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Families covered: Estur of Jersey

'Armorial' reports that the following family "is a junior branch of the Guernsey family of Estur, in the parish of Notre Dame du Castel. The Jersey family settled in the parish of S. Laurence, circa 1412, whence sections established themselves in those of S. Mary and S. Saviour, in which latter it possesses (sic) the estate of Le Jardery. It is now quite extinct".
John Estur of Notre Dame du Castel, Guernsey
1. Guille Estur (a 1411, to Jersey)
  A. Phyn. Estur
  i. John Estur (a 1473)
  m. Perotte Regnaulkt
  a. John Estur
  m. Guyllemyne Le Jarderay (dau of Peter Le Jarderay, sister of Sire John, widow of John Ahier)
  (1) Clement Estur
  m. Mary Guille (dau of Peter Guille of S. Mary)
  (A) Louys Estur (a 1568)
  m. Agnes Le Cousteur (dau of Michael Le Cousteur)
  (i) Abraham Estur
m. Mauricette Gibault
  (a) Louys Estur 'of S. Laurence' (d 1683)
  m. Mary Benest
  ((1)) Mary Estur
  m. Helier Langlois
((2))+ other issue - Mauricette, Susan
  (b) Clement Estur (d 1690, youngest son?)
  m. Catherine De La Rocque (dau/heir of John De La Rocque of Menage du Rocher (by Magdalen, dau of Rev. Joshua Slowly of S. Trinity) son of John (son of Peter De La Rocque, Attorney General of Jersey) by Catherine (b 1594-5, dau of Temple Chevalier of Menage du Rocher (by Dame Peronelle de L'Espine ""of an ancient French family") & sister of Temple))
  ((1)) Mary Estur (b 1661)
  ((2)) Catherine Estur
  m. (1678-9) Abraham Bisson of S. Laurence
  (c)+ other issue - Abraham, Nicholas, Elias
  (ii) Catherine Estur
  m. Peter Le Gros
  (iii) Mary Estur
  m. N. Norman
(iv) Jane Estur
  m. John Le Boutillier
  (B) John Estur (dsp)
  (C) Collette Estur
  m. Germain Seale
  (2) Richard Estur (d by 1559)
  m. Katherine Langlois (a 1559, dau of R(aulin) Langlois)
  (A)+ issue - Peter in Havant (a 1571), Richard, Mabel
  (3) Edward Estur
  m. Johanne Gibault
  (4) Mychael Estur (Sire)
  (5) Barbe Estur
  m. John Hubert
  (6) Collette Estur
  m. John Sarre
  b. Collette Estur
  m. Philip Amy
  ii. Estienne Estur of S. Mary
  iii. Jeanette Estur
  m. Guille Allayn

Main source(s): 'An Armorial of Jersey' (J. Bertrand Payne, 1859, 'Pedigree of Estur', p192+)
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