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Families covered: Eure of Bradley, Eure of Witton Castle

William Eure of Witton Castle, Sheriff of Durham and Northumberland, 1st Lord (b c1483, d 15.03.1547/8)
m. Elizabeth Willoughby (dau of Christopher Willoughby of Parham)
1. Sir Ralph Eure (b 24.09.1508, dvp Halidon Hill (Ancrum Moor) 06.03.1544/5)
  m. Margery Bowes (dau of Sir Ralph Bowes of Streatlam)
  A. William Eure, 2nd Lord (b 10.05.1529, d 12.02.1593/4)
  m. (before 1558) Margaret Dymoke (bur 15.09.1591, dau of Sir Edward Dymoke of Scrivelsby)
i. Ralph Eure, 3rd Lord (b 24.09.1558, d 01.04.1617)
  m1. (by 1578) Mary Dawnay (d 16.03.1612, dau of Sir John Dawnay of Sessay)
  a. William Eure, 4th Lord (b 1579, bur 28.06.1646)
  m. (15.09.1601) Lucy Noel (dau of Sir Andrew Noel of Dalby)
  (1) Ralph Eure (b 1606, dvp c1640)
  m. (01.11.1627) Katherine Arundell (d 08/9.1657, dau of Thomas Arundell, 1st Lord of Wardour)
(A) William Eure, 5th Lord (d unm)
  (2) William Eure (dvp Marston Moor bur 07.07.1644)
  BE1883 suggests that William became the 6th Lord but TCP reports that he also dvp.
  m. (Margaret) Denton (dau of Sir Thomas Denton of Helsden)
  (A) Margaret Eure
  m. Thomas Danby of Thorpe, Mayor of Leeds
  (B) Mary Eure
  m. William Palmes of Lindley
  (3) Mary Eure
m. Sir William Howard of Naworth Castle
  m2. Elizabeth Spencer (bur 02.03.1617/8, dau of Sir John Spencer of Althorp)
  ii. Sir Francis Eure of Porkington (d 01.05.1621)
m1. Elizabeth Leonard (dau of John Leonard)
  a. Horace Eure of Easby (b c1590, bur 09.01.1636/7)
  m. Debora Brett (dau of John Brett of Romney Marsh)
  (1) George Eure, 6th Lord (d unm bur 24.10.1672)
  (2) Ralph Eure, 7th Lord (d unm 27.04.1707)
  (3) Elizabeth Eure
  m. William Kay
  (4) Deborah Eure
  m. John Pickering of Topcliffe
  (A) Bethia Pickering
m. Joseph Sykes of Leeds (d 10.06.1709)
  m2. Ellin Morris of Clenenney (dau of William Morris of Clenenney)
  b. Compton Eure (bpt 02.1617-8)
  iii. Sir William Eure of Stokesley (Yorkshire) & Bradley (co. Durham) (d c1620, MP)
  The following comes from 'A History of Northumberland' (vol 5, John Crawford Hodgson, 1899, 'Eure of Witton and of Sturton Grange', p243).
  m. Catherine Bowes (dau/heir of Sir William Bowes of Streatlam)
  a. Thomas Eure of Bradley (b c1606, d um Newbury 20.09.1643)
  b. William Eure of Bradley & Rackwood Hall (bur 22.03.1684/5)
  m. Mary Forcer (bur 21.02.1669/70, dau of Peter Forcer of Harbour House)
  (1) Mary Eure ( c1651, d 12.10.1731)
  m. Michael Johnson of Twizell Hall (bur 14.01.1657/8)
  (2)+ other issue (d unm) - Peter (b c1654, bur 18.12.1689), Anne (bur 14.01.1657/8)
c.+ other issue - Henry (d young), daughters
  iv. Charles Eure (Evre)
  The following comes from FMG (vol 4, MS626, 'Engaine', p1298).
  m. Elizabeth Engham (dau of Thomas Engham of Goodneston)
  a.+ issue - Thomas, Priscilla, 2 others
  v. Anne Eure
  m. John Malory
  vi. Meriol Eure
  m. Richard Goodricke of Ribstone (d 1601)
  vii. Martha Eure (b c1569, d 11.03.1601-2)
  m. (26.04.1590) Sir William Armine of Osgodby (b c05.1561, d 22.01.1621)
  B. Frances Eure
  m. Robert Lambton of Lambton (d 1583)
2. Muriel Eure
  m1. George Bowes of Streatlam
  m2. William Wycliffe of Wycliffe (d 1584)
3.+ other issue - Margery, Anne, Henry

Main source(s): TCP ('Eure'), BE1883 ('Eure')
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