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Families covered: D'Oyly (Doyley or Doyly) of Chiselhampton, Doyley of Merton, Doyley of Stodham, D'Oyly of Hokenorton

??, Lord de Oglii (Oyly), Normandy
1. Robert d'Oyly of Oxford (a 1066)
  m. Algitha (dau of Wigotus, lord of Wallingford "a noble Saxon")
A. Maud D'Oyly, lady of Wallingford
  m1. Miles Crispin of Wallingford Castle (a 1085)
  m2. Brian FitzCount, lord of Bergavenny
2. Nigell D'Oyly (King's Constable temp William Rufus)
  m. "the Lady Agnes"
  A. Robert D'Oyly of Hocknorton (a 1129, King's Constable)
  m. Editha (dau of Foru, lord of Greystock)
  i. Henry D'Oyly of Hokenorton
  m. Margaret Bohun (dau of Humphry Bohun, Earl of Hereford)
  a. Henry D'Oyly of Hokenorton (dsp, King's Constable)
  m2. ??
  b. Robert D'Oyly of Hokenorton (dsp, King's Constable)
  c. Margery D'Oyly
  m. (after 1205) Henry de Newburgh, 5th Earl of Warwick (d 10.1229)
  d. Maud D'Oyly
  m. Maurice de Gaunt
  e. Joan D'Oyly
m. Simon Fitzwalter, lord of Daventry
  ii. Gilbert D'Oyly
  a. Robert D'Oyly
  (1) John D'Oyly of Wremham
  (A) Roger D'Oyly of Pus-hall or Pushil
  (i) Roger D'Oyly
(a) Robert D'Oyly
  ((1)) Richard D'Oyly or Doyley - continued below
  Thanks to a contributor (DCS, 18.09.13) for drawing our attention to the following connection which comes from http://www.thefullwiki.org/Page:History_of_Norfolk_5.djvu/272.
  (ii) John D'Oyly or Doyly in Suffolk
  m. Rose Dunston (dau/coheir of Sir William Dunston)
  (a) Edward D'Oyly or Doyly
  ((1)) Sir Edmund D'Oyly or Doyly
  m. _ Bowden (dau/heir of John de Bowden of Northamptonshire by Alice, sister of Sir John Swinford)
  ((A)) Thomas D'Oyly or Doyly
  iii. Editha d'Oyly GHJSWY
  m. (1113) Gilbert Basset of Bicester GHJSWY
  B. Foulk d'Oyly (bur 1126)
3. Gilbert d'Oyly in Oxfordshire



Richard D'Oyly or Doyley (of Oxfordshire) - continued above
1. Thomas D'Oyly or Doyley of Jurden (a 1384)
  m. Alicia (dau of Atlude of Woburn)
  A. William D'Oyly or Doyley (d 1424)
  m. Isabella More (cousin of Lady Cheyney of Hinton)
  i. Thomas D'Oyly or Doyley
a. Richard D'Oyly (d 1435, priest)
  b. Margaret D'Oyly
  m. John Warfield
  c. Isabella D'Oyly
  m. Thomas Wickham of Swalcliffe
  Visitation identifies William (father of John who married Isabella Moore) as son of Thomas son of William (who m. Isabella). However, BEB1841 reports that William was cousin of Richard ("a learned and mortified priest") so we show the connection as follows:
  ii. ?? Doyley
  a. William Doyley (d 1449)
(1) John D'Oyly or Doyley or Doyly of Greenland, Buckinghamshire
  m. Isabella Moore (dau of Richard Moore of Burfeilde by Elizabeth, dau of William Brocas of Southton)
  (A) Thomas D'Oyly or Doyley or Doyly of Marlow and Chiselhampton, Oxfordshire
  m1. Alice Coulson or Curson
  (i) John D'Oyly or Doyley of Chiselhampton
  m. Frances Edmonds (dau of Christopher Edmonds of Leuknor)
  (a) Sir Robert D'Oyly or Doyley of Chiselhampton (dsp 1577)
m. Elizabeth Bacon (dau of Nicholas Bacon)
  (b) John D'Oyly or Doyley
  m. Ursula Cope (sister (not dau) of Anthony Cope of Hanwell)
((1)) Sir Cope D'Oyly or Doyley (d 04.08.1633) - continued below
  m. Martha Quarles (dau of James Quarles of Romford)
  ((2)) Margery Doyley
  m. George Barston or Baston of Chibbenhurst
  ((3)) Mary or Dorcas Doyley
  m. (1598) Francis Quarles of Ufford
  ((4)) Elizabeth Doyley
  m1. (1597) Francis Harby (not Harvey) of Adston
m2. Sir Robert Browne of Walcott, Bart (d 1623)
  m3. Sir Guy Palmes 'of Ashwell'
  ((5)) Priscilla Doyley (bpt 11.08.1594, bur 15.06.1681)
  m. Edward Goddard of Eaglesham
  ((6))+ other issue - John, Josias/James
  (c) Dorothea Doyley
  m. Silvester Pecke of Remnan
  (d) Fillis Doyley
  m. Joseph Marre of Beconsfeild
  (ii) Sibilla Doyley
  m. William Turner of Taplow
  (iii) Elizabeth Doyley
  m1. Peter Gorsington
  m2. Howell of Oxford
  m3. Lodovic of Ipsley
(iv) Katherine Doyley
  m. David Baugh of Elynge, Middlesex
  (v) Margaret Doyley
  m. George Danvers of Banbury
m2. Alice Hall of Oxenbridge or Uxbridge (widow of Sir William Cotesmore)
  BEB1841 suggests that there was no issue by this marriage but Visitation shows this Alice as mother of ...
  (vi) Robert Doyley of Merton, Oxfordshire (d 1577)
  m1. Elizabeth Cheyney (dau of John Cheyney of Woodhey)
(a) John Doyley of Merton
  m. Anna Bernard (dau of Francis Bernard of Abbington)
  ((1)) Margery Doyley (d 12.12.1658)
  m. (24.09.1601) Sir Edward Harington (d 1653)
  ((2)) Katherine Doyley
  m. (25.02.1602) Sir William Dyor
  ((3)) Anna Doyley (d 28.10.1633)
  m. (28.05.1604) Sir Thomas Gower of Stitnam
  ((4)) Elizabeth Doyley (dsp 1599)
  (b) Susanna Doyley
  m1. Edmund Bray of Cobham
m2. _ Cooper
  m3. (Gilbert) Hadock (of Grewell)
  m4. _ Lumley
  (c) Elizabeth Doyley
  m. Robert Hasilwood of Daulby
  (d) Jane Doyley
  m. Francis Teringham of Weston
  (e)+ other issue - Ralph, Daniel (dsp)
  m2. Catherine Tregeon (dau of John Tregeon of Gouldein)
  (g) Robert Doyley
  m1/2. Anna Yate (dau of Leonard Yate of Witney)
  ((1))+ issue - Christopher, William, Robert
  m2/1. Elizabeth Weston of Banbury
  ((4))+ other issue - John, Nathaniel
  (h) Martha Doyley
  m. Bartholomew Tiping of Draycott
  (B) William Doyley or Doyly of Hunterston, Buckinghamshire
  m. Margery Abbington (dau of Mathew Abbington of Berkshire)
  (i) Robert Doyley or Doyly of Hamilton & Stodham, Oxfordshire (3rd son)
  m. Anne Elkington
  (a) Timothy Doyley or Doyly of Stodham (a 1634)
  The following comes from Visitation (Oxford, 1634, Doyley of Stadhampton).
  m. Mary Saunders (dau of Jo. Saunders of Hamildon)
  ((1)) Robert Doyley
  m. Jane Loggins (dau of John Loggins of Idbury)
  ((2))+ other issue - William, Timothy, John, Anne, Frances
  (b) Robert Doyley or Doyly
  ((1))+ issue - William (dsp), Robert, Henry, John, David, Francis, Thomas, William, Jone, Hanna, Elizabeth, Dorothy (dsp), Katherine. Mary
  (c) Mary Doyley or Doyly
  m. Richard Wilmot
  (d) daughter
  m. _ More
  (ii)+ other issue - Thomas of Holcombe (dsp), John



Sir Cope D'Oyly or Doyley (d 04.08.1633) - continued above
m. Martha Quarles (dau of James Quarles of Romford)
1. John D'Oyly of Chiselhampton (a 1634)
  m. Mary Shirley (dau of Sir John Shirley of Isfield)
  A. Sir John D'Oyly, 1st Bart of Chiselhampton (d 1709)
m. Margaret Cholmeley (dau of Sir Richard Cholmeley of Whitby Abbey)
  i. Sir John D'Oyly, 2nd Bart of Chiselhampton (d c1746)
  m1. Susanna Put (dau of Sir Thomas Put or Putt, Bart of Comb)
  a. Sir Thomas D'Oyly, 3rd Bart of Chiselhampton (d 06.02.1759)
  m. Mary Wotton (dau of Samuel Wotton of Englebourn)
  (1) Susanna D'Oyly
  m. (1767) William Newcome, Bishop of Dromore (later Archbishop & Primate)
  (2) Rebecca D'Oyly (d infant)
  b. Sir John D'Oyly, 4th Bart (d unm 11.1773, rector of Cuxham)
  c. Sir William D'Oyly, 5th Bart (dsp, 4th son)
  m. _ Monk
  d. Ursula D'Oyly
  m. Thomas Young of Newington
  e. Cholmley D'Oyly
  m. William Jones of Naas (Nass)
  f.+ other issue - Shirley, Margaret
m2. (sp) Rebecca Carter (dau of Goddard Carter of Alvescot)
  ii. Thomas D'Oyly (4th son)
  m. ?? (widow of Hugh Fortescue, uncle of Lord Clinton)
  iii. Robert D'Oyly, Lt. Governor of Tower of London (Colonel)
  m. _ Freman (sister of Ralph Freman of Hamels)
  iv. daughter
  m. Samuel Wotton of Ingleborne
  v. Elizabeth D'Oyly
  m. Hon. George Mordaunt
  vi.+ other issue - Cholmeley (dsp), Richard (dsp, Captain), Shirley (dsp), Hugh
  B. Thomas D'Oyly
  m. Dorothy Michel (dau of John Michel of Kingston Russell, cousin, she m2. Rev. John Owen)
  C. Elizabeth D'Oyly
2. John D'Oyly
  m. Jo. Arnold of Dorset
3. Joane D'Oyly presumably the Joanna who married ...
  m. John Michel of Kingston Russell (d 1670)
4.+ other issue - Robert of London, Charles, James (dsp), Francis in London, Elizabeth (d unm)

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