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Families covered: Evelyn of Godstone, Evelyn of Huntercombe, Evelyn of Long Ditton, Evelyn of Wotton

William Avelyn or Evelyn of Harow (d 1476)
1. Roger Evelyn of Stanmore (d c08.1508)
  m. Alice Aylard (d 1516)
  A. John Evelyn of Kingston
  m. _ Vincent (dau of David Vincent)
  i. George Evelyn of Long Ditton, Kingston, Godstone & Wotton (b 1526/1530, d 30.05.1603) the first mentioned by BEB1841 ('Evelyn of Godstone')
  m1. (c1550) Rose Williams (bur 21.06/07.1571, dau/heir of Thomas Williams, brother (nephew?) of Sir John)
  a. Thomas Evelyn of Long Ditton (b 1551, bur 25.10.1617)
  The following is supported by MGH (NS2, vol 4 (1892), 'Evelyn of Long Ditton, co. Surrey', p312+) & BEB1841 ('Evelyn of Long Ditton')
  m1. (01.12.1577) Frances (Francisca) Moore (b c1551, bur 14.03.1588, dau of Sir _ Moore)
  (1) Sir Thomas Evelyn of Long Ditton (b 12.08.1587, d 04.08.1659)
m. Anne Gold (d 25.06.1669, dau of Hugh Gold of London by Anne, dau/heir of Thomas Nott)
  (A) Sir Edward Evelyn, Bart of Long Ditton (b 25.01.1625-6, d 03.05.1692, MP, 4th son)
  m. (15.09.1659) Mary Balam (bur 10.07.1696, dau of Charles Balam of Sawston)
  (i) Ann Evelyn (b 26.03.1661)
  m. (22.06.1682) William Hill of Teddington
  (ii) Mary Evelyn (b 14.07.1662)
  m. (05.07.1688) Sir William Glynne, 2nd Bart (d 1721)
  (iii) Penelope Evelyn of Long Dillon (b 03.08.1672, bur 28.06.1714)
  m. (23.01.690) Sir Joseph Alston, 3rd Bart of Chelsea (bur 29.01.1715-6)
  (iv) Sophia Evelyn (b 01.03.1675-6, bur 08.01.1738-9)
  m. Sir Stephen Glynne, 3rd Bart (d 04.1729)
(v)+ other issue - George (bpt 01.11.1663, dvp 13.09.1685), Edward (b 12.06.1667, bur 05.08.1669), Charles (b 25.08.1670, bur 26.10.1670), Jane (bpt 10.01 .1664-5, bur 20.01.1664-5), Elizabeth (bpt c01.1668-9, bur 08.09.1669), others (d infant)
  (B) Arthur Evelyn (bur 30.10.1708, youngest son?)
  (i)+ issue (a 1691) - Thomas, Arthur, Elizabeth
  (C) Mary Evelyn (bpt 29.08.1620)
  m. (25.05.1643) Edmund Ironside
  (D) Jane Evelyn (b 10.08.1623)
m. Charles Evelyn (bur 28.01.1658-9) @@ below
  (E)+ other issue - Thomas (bur 23.05.1615), Thomas (b 08.08.1618, dvp 18.01.1649-50), Charles (bpt 23.12.1624, bur 08.04.1642), Francis (b 04.12.1629), Vincent (bpt 03.10.1633), Anne (bpt 16.11.1617, bur 02.07.1638), Susan (b 05.01.1621-2), Elizabeth (b 28.12.1630, bur 28.07.1638
  (2) Jane Evelyn (b 1583-4)
  m. (1604-5) Sir John Bodley of Streatham
  (3) Mary Evelyn not mentioned by BLG1952
  m. Otwell Worsley
  m2. Frances Harvey (b c1563, bur 14.09.1649, dau of Henry Harvey (Hervey) of Chessington, sister of William, Lord Harvey of Kidbrook)
  BLG1952 shows no children under this marriage with Elizabeth, Dorothy, Frances & Rosa as of the first marriage. MGH shows that Frances Harvey had the following children.
  (4) George Evelyn of Huntercombe, Buckinghamshire (bpt 06.09.1593, d 07.08.1657)
  The following is supported by MGH (NS2, vol 4 (1892), 'Evelyn of Huntercombe, co. Bucks.', p328).
m. Dudley Bayles (b c1600, d 03.09.1661, dau of William Bayles of Catlidge)
  (A) George Evelyn of Huntercombe (b 1630, d 26.04.1699)
  m. (1664) Elizabeth (d 07.11.1686, widow of _ Walsham)
  (i) William Evelyn of Huntercombe then Martyr Worthy (b 03.10.1687, d unm 20.12.1723)
  (ii) Richard Evelyn (of the Middle Temple, settled in Ireland)
Shown as possibly of this generation and possibly father, by Elizabeth, of 2 daughters, one married to Colonel Tryon of co. Sligo and the other to _ Chamberlaine. However, this appears to be a duplication of the Richard shown here.
  (iii)+ other issue - George (b 30.12.1670), Dudley (b 03.1.1668-9, bur 13.04.1669)
  (B)+ other issue - Thomas (bpt 06.12.1632), William (bpt 28.04.1634), Frances (dvp)
  (5) Elizabeth Evelyn. (bpt 02.03.1589-90)
  m. (11.02.1604-5) Henry Constantine of Merly
  (6) Dorothy Evelyn (bpt 19.07.1591)
m.(20.07.1615) James Dockerie (Docwrar) of Cambridgeshire
  (7) Frances Evelyn (bpt 19.03.1594-5)
  m. Edward Ventris of Cambridge
  86) Rosa Evelyn (bpt 12.09.1596, a 1648)
  m. Thomas Keightley (Keitley) of London & Staffordshire
  (9) Katherine Evelyn (b 04.09.1600)
  m1. _ Kenrick
m2. William Braydon of London
  (10) Susannah Evelyn (bpt 20.12.1601)
  m. William Christmas of London
  (11)+ other issue - John (bpt 14.12.1597, d young), William (bpt 31.08.1604, bur 30.06.1652, cleric), Katherine (bpt 05.07.1590, bur 21.01.1599-1600), Sarah (bur 12.08.1603)
  b. Sir John Evelyn of Kingston, Godstone & Marden (b 1554-5, d 17.04.1627)
  m1. (10.06.1580) Elizabeth Stevens (b 1559, d 07.05.1625, dau/beir of William Stevens of Kingston)
  m2. Susanna
  c. Robert Evelyn of Godstone, later in Virginia (b c1556, d 1639)
The following is supported by MGH (NS2, vol 5 (1894), 'Evelyn of Godstone, afterwards of America', p201).
  m. (19.10.1590) Susan Young (bpt 24.08.1570, dau of Gregory Young of Yorkshire then London by Susannah)
  (1) George Evelyn (b 31.01.1592/3, to Maryland, returned to England)
  m. Jane Crane (dau of Richard Crane of Dorset)
  (A) Charles Evelyn (bur 28.01.1658-9, 3rd son)
  m. Jane Evelyn (dau of Sir Thomas Evelyn of Long Ditton) @@ above
  (i) Sophia Evelyn (b 1649) possibly fits here but possibly dau of Jane's brother Arthur
  m. (21.11.1667) Robert Napier (of the Middle Temple)
  (B) John Evelyn (d before 1680)
  m. Susannah (d 1680)
  (C) Jane Evelyn
  m. _ Freeman of Gloucestershire
  (D)+ other issue - George (bpt 03.12.1623, d young), Mountjoy (to America), Rebecca (d unm bur 29.12.1701)
  (2) Elizabeth Evelyn
  m. Anthony Gamage of Yorkshire
  (3) Anne Evelyn
m. Henry Staynes (or Haines) of London
  (4) Frances Evelyn
  m. Henry Kelsey (or Kelly) of Hampshire
  (5) Margaret Evelyn
  m. John Knatchbull of Kent
  (6)+ other issue - Robert (to America), James (b 1597, a 12.1615), Susan (b 09.11.1591), Rose (nun), Maria (nun)
  d. Mary Evelyn (b 1550, d 29.09.1612)
m. (07.10.1566) Richard Hatton of Long Ditton (d 23.01.1616, son of Richard of Shrewsbury)
  -. Catherine Evelyn see just below
  e.+ other issue - Philip (bur 22.07.1564), George (bur 22.07.1564), Jonas (bpt 30.03.1562, bur 20.04.1562), Edward (bpt 15.08.1563, bur 27.09.1564), George (bpt 16.10.1565), James (bpt 19.02.1566-7), George (bpt 29.04.1569, bur 21.12.1571), Susan (b c1558, d 09.01.1576), Elizabeth (bpt 12.02.1570-1, d infant), Joanna (bur 11.12.1573), Susan (d 29.01.1596), Frances (b 1577, bur 30.08.1579)
  m2. (23.04.1578) Joan Stint (b 1550, d 09.03.1613, widow of _ Rogers)
  q. Richard Evelyn of Wotton, Sheriff of Surrey & Sussex (b 1579/90, d 24.12.1640)
  m. (27.01.1613-4) Eleanor Stansfield (b 1598-9, d 29.09.1633, dau of John Stansfield of Lewes)
  r. Catherine Evelyn (bpt 20.08.1584, dsps 15.11.1610) shown by MGH & BEB1841 as of this second marriage but by BLG1952 as of the first marriage
  m. Thomas Stoughton of Stoughton (b c1578, d 22.03.1610-1)
  s.+ other issue (d young) - George (bpt 20.09.1580, bur 28.09.1580), Thomas (bpt 06.09.1582, d 21.05.1587), others (d infant - Arthur, Thomas, Richard, Mary (bpt 06.08.1581))
  ii. daughter
  m. Robert Cole of Heston
  B. Robert Evelyn
  m. Petronella
  i.+ issue - William (bur 12.09.1543), John (bur 18.11.1539), Margery (bur 04.03.1541-2)
  C.+ other issue - Agnes, Margaret
2. Henry Evelyn (a 1508)

Main source(s): BLG1952 ('Evelyn of Wotton'), MGH (NS2, vol 4 (1892), 'Skeleton Pedigree of the Evelyn Family in all its Branches' (p121+) & 'Evelyn of Harrow-on-the-Hill' (p296+)) with input/support from BEB1841 ('Evelyn of Godstone') and as reported above
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