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Families covered: Duguid of Auchinhove, Leslie of Balquhain

Robert Duguid, later of Auchinhove, Aberdeenshire (b by 1385?, d before 08.1478)
m. (c1445) Elizabeth of Balcarne, heiress of Auchinhove (m2. Alexander Hay)
1. Robert Duguid of Auchinhove (d c1500)
  m. Agnes Forbes (dau of (Duncan?) Forbes of Brux)
  A. Robert Duguid of Auchinhove (d 1537)
  m. ?? Irvine (dau of Alexander Irvine of Drum)
  i. William Duguid of Auchinhove (b c1525, d before 23.06.1593)
  m1. (c1545) Janet Leslie (dau of John Leslie of Balquhain)
  a. Robert Duguid of Auchinhove (d 1614)
  Robert's was divorced by his 1st wife, Janet Forbes, on the grounds of adultery. Various web sites show her as of the Pitsligo family but that appears to be confusion with his father's 2nd wife.
  m1. (div c1583) Janet Forbes (dau of Robert Forbes of Echt)
m2. Marjory Gordon (m2. John Leslie of Balquhain)
  We have seen the suggestion that the following William was son of Elizabeth, dau/heiress of the above Robert (possibly by Elizabeth Seton though that was probably a confusion with a later marriage into this family), by Francis Douglas (who changed his family name to Duguid), son of William, 9th Earl of Angus. As Earl William appears not to have had a son who married a Duguid heiress, we discount that suggestion.
  (1) William Duguid of Auchinhove (d 1656)
  m. Mary Forbes (dau of Robert Forbes of Barnes, of the family of Monymusk)
  (A) Francis Duguid of Auchinhove (d 1675)
There is some confusion shown by various web sites around these generations. Some sites omit this generation, showing Francis as elder brother (dsp) rather than father of the Robert who m. Teresa Leslie. Provisionally, we follow 'LeslieRecords'.
  m. Elizabeth Seton (possibly dau of Alexander Seton of Meldrum) ## here? ##
  (i) Francis Duguid of Auchinhove (d 1698)
  m. Marie Abercromby?
  (a) Robert Duguid of Auchinhove (d 1731) - continued below
  m. (1699) Teresa Leslie (dau of Patrick Leslie, 15th of Balquhain)
  (b) Jane Duguid probably the Jane who married ...
  m. Alexander Lumsden, 8th of Cushnie (d 1714)
  (c)+ other issue - Aelxander, Patrick, James, Francis, Margaret
  (2) Robert Duguid in Ruthven
  m. (1611) Marian Forbes
  (A) Robert Duguid in Poland (a 1669)
  m2. (c1575) Janet Forbes (dau/coheir of Sir William Forbes of Pitsligo)
  m3. Agnes Ross
  ii. daughter possibly of this generation
  m. John Gordon, younger of Hallhead (b 1507, dvp Pinkie 10.09.1547)



Robert Duguid of Auchinhove (d 1731) - continued above
m. (1699) Teresa Leslie (dau of Patrick Leslie, 15th of Balquhain)
1. Patrick (not Peter) Duguid of Auchinhove, later Leslie-Duguid, 21st of Balquhain (b c1700, d 11.04.1777)
  m1. (mcrt 28.08.1731) Isabella Dickson
  A.+ issue (d young) - 3 sons + 1 daughter
  m2. (16.07.1740) Amelia Irvine (d 1762, dau of John Irvine of Kingcausie)
E. John Leslie, 22nd of Balquhain (b 13.01.1751, d 27.02.1828, 4th son of this marriage)
  m. (14.11.1774) Violet Dalzell (d 23.09.1836, dau of John Dalzell by Harriet Gordon, dau of William, Lord Kenmure)
  i. Ernest Leopold Leslie, 23rd of Balquhain (b 28.11.1775, d 15.03.1836) had issue
  m. (22.01.1812) Fanny Stillfried (b 20.11.1794, dau of Emanuel, Baron Stillfried, by Teresa, Baroness Steinbach)
  ii. James Michael Leslie, later 25th of Balquhain (b 25.04.1784, d unm, 4th son)
  iii. Charles Leslie, later 26th of Balquhain (b 24.04.1785) had issue
  m1. (24.11.1826) Mary Holloway (d 1832, dau of Maj. General Sir Charles Holloway)
  m2. (21.07.1836, sp) Dorothy Eyre (d 22.11.1853, sister/heir of Francis, 8th Earl of Newburgh)
  iv. Anthony Leslie in Canada then London (b 30.11.1787, sp?)
  m. (01.1840) Ann Monaghan
  v. Amelia Leslie (b 24.04.1777, d 27.08.1860)
  m. (1800-1) Alexander Fraser of Strichen
  vi.+ other issue - John (b 01.05.1780, a 1803), Joseph Emmanuel (b 05.10.1781, d 21.12.1784), Edward (b 30.09.1792, dsp 20.05.1813), Louis Xavier (b 14.10.1793, Major), Francis (b 14.10.1793, dsp 17.07.1831), Harriet Ann (b 24.11.1778, d unm 06.06.1805), Teresa Frances (b 27.03.1783, d unm 31.05.1801), Helen (b 17.05.1786, d 20.12.1811), Violet Winifred (b 18.04.1789, a 1860), Margaret Catherine (b 05.06.1790, d unm 04.09.1830)
F. Mary Leslie (b 1754)
  m. _ Reid of Aberdeen
  G. Elizabeth Leslie (b 08.11.1757)
  m. (John) Macdonell of Leich (Leek) (Captain)
  H. Jacobina Leslie (b 21.10.1760, d 03.02.1840)
  m. Edward Clavering of Berrington
  I.+ other issue - James (b 21.10.1741, d 25.08.1816, priest), Charles (b 08.01.1748, d 28.12.1806, priest), Henry (b 06.05.1749, d unm 1762), Patrick (b 24.08.1753, d 14783), Margaret (b 12.03.1743, d 1762), Amelia (b 08.07.1744, d 1762), Maryanne (b 26.05.1756, d 1762)
  m3. (1773) Eliza Grant (d 1778, dau of John Grant)
2. James Duguid
  m. M. Brodie
  A. Kitty Duguid
  m. George Ferguson
  partner unknown
  B. Joseph Duguid
3. Mary Duguid
  m1. _ Gordon of Tillychoudie
  m2. _ Irvine in Elgin
4. daughter
  m. John McGregor (Captain)
5.+ other issue - Alexandxer (b 1711, d 1788, clergyman in Aberdeen), Joseph (b 1713, d 12.02.1775, cleric)

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(2) For lower section (redone 26.03.15): 'Historical Records of the Family of Leslie from 1067 to 1868-9' by Colonel Leslie of Balquhain (vol 3, 1869, p176+) supported by BLG1863 (Leslie of Balquhain)
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