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Families covered: Drake of Ashe, Drake of Dartington, Drake of Mount Drake, Drake of Otterton

Humphrey FitzWilliam of Drakenage (d c1190)
1. Robert FitzHumphrey de Drakenage or Draac (a 1205, steward of Arrow)
  A. Ralph Drake (a 1240)
  i. Reginald Drake of Tiverton
  a. Roger Drake of Dartington (a 1302)
  (1) ?? Drake of Dartington
  (A) ?? Drake of Dartington
  (i) ?? Drake of Dartington
  (a) John Drake of Exmouth - continued below
  m. Christiana Billet (dau of John Billet of Ashe by Anne, dau of Warren Hampton of Ashe)
  b. Osbert Drake of Ottery
  B. William Drake of Brocton (of Drakes Broughton) ancestor of Drakes in Worcestershire & Ireland
  C. Absalom Drake ancestor of Drakes in Warwickshire
2. Ralph de Drakenage or Draac (rector of Lindrung)



John Drake of Exmouth (a temp Henry V who r. 1413-1422) - continued above
m. Christiana Billet (dau of John Billet of Ashe by Anne, dau of Warren Hampton of Ashe)
1. John Drake of Otterton
  m. Christiana Antage (dau/heir of John Antage)
  A. John Drake of Otterton
  m. _ Cruwys (dau of John Cruwys or Crewse)
  i. John Drake of Otterton
  m. Agneta Keloway (dau of John Keloway or Kelloway)
a. John Drake of Axmouth (Exmouth) & Ashe
  m. Margaret Cole (dau of John Cole of Rill)
  (1) John Drake of Ashe, Sheriff of Devon (d 04.10.1558)
  m. (1539) Amye Granville (b c1513, d 18.02.1577-8, dau of Sir Roger Granville (Grenfield) of Stow)
  (A) Sir Bernard Drake of Ashe & Mount Drake (d 10.04.1586)
  m. Gertrude Fortesque (bur 12.02.1601, dau of Bartholomew Fortesque or Fortescue of Filleigh)
(i) John Drake of Ashe & Mount Drake (d 1628)
  m. Dorothy Button (dau of William Button of Alton)
  (a) Sir John Drake of Ashe (d 25.08.1636)
  m. (18.05.1616) Elinor/Eleanor/Helena Boteler (d 09.10.1666, dau of Sir John Boteler, Bart, 1st Lord of Bramfield)
  ((1)) Sir John Drake, 1st Bart of Ashe (b c1619, bur 07.07.1669)
  m1. (by 1646) Jane Yonge (d 07.1652, dau of Sir John Yonge, 1st Bart of Culleton)
  ((A)) Sir John Drake, 2nd Bart of Ashe (b 13.01.1646/7, d unm 13.03.1683/4)
  ((B)) Walter Drake (b 04.02.1649, d unm 05.04.1674)
  ((C)) Elizabeth Drake of Ashe (b 04.02.1649, dsp 09.11.1694)
  m. Sir John Briscoe of Boughton
  m2. Dionysia Strode (bur 25.11.1679, dau of Sir Richard Strode of Newnham and of Chalmington)
  ((D)) Sir Bernard Drake of Ferrybere, 3rd Bart (d 1687)
  m. Elizabeth Prestwood (bur 06.09.1715, dau (sb sister?) of George Prestwood of Butterford, widow of Hugh Stowell)
  ((i)) Elizabeth Drake
  m. Thomas Tothill of Bagton
  ((E)) George Drake (dsp bur 01.05.1682)
  ((F)) Sir William Drake, 4th Bart of Ashe and Mount Drake (b c1659, d 28.02.1715-6)
m1. (05.04.1687) Judith Everleigh (d 08.05.1701, dau of William Everleigh of Tallaton)
  ((i)) Sir John Drake, 5th Bart of Ashe and Mount Drake (b c1689, d unm 04.09.1724)
  ((ii)) Sir William Drake, 6th Bart of Ashe and Mount Drake (b c1695, dsp 21.10.1733)
  m. (18.06.1726) Anne Williams (dau of William Peere Williams of Bishop's Castle, m2. George Speke of White Lackington)
  ((iii)) Elizabeth Drake
  m. William Walrond of Bovey (d 1721)
  ((iv)) Judith Drake (b/d 25.12.1690)
  ((v)) Anne Drake
  m. Thomas Prestwood of Butterford
m2. (16.04.1705, sp) Mary Prideaux (b 30.07.1658, d 20.11.1729, dau of Sir Peter Prideaux, 3rd Bart)
  ((2)) Henry Drake of Axminster (4th son)
  m1. Anne (bur 07.06.1671)
  m2. Anne (bur 16.10.1711)
  ((3)) Dorothy Drake (b c1617)
  m. William Frye of Yarty
  ((4)) Eleonora Drake
m. John Briscoe of Cumberland
  ((5)) Elizabeth Drake
  m. Sir Winston Churchill (b 1620)
  ((6)) Jane Drake
  m. William Yonge of Castleton
  ((7)) Anne Drake
  m. Sir Richard Strode of Newnham and of Chalmington (b 25.06.1584, MP in 1640)
((8))+ other issue (d unm) - George (d 1664), Thomas (bpt 24.02.1629-30, d 1659), Mary, Gertrude, Ivanna
  (b) William Drake of Yardbury (d before 29.02.1639-40)
  m. (c11.1620) Margaret Westover (bur 16.04.1635, dau/heir of William Westover of Coliton)
  (c) Mary Drake (bur 1643)
m. Sir Henry Rouswell of Ford
  (ii) Hugh Drake (dsp 1589)
  (iii) William Drake possibly of this generation
  (iv) Marie Drake
  m. _ Tynsley of Lincolnshire
  (v) Margaret (probably not Mary) Drake
  m. John Sherman of St. Mary Awtrie
  (vi) Eleonor Drake
  m. John Button (not Burton) of Wiltshire
  (B) Robert Drake of Wiscombe Park
  m. Elizabeth Prideaux (dau of Humphrey Prideaux of Theoborough or Thewborough)
  (C) Richard Drake of Esher (b 1585, d 11.07.1603)
  m. Ursula Stafford (dau of Sir William Stafford)
(2) John Drake of Rill & Withecombe (d before 07.02.1554, receiver of Exeter)
  Thanks to a contributor (CV, 31.05.16) for providing some details on John & his family from his will. Visitation (Somerset, 1623, 'Raymond') shows Juliana as daughter (by Julia, dau/coheir of William Hurst of Devon) of John ('of Axmouth') son of John of Axmouth by Margaret Cole).
  m. Margaret Hurst (a 11.1553, dau of William Hurst (not Auert) of Exeter)
  (A) daughter
  m. William Martin
  (i)+ issue (b by 11.1553) - Nicolas, Thomas
  (B) Anne Drake
(C) Juliana Drake
  m. (after 11.1553) Thomas Raymond of Chard
  (3) Gilbert Drake of Prateshead in Littleham (d before 09.05.1580)
  m1. ??
  m2. Katherine Sherman (bur 29.05.1604, dau of William Sherman or Shearman of Ottery St. Mary)
  (4) Agnes Drake shown here by BEB1841 but by Commoners a generation earlier, not mentioned by Vivian
  m. William Pole of Shute
  (5) Alice or Joan Drake
m. Walter Raleigh
  b. Thomas Drake of Hertford, Devon (4th son)
  m. Ellen Hilton (dau of Bennett Hilton of Fenawtrie or South Awtin)
  (1) William Drake of Hertford
  m. (10.12.1606) Anne Ford of Awtrie St. Mary (d 1660)
  (A) Thomas Drake (d 1641)
  m. (25.06.1639) Judith Yonge (bur 03.07.1643)
  (i)+ issue - William (bpt 20.05.1640), Thomas (bpt 08.09.1641)
  (B)+ other issue - William George, Margaret, Grace
  (2) John Drake of Hertford (a 1620, dsp)
m. Ellin Tucker (widow of Richard Barrett of Hertford)
  (3) George Drake of Withycombe Raleigh (d 1648)
  m1. ??
  (A) Katherine Drake
  m. Richard Joice
  (B)+ other issue - Mathew of Musbury (d 1653, cleric), Edmond of Musbury & Up-Ottery (bpt 30.11.1592)
  m2. (27.02.1597-8) Mary Parker of Molton
  (D)+ other issue - Thomas (bpt 17.07.1600), Richard (bpt 09.01.1602-3), Jane (bpt 08.08.1601)
  (4) Christian Drake
  m. John Chamon of Clerkenwell
  (5) Grace Drake
  m. George Clode
  c. Joan Drake
  m. William Poole
  (1) William Poole
  m. Katherine Popham
  d.+ other issue - Robert, Richard/Gilbert

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