.1736, d young), child (bur 08.08.1754)
  (C) William Disney (b 06.07.1702, bur 06.09.1713)
  (D) Daniel Disney (b 06.07.1702, d 1744)
m. Sarah
  (i)+ issue - Daniel (b 26.12.1726, d 24.01.1780, Town Major of Montreal), Sarah (d young)
  (E) Samuel Disney (b 09.06.1705, d 22.07.1741)
  m. Margery Proctor (a 1790, dau of Francis Proctor of Thorpe-on-the-Hill)
  (i) Samuel Disney (b 05.01.1737-8, d 10.07.1786, vicar of Halstead)
m. (01.08.1767) Anne Wilson (b 14.09.1745, d 08.5.1785, dau of Christopher Wilson, Bishop of Bristol, by Anne Gibson)
  (ii)+ other issue (d young) - John, Henrietta Maria (b 09.09.1739, d 1741), Frances (b 20.12.1740)
  (F) Gervase Disney of Pontefract (b 18.08.1709,d 04.11.1786)
  m. (20.05.1736) Mary Thorpe (b 25.10.1716, d 17.02.1789, dau of William Thorpe of Nottingham)
  Through her mother, Mary was a co-heir of the baronies of Burgh, Cobham and Strabolgi.
  (i) Martha Disney (b 07.03.1736-7, d 07.06.1805)
  m. (12.07.1763) Robert Thorpe of Bledworth/Blidworth and/or Buxton, Derbyshire
  One of their descendants successfully claimed the barony of Burgh.
  (ii) Harriett Disney (b 04.09.1744, d 12.05.1787)
  m. (12.05.1763) Robert Alexander of Halifax (surgeon)
  One of their descendants successfully claimed the barony of Cobham.
  (iii) Lucy Disney (b 19.04.1754, bur 10.11.1792)
  m. (24.02.1784) Thomas Lund (d 24.10.1832, rector of Barton-le-Street)
  One of their descendants successfully claimed the barony of Strabolgi.
(iv)+ other issue - Clinton (b 20.06.1742, d young), William (b 02.01.1745-6, d young), Robert (b 25.12.1746, d young), Gervase (b 04.06.1748, d young), Mary (b 16.04.1738, d unm 29.10.1770), Katherine (b 03.09.1739, d 11.1744), Elizabeth (b 03.04.1741, d young), Charlotte (b 24.08.1743, d young), Caroline (b 04.05.1750, d young), Charlotte (b 21.07.1751, d young), Henrietta (b 02.1753, a unm 1790), Anne (b 10.10.1756, d unm 18.01.1781), Frances (b 14.11.1758, d young)
  (G) Mary Disney (b 18.11.1703, dsp 24.07.1759)
  m. Benjamin Theaker (Captain)
  (H) Catherine Disney (b 31.08.1706,d 22.01.1762)
  m. David Houston of Houston
(I) Martha Disney (b 20.10.1711, d 08.06.1764)
  m. Metcalfe Proctor of Thorpe
  (2)+ other issue - son (b/d 17.11.1675), Daniel (b 21.05.1681, d 16.05.1689), Henry (b 20.01.1682-3, d 27.04.1683), Samuel (b 18.02.1686-7, d 16.03.1696-7), Barbara (b 14.09.1676, d 10.11.1676), Katherine (b 06.11.1676, d 10.06.1696), Barbara (b 02.12.1684, bur 22.11.1698), Jane (b 07.12.1689, d 18.01.1690)
  m2. Martha Forth (b 1655, dsp 27.01.1747-8, dau of Danet Fort, alderman of London)
  c. Elizabeth Disney (b 15.05.1639, d 17/29.03.1671-2)
  m. (15.07.1669) John Hatfield of Laughton-en-le-Morthen
  d. Mary Disney (b 10.03.1642-3, d 24.07.1675)
  m. (23.04.1672) Jonathan Stanyforth of Rotherham
e. Dorcas Disney (b 31.08.1653)
  m. (22.05.1676) Joshua Wigsley of Cliffe
  f.+ other issue - Cornelius (b 30.04.1637, dvp 05.1663), John (b 27.05.1647, d 21.03.1664-5), Samuel (b 04.11.1650, bur 07.12.1656), Sarah (b 16.10.1644, d 03.12.1656)
  vii. Thomas Disney (bpt 16.02.1606-7, d 27.12.1686, rector of Stoke Hammond)
  The following is supported by 'The Pedigree Register' (edited by George Sherwood, vol 3, No. 30 (September 1914), 'Disney', p174+).
  m1. (1642) Joane Wilkes (b c1616, d 27/8.09.1680, dau of Edward Wilkes (not Willes) of Leighton Buzzard by Joan Beesouth of Corner Hall)
  a. Mathew Disney (bpt 09.04.1656, a 1724? (d 23.01.1715?), vicar of Bradley, rector of Blickley)
  m1. (03.06.1683) Sarah Ironside (b c1665, bur 29.03.1690, dau of Samuel Ironside of Heath & Leighton Buzzard)
  (1) Frances Disney (bpt 30.12.1684)
  m. Philip Leman (apothecary & chemist)
  (2)+ other issue (dsp) - Elizabeth (bpt 20.03.1685/6, bur 29.03.1712), Sarah (bpt 20.03.1687/8), Martha (bpt 08.08.1689)
  m2. Mary (a 1754, d 28.09.175*, widow of Paul Dayrell of Lillingston Dayrell)
  (5) Joseph Disney (b 23.01.1694-5, d 03.08.1777, rector of Cranbrook & Appledore)
  m. Ann Ross (b 1706, d 31.01.1782, dau of Thomas Ross of Barbadoes)
  (A) William Disney (b 20.09.1731, dsp 28.03.1807, rector of Pluckley, 2nd son)
m. (09.01.1782) Anna Maria Smyth (b c1736, d 18.05.1820, dau of John Smyth of Chart Sutton)
  (B)+ other issue - Matthew (b 17.04.1730, d unm 09.03.1768), Mary (d infant), Anne (b 23.10.1739, a unm 1790)
  (6) Francis Disney (dsp, 3rd son) probably the Francis (d 09.1732) who married ...
  m. ?? Sheibell (dau of Henry Sheibell of St. Martin's-in-Fields)
  (7) Mary Disney (bpt 30.07.1700)
  m1. _ Grainger of Bedford (apothecary)
  m2. _ Corn of Bedford
  m3. William Hawes of Great Marlow (cousin)
(8)+ other issue (dsp) - Mathew, Thomas, Henry
  b. Mary Disney (b c1643, d unm 13.08.1658)
  c. Frances Disney (bpt 03.07.1664)
  m. (18.05.1682) Henry Hawes of Princes Risborough (son of Henry)
  (1)+ issue - Thomas (bpt 15.05.1683, bur 08.10.1683), Henry (bpt 06.06.1684)
  m2. Faith Nixon (b 1626, dsp bur 03.04.1706, relict of Jasper Justice)
  viii. Daniel Disney
  a. Thomas Disney (d 1719)
  (1)+ issue - Thomas, Mary, Temple
  ix.+ other issue - Richard (bpt 25.01.1598-9, bur 13.08.1614), Thomas (b 25.03.1601), Henry (bpt 05.04.1602, bur 07.02.1618-9)
B. Anne Disney
  m. Daniel Hardeby or Harvey of Evedon ## see here ##
  C. Hesther Disney
  m. Sir Charles Barnby of Barnby (a 1601)
  D. Elizabeth Disney (d 1634)
  m1. William Staunton of Staunton (d 28.09.1602)
  m2. (Thomas) Aston or Ashton of Staunton
  The following comes from Maddison's Lincolnshire Pedigrees (1903-6, Garthwaite of Fulbeck, etc.).
  i. William Ashton
  ii. Dorothy Ashton (d before 08.04.1673)
  m1. William Bunworth of Barkstone (d 21.04.1631, son of William of Barkstone)
  m2. Rev. Ephraim Garthwaite
  m3. _ Bussy or Busey
2. Sirach Disney 'of Swinderby' (bur 08.11.1630, 4th son)
  m. Bridget Skepper (bur 31.07.1617, dau of Richard Skepper of East Kirkby)
  A. William Disney
  m. (26.05.1608) Frances Goodrich (dau of Edward Goodrich of East Kirkby)
  i. Margaret Disney (a 1627 in Ireland)
  B.+ other issue - Richard (dsp), Alexander, Vincent (a 1627), Edward, Anne (bpt 15.121586)
3. Susan Disney (a 09.1585)
  m. Alexander Amcotts of Aisthorpe and Amcotts (b 1536, d 10.12.1589)
4.+ other issue - William (dsp), Zachary (d young), Humphrey, John, Isaac, Sara, Esther, Judith, Judith

Main source(s): Visitation (1903 edition, Lincolnshire, Disney of Norton Disney), BLG1952 (Disney of The Hyde) with support (and some minor disagreements) from Visitation (1879 edition (Harl. Soc. vol xiv), Essex, Disney or D'Isney in appendix)
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