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Families covered: Douglas of Dounteray, Douglas of Ferguston, Douglas of Mains

Nicholas Douglas, 1st of Dounteray, Wakefield and Mains (d by 05.1406)
m. (mcrt 09.1373) Janet Galbraith (dau of William Galbraith of Gartconnell)
1. James Douglas, 2nd of Dounteray and Mains (d 1402)
  A. James Douglas, 3rd of Dounteray and Mains (a 1489)
  m. Catherine Maxwell (dau of George Maxwell, 2nd of Newark) uncertain on father, could be a generation out
  i. David Douglas
  m. Margaret or Isabel Colquhoun (dau of Sir John Colquhoun of Luss)
  a.+ issue - Janet, Christian, Margaret
  ii. William Douglas, 4th of Mains (a 1491)
m. Elizabeth Houston (of that ilk)
  a. John Douglas, 5th of Mains
  m. Margaret Kincaid (of Kincaid)
  (1) Alexander Douglas, 6th of Mains
  m. (1518 or 1528) Margaret Stuart (dau of Matthew Stuart, 2nd Earl of Lennox)
  (A) Matthew Douglas, 7th of Mains (a 1549)
  m. Margaret Buchanan (dau of George Buchanan of that ilk)
(i) Malcolm Douglas, 8th of Mains (a 1584)
  m. (1562) Janet Cuninghame (dau of John Cunningham of Drumquhassil)
  (a) Alexander Douglas, 9th of Mains (a 1618)
  m. Grizell Henderson (dau of James Henderson, 3rd of Fordell)
  ((1)) Sir Archibald Douglas, 10th of Mains (dspm)
  m. Isabel Elphinstone (dau of Sir George Elphinstone ('of Blythswood?'))
  ((2)) Sir Robert Douglas of Blackerstone, later of Gorbals & Blythswood, Glasgow
  m(1). _ Douglas (dau of Sir William Douglas of Blackerstone)
  The following information was kindly provided by a contributor (SW, 29.07.03).
m2. (02.02.1635/6) Susanna Douglas (b c1617, d c1692, dau of Robert Douglas, Viscount Belhaven) @@ below
  ((A)) John Douglas of Blythswood, Maryland (b c1636, d 1678, to America in 1654, Colonel) had issue
  m. (17.08.1663) Sarah Bonner (Mrs. Bowles)
  ((B)) Susannah Douglas (b 07.02.1647)
m. (1672) _ Johnston of Hilton and Hutton identified by contributor (SB, 29.11.03)
  ((C))+ other issue - Alexander, Robert, James, Elizabeth, Charles (b c22.02.1661)
  ((3)) Mary Douglas
  m. (mcrt 04.1616) John Hamilton, 10th of Bardowie
  (b) Robert Douglas of Spott, Viscount Belhaven (b c1573, dspl 14.01.1639)
  m. (05.1611) Nicolas Moray (d 11.1612, dau of Robert Moray of Abercairney)
  partner(s) unknown
  ((1)) John Douglas
  ((2)) Susanna Douglas (b c1617, d c1692)
  m. (02.02.1635/6) Sir Robert Douglas of Blackerstone @@ above
  (2) daughter
  This may be a generation out but Thomas Buchanan's marriage to "a daughter of the laird of Mains", assumed to be of this family, is identified in John Guthrie Smith's book "Strathendrick and its inhabitants from early times", published by James MacLehose and Sons in 1896.
  m. Thomas Buchanan, 3rd of Carbeth (a 1547)
b. Robert Douglas of Ferguston (a 1502, 1522)
  m. Janet Napier of Kilmahew
  (1) Walter Douglas of Ferguston
  m. Janet MacDowal (of that ilk)
  (A) Malcolm Douglas (a 1599)
  m. Margaret Sempill (dau of John Sempill of Fulwood)
(i) Walter Douglas of Kaigtown (d by 1657)
  m. (1642?! sb 1612?) Christian Anderson (dau of William Anderson of Stobcross)
  (a) John Douglas of Ferguston, 11th of Mains (a 02.1685)
  m. (mcrt 05.1648) Elizabeth Hamilton (dau of John Hamilton, 10th of Bardowie)
  ((1)) Mary Douglas, 12th of Mains
  m. John Campbell of Woodside
  Their second son inherited Mains and changed his name to Douglas.
  ((2)) Christian Douglas
  m. John Graham, 2nd of Dougalston (b c1648, d 1700)
  ((3)) Elizabeth Douglas
  m. Richard Douglas
  ((4)) Isabel Douglas
  m. James Hamilton of Hutchinson
  ((5)) Susan Douglas
  m. Alexander Murray of Cringlettie
  c. William Douglas (dsp)
  iii.+ other issue - Patrick, Humphrey

Main source(s): BLG1886 & BLG1952 (Douglas of Mains)
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