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Families covered: Drummond of Blair Drummond, Drummond of Carnock, Drummond of Hawthornden, Drummond of Ledcrieff

Walter Drummond of Ledcrieff or Ladecrief
1. John Drummond of Ledcrieff
  A. George Drummond, last of Ledcrieff, later of Newton of Blair (d 1594 (sb 1554?))
  m. Janet Haliburton (dau of George Haliburton of Pitcur) wife of George, presumed mother of ...
  i. George Drummond of Blair (d 1596)
  m. Katherine Hay (dau of Peter Hay, 3rd of Megginch)
  Katherine is identified in TSP (Kinnoull) as mother of George ("her younger son") and Henry. We assume she was also mother of ...
a. John Drummond of Blair (d 1620)
  Reported in BLG1952 (Rattray) as having married John Drummond as her 2nd husband was ...
  m. (10.1617) Agnes Lammie (dau of John Lammie of Dunkenny) wife of a John, possibly mother of ...
  (1) George Drummond of Blair
  (A) George Drummond of Blair Drummond father of James and possibly husband of ...
m. Elizabeth Ramsay (dau of Sir Gilbert Ramsay, 1st Bart of Bamff) wife of a George, possibly mother of ...
  (i) James Drummond of Blair Drummond (d 1739)
  (a) George Drummond of Blair Drummond (d 1765)
  m. Frances Moray (dau of James Moray, 13th of Abercairny)
  ((1)) James Drummond of Blair Drummond (dsp 1766)
  (b) Agatha Drummond of Blair Drummond
  m. Henry Home of Kames (b 1696, d 12.1782, Lord of Session as Lord Kames)
  (c) Elizabeth Drummond probably of this generation
  m. (07.11.1736) Andrew St. Clair (d 25.10.1760, physician to the King in 1733)
  (ii) Mary Drummond probably of this generation
  m. (25.08.1709) James Haliburton of Pitcur (d 1738)
  (B) Jane Drummond (d before 09.1647) possibly of this generation
  m. Thomas Murray of Berkhampstead (b c1565, d 09.04.1623, Provost of Eton)
  b. Janet Drummond possibly of this generation
  m. (mcrt 01.08.1576) George Rattray of Craighall (d 1592)
  c.+ other issue - George, Henry



William Drummond of Carnock
m. Elizabeth Airth (dau of Sir William Airth of that ilk of Carnock and Plean or Plane)
1. ?? Drummond of Carnock
A. ?? Drummond of Carnock probably the Robert, '3rd of Carnock' who married ...
  m1. Marion Menteith (dau of William Menteith, younger of Kerse) wife of Robert, presumed mother of ...
  i. (Alexander) Drummond of Carnock probably the Alexander, '4th of Carnock' who married ...
  m. Marjory Bruce (dau of John Bruce, 2nd of Auchenbowie) wife of Alexander, presumed mother of ...
  a. Sir Robert Drummond of Carnock (master of works for King James V)
  m1. Agnes Kirkcaldy (dau of Sir James Kirkcaldy) probably 1st wife of this Robert
  m2. (before 21.04.1550) Mary Elphinstone (b 06.02.1533, dau of Alexander Elphinstone, 2nd Lord)
  (1) Patrick Drummond of Carnock
  BP1934 provides no further information on this line. It is presumed that Patrick was father or ...
  (A) ?? Drummond of Carnock
(i) Sir John Drummond of Carnock probably of this generation
  m. Margaret Rollo (b 10.01.1609, dau of Sir Andrew Rollo of Duncrub, 1st Lord)
  (2) Sir John Drummond of Hawthornden
  m. Susannah Fowler (dau of Sir William Fowler, Secretary to the Queen)
  (A) William Drummond of Hawthornden (b 1585, d 04.12.1649)
  m. (1632) Elizabeth Logan (granddau of Sir Robert Logan of Restalrig)
(i) Sir William Drummond of Hawthornden (b 1636)
  m(2). Barbara Scot (dau of Sir William Scot of Clerkington)
  (a) William Drummond of Hawthornden (b 1664)
  m. (1694) Isobel Ramsay (dau of Sir John Ramsay, Bart of Whitehill)
  ((1)) William Drummond of Hawthornden
  m. Jean Milne (dau of Sir Charles Milne, Bart of Barnton)
  ((A)) William Drummond (dsp in Jamaica)
  ((B)) Barbara Mary Drummond (dsp 1789)
  m1. Robert Murray of Glencarnock
  m2. (1760) William Abernethy, Bishop of Edinburgh
  ((2)) Mary Ann Drummond probably of this generation
  m. (sps) Robert Macgregor, later Murray of Glencarnock (d 10.1758)
  (B) Anna Drummond probably of this generation
  m. Sir John Scott of Knightspottie, later of Scotstarvit (b 1585, d 1670)
  (3) Agnes Drummond probably of this generation
  m. Sir James Lockhart of Lee
  m2. Isabel Stewart (dau of Robert Stewart of Galstoun) 2nd wife of Robert

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section (first uploaded 22.05.03) : BLG1886 (Drummond of Blair Drummond)
(2) For lower section (first uploaded 05.04.05) : BP1934 (Williams-Drummond)
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