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Families covered: Done of Crowton, Done of Utkinton

Richard Done (a temp John who r. 1199-1216)
1. Henry Done of Utkinton, Cheshire (forester)
  m. Jane de Kingsley (dau/coheir of Richard de Kingsley)
  A. Richard Done of Utkinton
  i. Richard Done of Utkinton
  m. Elizabeth Venables (dau of Sir Hugh Venables of Kinderton)
  a. Richard Done this generation given by Visitation (1580) but omitted by Ormerod
  (1) Richard Done
  m1. Ellin Swinnerton (dau of Sir Thomas de Swinnerton)
  (A) Richard Done (a 1329, dvpsp?)
  m. Johanna
  (B) Henry Done of Utkinton
  Visitation identifies Henry's wife as Mary, dau of Sir Piers Thornton. Ormerod identifies her as ...
  m. Mary Roter (dau/coheir of Sir Peter le Roter of Thornton, widow of William de Golburne)
(i) John Done of Utkinton (d by 1451)
  m. Anne Eaton (dau of Richard Eaton of Eaton (Heiton of Heiton))
  (a) Sir John Done of Utkinton (d Blore Heath 1459)
  Visitation identifies John's wife as Allison Wotton. Ormerod identifies her as ...
  m. (1410) Elizabeth Dutton (dau of Sir Piers Dutton)
  ((1)) Robert Done (dvp)
  ((A)) daughter
m. William Bostock of Stapleford
  ((2)) Sir John Done of Utkinton (d before 1498)
  m. Elizabeth Weever (dau/heir of Thomas Weever, widow of Sir John Stanley)
  ((A)) Richard Done of Utkinton
m. Joan Gerard (dau of Sir Peter Gerard of Bryn)
  ((i)) Sir John Done of Utkinton (b c1511, dsp bur 09.11.1561)
  m. Jane Manwaring (bur 25.12.1562, dau of Randle Manwaring of Peever)
  ((ii)) James Done
  m. Elizabeth Trafford (dau of Sir Edmund Trafford of Trafford)
  ((a)) Ellena Done (d 23.08.1590)
  m. John Done of Utkinton & Flaxyards (d 1600)
  ((iii)) Joanna or Anne Done
  m. John Bruen of Stapleford
((B)) Ellena Done
  m1. David Middleton of Denbigh
  m2. Piers Holland of Conway
  m3. Urian Brereton of Honford
((C)) Mary Done
  m. Richard Bruen of Stapleford
  ((D)) Joanna Done
  m. Tochet Beeston of Beeston
  ((E)) Cicely Done
m. Hugh Davenport of Calveley
  ((F)) Anne Done possibly of this generation (father not named)
  m. Richard Bold or Bould
  ((G)) Alison Done possibly of this generation (dau of Sir John)
  m. David of Pentreclawdd
((3)) Eleanor (or Elizabeth) Done
  m. Hugh Starkey of Olton (a 1430)
  ((4)) Elizabeth (or Ellen) Done
  m. Sir Thomas Salusbury of Lleweny (d Barnet 14.04.1471)
  ((5)) Margaret Done
  m(1). Sir Hugh Calveley of Lea (d Bloreheath 1459)
  Margaret may also have married ...
  m2. Richard Peake of Llewennie Green (a c1470)
  ((6)) Mary Done
  m. Thomas Manley of Manley
((7)) Jonette Done
  m. John Hockenhull of Hockenhull (a 1462, d by 1500)
  ((8)) Cicely Done
  m. _ Thelwall of Delamere ## see here ##
((9)) Jane Done
  m. John Griffin of Barterton
  (b) Robert Done of Flaxyards
  m. Ellen (probably not Elizabeth) Dutton (dau of Sir Piers Dutton)
  (c) Hugh Done of Olton
  m. Anne (Touchet) (dau of James, Lord Audley, widow of Sir Thomas Dutton)
((1)) Elizabeth Done
  m. John Egerton (d c1484)
  (d) daughter
  m. William Frodsham of Elton
  (e) Elizabeth Done
  m. Philip Bruen of Tarvin
  (f) Anne Done probably of this generation
  m. David Pennant
  (g) Jane Done possibly of this generation
  m. William Wirrall
  (ii) Margaret Done
  m1. John Davenport of Davenport (brother/heir of Thomas)
  m2. Sir William Brereton of Brereton (a 1376)
  m2. Isabella (m2. Robert de Huxley)
  ii. Henry Done of Croton or Crowton
  The following comes Ormerod (Cheshire, vol II, 'Done of Crowton').
  a. Henry Done of Crowton
  m. Johanna Streeche (dua/heir of Hamon Streeche of Crowton)
  (1) Thomas Done or Donne of Crowton
  m. Elizabeth
  (A) Cecilia Done (dsp)
  (2) Richard Done of Crowton
  m. Elizabeth Rixton (dau/heir of Richard Rixton of Ditton)
  (A) Richard Done of Crowton (d by 1430)
  m. Ellen Colfox (dau of Nicholas Colfox, relict of John Holford of Boruall)
  (i) Richard Done of Crowton
m. Matilda
  (a) Richard Done of Crowton (d Blore Heath)
  (ii) Thomas Done (d by 1460)
  m. Joanna
  (a) Randle Done of Crowton (d by 1509)
  m. Margery Starkey (dau of John Starkey of Stretton)
  ((1)) Joanna Done
  m. John Birkenhead of Crowton (d by 1552)
  (iii) Elizabeth Done
  m. Robert Blundell of Ince
  (iv)+ other issue - William (dsp), Henry (dsp), Catherine Christina
  b. David Done

Main source(s): Ormerod (Cheshire, vol II, 'Done of Utkinton, Flaxtards and Duddon') with some support from Visitation (Cheshire, 1580, Done), Visitation (Cheshire, 1580, Done of Utkinton) and input as reported above
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