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Families covered: Elmerugge of Albery, Elmerugge of Elmerugge (Elinbridg of Elinbridg), Elmerugge of Surrey

CTG identifies the arms of this family as "Chequé Arg. and Sa.". Note that the family name was spelled in various ways!
Ynardus de Elinrugge of Elinrugge (Worcestershire) & Purteshull
1. Stephen de Ellenbrug of Ellenbrug
  No dates are shown for the above and they are not connected to the following Adam but the inference is that they were connected to ...
  A. Adam Elmerugge in Elmerugge (a 1309)
  i. Roger Elmerugge in Elmerugge (b c1283, 1328)
  m. Agnes
  a. Sir Roger Elmerugge of Elmerugge (b c1312, a 1376)
m. Elizabeth (dau/heir of Eufemia, sister/heir of Mary, dau/coheir of Edmund Comyne of Samecombe, byWilliam de la Beche)
  (1) John Elmerugge
  The above are shown at the foot of CTG (vol 5, p169). John is not shown as connected to the following Roger who is shown at the top of CTG (vol 5, p170) but the inference is that they were. We speculate that John was father, uncle or cousin of the following Roger. Note that the Thomas below (d 27.03.1507) is shown by CTG as "of Elmerugge".
  (A) Roger Elmerugge or Elingbrig of Croydon (a 1443)
  Roger is shown (connected by solid line) as father of the following John but (by dotted line, implying some uncertainty) of Roger & William. Visitation (Surrey) throws more uncertainty on these generations by its identification of the Joan who is shown below as wife of Richard Fromonds & Henry Burton.
  (i) Roger Elmebrugge (d c1437)
  (ii) John Elmerugge or Elenbrugge (d 08.02.1473) - continued below
  m1. Isabella James (d, dau of Nicholas James)
  m2. Ann Proggett (a 1490, dau of John Proggett)
  (iii) William Elenbrig of West Perle, Coulsdon, Surrey (a 1446)
  ii. Reynold de Elmerugge in Elmerugge (a 1346)



John Elmerugge or Elenbrugge of Albery (in Merstham), Croham & Chaldon, Surrey (d 08.02.1473, MP) - continued above
m1. Isabella James (d, dau of Nicholas James (Sheriff of London))
1. Thomas Ellmerugge (sic) of Carshalton, Surrey (d 22.05.1497)
m. Elizabeth Gainsford (a 1497, dau of Nicholas Gainsford of Carshalton (Esquire of the Body to Edward IV & Henry VII))
  A. Thomas Elmerugge of Albery, Chaldon & Croham and of Elmerbrugge (d 27.03.1507)
  m. Johanna (a 03.1507)
  i. Ann Elmerugge (b c1504, d 17.03.1577, heir)
  m. Sir John Dannet of Dannet Hall (d 06.04.1542)
  ii.+ 2 sons + 3 daughters
  B. Margaret Elmerugge (a 1497)
2. Roger Elmerugge (d 1471, Rector of Coulson & Chaldon)
3. Joan Elmerugge (d 24.12.1524)
  In the section on Elinbridge, Visitation (Surrey, 1530+1572+1623, 'Fromonde') identifies Joan as dau/coheir of Thomas Elinbridg (by dau/heir of _ Wich of Cheshire) son of John (by dau/heir of _ Cardoile) with "sic" alongside the name of Thomas, indicating that the Harleian editor was surprised at that name. That surprise was probably because Joan is shown (by Visitation) as having one sister & coheir, Allice (m. William Whettenhall, Sheriff of London in 1440) who is identified as "d. & coheire of Willm. Ellinbridg (sic)" together with the fact that, in the (main) section on the Fromonde family, she is identified as "d. and heire of John (sic)".
  m1. Richard Fromonds of Fromonds
  m2. Henry Burton of Carshalton
4.+ 9 sons + 6 daughters
m2. Ann Proggett (a 1490, dau of John Proggett, m2. Sir William Pecche of Lullyngstone)

Main source(s): CTG (vol 5, 1838, 'Pedigree of Elmerugge of Elmerugge, Worcester, and of Croham, &c. Surrey'', p169+)
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