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Families covered: Elphinstone of Elphinstone, Elphinstone of Pippendreich, Elphinstone of Selmys

John de Elphinstone (a 1248) = (??) John de Swinton
TSP reports the belief that this John was a younger son of Alan de Swinton but that, although there are heraldic clues to support that view, it has not been proved conclusively. There is also some confusion on the next few generations. The entry on the family in BP1999 is more precise on these generations than was the entry in BP1934 so we assume that further research on these generations was done. TSP suggests that the above John was father or grandfather of John de Edmonstone who (possibly under duress) swore fealty to King Edward I of England in 1295. The first ancestor mentioned by BP1999 was ...
1. Alexander de Elphinstone (d c1290)
  A. Sir John de Elphinstone (d c1338)
  m. Margaret Seton (dau of Sir Christopher de Seton of that ilk)
  It is not clear which Seton family Margaret came from. As reported in a footnote on 'Seton01', there are conflicting accounts of the early generations of that family. The dates make it possible that Margaret's father was the Sir Christopher de Seton (d by 1307) who married Christian Bruce (d c1357), sister of King Robert. TSP suggests that this John's wife was Marjory Airth (heiress of Airth, who d c1340). It is noted that BP1999 shows a spouse of that name for Alexander, shown below as grandson but by that article as son of this John.
  i. Alexander Elphinstone of that ilk (d by 1363) This Alexander is shown by TSP but not by BP1999.
a. Alexander Elphinstone of that ilk (d by 1399)
  m. Agnes/Marjory Airth
  (1) Sir William Elphinstone of that ilk
  (A) Alexander Elphinstone of that ilk (d Piperdean 10.09.1435)
  (i) Agnes Elphinstone
  m. Sir Gilbert Johnstone, later of Elphinstone
(B) Sir Henry Elphinstone of Pippendreich (d by 1496)
  m. Jean Cuninghame (dau of Cuninghame of Polmaise)
  (i) James Elphinstone, younger of Pippendreich (dvp by 1477)
  m. Isabella Bruce
(a) Sir John Elphinstone of that ilk and of Pippendreich (d before 19.10.1508)
  m1. Euphemia
  m2. (by 1496) Margaret Oliphant (dau of Laurence Oliphant, 1st Lord)
  m3. (c1499) Elizabeth Cunningham (dau of Sir Humphrey Cuninghame of Glengarnock)
Not sure who was the mother of whom.
  ((1)) Alexander Elphinstone, 1st Lord (d Flodden 09.09.1513)
  m. (by 1507) Elizabeth Berlay or Barlow (d c10.09.1518)
  ((A)) Alexander Elphinstone, 2nd Lord (b 22.05.1510, d Pinkie 10.09.1547) --
  m. (before 27.02.1525-6) Katherine Erskine (dau of John Erskine, 5th Lord) --
  ((B)) Elizabeth Elphinstone (b 25.04.1508)
  m. Sir David Somerville of Plean
  ((C)) Euphemia Elphinstone ('Lupton') (b 11.05.1509) --
  p. James Stewart, King James V of Scots (b 10.04.1512, d 14.12.1542) --
  m. (mcrt 13.04.1540) John Bruce of Cultmalundie
((D))+ other issue - James (b 12.05.1532, dsp), Mary (b 28.04.1510, d unm), Barbara (b 22.08.1513, d infant)
  ((2)) Elizabeth Elphinstone
  m1. Peter Colquhoun of Glasgow
  m2. (before 05.02.1537-8) David Stewart (brother of Andrew, Lord Avondale)
  Noting the note just below for Isabella, TSP shows Elizabeth's marriages as (1) David Lindsay of Dunrod ("dead before July 1578") (2) Peter Colquhoun (3) ("probably in March 1532") Robert Maxwell of Calderwood ("who was dead before 1 November 1532) (4) David Stewart ("before 5 February 1537-8").
  ((3)) Isabella Elphinstone
  m1. David Lindsay of Dunrod (d 1521 ??)
  m2. (c03.1532?) Robert Maxwell of Calderwood (d before 01.11.1532 ??)
  This Isabella is shown by BP1999 (without dates) as daughter rather than sister of the 1st Lord. TSP 'combines' her with her sister Elizabeth shown just above but appears to accept that there may be some confusion by showing her as "Isabella or Elizabeth". The position is not clarified by the fact that, looking at the Lindsay records (which may not be complete), the only David Lindsay of Dunrod of that period so far identified died in 1521 (which makes the reference to "dead before July 1578" as somewhat confusing). Furthermore, looking at the Maxwell records, there are two Robert Maxwell of Calderwoods in the period, one of whom died in 1531 and the other in 1568. We 'compromise' and show her as distinct from Elizabeth but of this generation because of the dates. HOWEVER, note that there is another Isabella Elphinstone whom some show as m1. Peter Colquhoun m2. Maxwell of Calder(wood).
((4))+ other issue - Thomas, Jean
  (b)+ other issue - Alexander of Scottistoun (a 02.1508), William (d before 21.07.1531, Ambassador)
  (ii) Laurence Elphinstone of Selmys
  The following connection comes from BP1934 (Elphinstone of Logie).
  m. Margaret Hamilton
  (a) Andrew Elphinstone of Selmys had issue ("extinct in the 2nd generation")
  m. Isabel Keith
  ((1)) William Elphinstone of Selmes (Selmys) probably of this generation
  ((A)) Giles Elphinstone
  m. Sir John Elphinstone of Selmes & Baberton (b 1553, d 1614)
  (b) Nicholas Elphinstone of Glack
  m. (1505) Elizabeth Abercrombie of Pitmeddow
  (iii) John Elphinstone (Bailie in Glasgow)
  It is a presumption, albeit seemingly a reasonable one, that this was the John, baillie of Glasgow in 1485, who is shown as ancestor of the Elphinstones of Lopness.
  (C) William Elphinstone (d 30.06.1486, Canon of Glasgow, Archdeacon of Teviotdale)
  (i) William Elphinstone, Bishop of Aberdeen, Chancellor of Scotland
  (2) Elizabeth Elphinstone
  m. (1392) Heliseus of Kynnynmonth
  (3)+ other issue - Alexander, Norman, James
  B.+ other issue - Alan, Duncan

Main source(s): TSP (Elphinstone), BP1934 (Elphinstone), BP1999 (Elphinstone)
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