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Families covered: Dunbar of Hempriggs, Dunbar of Newton, Dunbar of Northfield, Dunbar of Thunderton
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William Dunbar of Struthers, 1st of Hempriggs (d 25.11.1624 (before 30.10.1636))
m. Margaret or Catherine Anderson (dau of John Anderson of Struthers by Janet Gibson)
1. John Dunbar, 2nd of Hempriggs
  m1. Elizabeth Sinclair (dau of George Sinclair of Mey)
  A. John Dunbar of Latheronwheel, 3rd of Hempriggs (d before 03.04.1666)
  m. (mcrt 26.09.1624) Anne Fraser (dau of Andrew Fraser, Commissary of Inverness)
i. Sir William Dunbar, 1st Bart of Hempriggs (d 1711)
  m. Margaret Sinclair (dau of Alexander Sinclair of Latheron by Jean Cunningham)
  a. Benjamin Dunbar (dvpsp)
  TCB identifies Benjamin's wife as Janet, dau of Patrick Dunbar of Brins (## see here ##), whilst Henderson identifies her as Janet, dau of Patrick Sinclair of Ulbster, but BP1934 identifies her as ...
  m. Janet Sinclair (dau of John Sinclair of Ulbster, m2. George, 3rd Lord Reay)
  b. Elizabeth Dunbar (b c1677, d 11.03.1756)
  m1. Sir Robert Gordon, 3rd Bart of Gordonstoun (b 07.03.1647, d 05.09.1704)
  m2. (1705) James Sutherland, later Dunbar, 1st Bart of Hempriggs (d 1724)
Probably an illegitimate daughter of William was ...
  c. Anna Dunbar
  m. Robert Henderson of Westerdale
ii. Sir Robert Dunbar, 2nd Bart of Northfield (d 1742)
  m(1). (1675) Mary Sinclair (dau of Patrick Sinclair of Ulbster)
  a. Sir Patrick Dunbar, 3rd Bart of Northfield (b 1677, d 05.04.1763)
  BP1934 identifies Patrick's 2 wives but does not identify which wife was mother of his 4 children (John, William, Margaret & Elizabeth). Henderson shows Katharine Sinclair as mother of Robert & William and Katharine Brodie as mother of John, Patick, Elizabeth, Anne & Henrietta.
  m1. (1697) Catherine Sinclair (dau of William Sinclair of Dunbeath)
  (1) Margaret Dunbar (d 17.12.1729) presumed of this marriage
m. Rev. Dr. Oswald
  (2) other issue (dvpsp) - Robert, William (d before 04.07.1758)
  m2. (1722) Catherine Brodie (dau of Joseph Brodie of Milntoun)
  (3) John Dunbar (b 1727, dvpsp 04.1749)
  m. Margaret Sinclair (dau of David Sinclair of Southdun, cousin)
  (4) Elizabeth Dunbar (d 1782)
  m. (1744) James Sinclair of Durran (b 1718, d 1793)
  (5)+ other issue - Patrick (b 1733, d young), Anne, Henrietta (d unm)
b. Marjory Dunbar
  m. David Sinclair of Southdun
  c. daughter
  m. George Manson of Bridgend
  d. Mary Dunbar
  m. David Dunbar (b c1695, minister of Olrig (Olrick) in Caithness)
  e.+ other issue (d young) - William, James, David
  iii. Anne Dunbar
  m. George Sinclair of Barrock
  iv. Janet Dunbar
  m. (1657) Patrick Cuming of Erneside
  v. Catherine Dunbar
  m. William Geddes (minister of Wick)
B. James (?) Dunbar
  i. Archibald Dunbar of Newton & Thunderton (d 03.05.1689)
  m1. (12.05.1666) Elizabeth Hacket (d 27.07.1678, dau of Walter Hacket of Mayen)
  a. Robert Dunbar of Newton & Thunderton (b 02.1670, d 09.1742)
m. (27.11.1690) Margaret Mackenzie (dau of Colin Mackenzie of Pluscarden)
  (1) Sir Archibald Dunbar of Newton & Thunderton, de jure 4th Bart of Northfield (b c1693, d 13.01.1769)
  m1. (1735) Helen Dunbar (dau of Archibald Dunbar of Thunderton) @@ below
  (A) Sir Alexander Dunbar, 5th Bart of Northfield (b 12.01.1742, d 20.12.1791, 3rd son)
  m. (21.04.1769) Margaret Arbuthnott (d 08.06.1801, dau of John Arbuthnott, 6th Viscount)
  (i) Sir Archibald Dunbar, 6th Bart of Northfield (b 30.06.1772, d 23.03.1847, Lt. Colonel)
  m1. (06.11.1794) Helen Cumming-Gordon (d 16.03.1819, dau of Sir Alex Penrose Cumming-Gordon of Altyre, Bart)
  (a) Sir Archibald Dunbar, 7th Bart of Northfield (b 05.07.1803, d 06.01.1798, 2nd son) had issue
  m1. (12.06.1827) Keith Alicia Ramsay (d 15.03.1836, dau of George Ramsay of Barton by Jean Hamilton, sister of William, 7th Lord Belhaven)
  m2. (05.11.1840) Sophia Orred (d 02.06.1909, dau of George Orred of Tranmere Hall)
  (b) John Dunbar (b 14.03.1805, d 01.11.1856) had issue
  m. (20.12.1825) Anna Sophia Hagar (dau of Rev. G. Hagar)
(c) Edward Dunbar, later Dunbar-Dunbar of Sea Park & Glen of Rothes (b 23.08.1818, d 10.01.1898, 7th son) had issue
  m. (17.10.1848) Phoebe Dunbar (dau of Duncan Dunbar, sister/heir of John of Sea Park)
  (d) Helen Dunbar (d 15.07.1873)
  m. (20.10.1814) Robert Warden of' Parkhill
  (e) Margaret Dunbar (d 03.1822)
  m. (1818) Lachlan Mackintosh of Raigmore
  (f) Jean Dunbar (d 08.1825)
  m. (11.07.1822) Rawdon Clavering
  (g) Louisa Dunbar (dsp 1832)
  m. (1831) Rev. Robert B. Boswell
(h)+ other issue (d unm) - Alexander (dvp 1816), William (d 1824), Charles (d 1828), Thomas (d 1831), Georgina (d 1867), Emilia Alexandrina (b c1816-7, d 30.04.1895)
  m2. (26.09.1832) Mary Brander (d 05.05.1869, dau of John Brander of Pitgaveny)
  (n) James Brander Dunbar, later Dundar-Brander of Pitgaveny (b 06.01.1825, d 16.11.1902) had issue
  m. (22.12.1874) Alice Grant (dau of James Grant, Provost of Elgin)
  (o) Margaret Alicia Dunbar (d 23.07.1908)
  m. (07.02.1856) William A. Stables of Nairn
  (ii) John Dunbar (d unm 1812, Captain)
  (iii) Jean Dunbar (d 1857)
  m. (1792) James Coull of Ashgrove
  (a) Helen Coull (b 1795-6, d 01.09.1888) probably of this generation
  m. (02.02.1814) Sir James Dunbar of Boath, 1st Bart (b 1770, d 1836)
  (B) daughter probably of this generation
  m. James Brander
  (C)+ other issue - Archibald (d unm 04.03.1762, Captain), Robert (d unm 04.02.1762), others
  m2. (1750) Anne Bayne (d 26.11.1780)
(G)+ other issue - William (had descendants in America), Thomas (dsp 20.12.1815, Major General)
  (2) William Dunbar (d 03.1783, Captain)
  b. Archibald Dunbar of Thunderton, Sheriff of Moray, Provost of Elgin (b 1671, dspm 16.04.1733)
  m1. (01.08.1703) Rebecca Adamson (dau of Rev. James Adamson)
  (1) Rebecca Dunbar
  (2) Helen Dunbar
  m. (1735) Sir Archibald Dunbar, de jure 4th Bart of Northfield (d 13.01.1769) @@ above
  m2. Phillis Walker
  m2. (28.04.1681) Katherine Innes (d 04.02.1686, dau of Sir Walter Innes, 2nd Bart of Balveny)
  m2. ??
2. Isobel Dunbar
  m. (before 19.06.1613) Thomas Hepburn of Inverlochty
3.+ other issue - James (a 1643), Robert, Ninian

Main source(s): BP1934 ('Dunbar of Northfield') with some input/support from 'Caithness Family History' (John Henderson, 1884, 'The Dunbars of Hempriggs' (p220+) & 'The Dunbars of Northfield and Bowermadden' (p226+)), TCB (vol 4, 'Dunbar of Hempriggs (afterwards of Northfield)', p390+)
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