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Families covered: Fagan of Castle Fagan, Fagan of Cork, Fagan of Derry Fagan, Fagan of Dublin, Fagan of Faganstown, Fagan of Feltrim

Commoners commences its pedigree on this family with: " Patrick O'Hagan, alias Fagan, second son of John O'Hagan, Baron of Tullagh-Og in Tyrone, by Catherine, his wife, daughter of Hugh Mac Mahon, Baron of Furney, and second brother of Bryan More Mac Mahon, Dynast of Monagan". We hope to provide more on that ancestry in due course.
Patrick O'Hagan alias Fagan (a 1180, d 1233, to Meath from Tyrone)
m. Dorothea (dau of Cormac (Charles) O'Melaghlin, son of O'Melaghlin, Prince of Meath)
1. John Fagan of Derry Fagan, Faganston, Monrath, etc. (co. Meath) (d 1248)
  m. Ann Plunkett (dau of Sir Alexander Plunkett)
  A. Patrick Fagan of Derry Fagan, Faganston, Monrath, etc. (d 1274)
  m. Susanna Barnewall (dau of Sir John Barnewall of Crickstown)
  i. Richard Fagan of Derry Fagan, Faganston, etc. (d 1348)
  m. Margaret de Lacy (dau of Sir Hugo de Lacy)
  a. John Fagan of Derry Fagan, Faganston, etc., Sheriff of Meath, Governor of Trim Castle (a 1358)
m. Ann MacCanna (dau of Hugh Mac Canna, baron of Trucha)
  (1) Sir Hugh Fagan of Derry Fagan, Faganston, etc. (a 1399)
  m. Eleanora Tuite (dau of Sir Robert Tuite)
  (A) Sir John Fagan of Derry Fagan, Faganston, etc., Sheriff of Meath (a 1423)
  m. More or Morelin White (dau of James White by Margaret, dau of Conn O'Neill)
  (i) Richard Fagan of Derry Fagan, Sheriff of Meath (a 1458)
  m. Cecily FitzEustace (dau of Sir Rowland FitzEustace, Lord Portlester (not Porchester))
  (a) Christopher Fagan of Derry Fagan, Faganston, Monrath, etc. (d Carlow 1494)
  m. Catharine Fitzgerald (dau of James Fitzgerald, son of Thomas, 7th Earl of Kildare)
  ((1)) Richard Fagan (d Carlow 1494)
  m. Anastasia Rochford (dau of John Rochford of Killadown)
  ((A)) Thomas Fagan of Dublin (b c1494) - continued below
  m. (1524) Amy or Anne Nangle (dau of "the Baron of Navan")
  ((2))+ other issue - 3 sons (d Carlow 1494), John 'the Archrebel'



Thomas Fagan of Dublin (b c1494) - continued above
m. (1524) Amy or Anne Nangle (dau of "the Baron of Navan")
1. Christopher Fagan, Sheriff of co. Dublin, Lord Mayor of Dublin (a 1573)
  m. Joan FitzSimonds (dau of Sir James FitzSimonds, Lord Mayor of Dublin)
  A. Thomas Fagan of Castle Fagan & Palmerston (d before 10.07.1599)
  i. Elinor Fagan
  m. Richard Fagan @1@ below
B. Margaret Fagan
  m. James Sherlock of Butler's Town
  C. Catherine Fagan
  m. Matthew Hancock, Lord Mayor of Dublin
  D. Alisona Fagan
  m. Martin Hussey
  E. Cecily Fagan
  m. (George) D'Arcy of Platten
F. Joan Fagan
  Commoners reports that Joan married Walter, son/heir of Christopher, Lord Mayor of Dublin, but it appears that she married Walter's son ...
  m. John Segrave
  G. Mary Fagan
  m. Thomas Nangle, Baron of Navan
H. Mable Fagan (d unm)
2. Richard Fagan of Bloike & Feltrim, Sheriff of co. Dublin, Lord Mayor of Dublin (d 30.03.1610)
  m. Cecily Holmes of Manchester (d 05.05.1608)
  A. John Fagan of Feltrim
  m1. Alice Segrave (dau of Walter Segrave, Lord Mayor of Dublin)
i. Richard Fagan (dvp 06.081622)
  m. Elinor Fagan (dau/heir of Thomas Fagan of Castle Fagan) @1@ above
  a. Christopher Fagan of Feltrim & Castle Fagan (2nd son)
  m. (05.1636) Ann Whye (dau of Sir Nicholas Whyte of Leixlip)
  (1) Richard Fagan, last of Feltrim & Castle Fagan (a 1691)
  m. Elinor (or Catherine) Aylmer (dau of Thomas Aylmer of Lyons)
  (A) Ann Fagan (d unm)
  (B) Helen Fagan
  m. John Taylor of Swords
  (C) Mary Fagan
  m. John Eustace of Confee Castle
  (2) Elizabeth Fagan (a 1683)
  m. (1659) George Hamilton, 3rd Lord Strabane (b c1636, d 14.04.1668)
  (3)+ other issue - Peter, Frances (d unm)
  b.+ other issue - Thomas (d young), Frances (d unm)
  ii. John Fagan (d 1683, 4th son)
  a. William 'Rich' Fagan (dsp)
  b. Christopher Fagan in co. Kerry (Captain)
  m. Mary Nagle (dau of Patrick Nagle of Ballinamona Castle by Catherine, dau of Hugh de Lacy of Bruff)
(1) Patrick Fagan of Killarney
  m. (1732) Christiana Fitzmaurice (dau of Thomas Fitzmaurice of Cossfoyle by Mary, dau of Robert Rice of Ballangolline)
  (A) Christopher Fagan (b 1733, d 06.01.1816)
  m. Catharine de Cortes (dau of Joseph de Cortes)
  (i) Christopher Fagan (d unm, Captain)
  (ii) Charles Fagan, 'Count de Fagan' (d 06.03.1813, Captain)
  m. (1788) Maria Theresa Pauline, Marchioness de Lawoestine & de Becelaer of Spain
  (a) Charles Antoine Edwin Fagan, 'Count de Fagan'
  (b) Maria Christiana Pauline Fagan
  (c) Maria Theresa Sophia Fagan
  m. _ Coronine, Count of Cronberg (chamberlain to the Emperor of Austria)
  The following connection was kindly brought to our attention by a contributor (DS, 12.08.08).
  p. Hyacinthe Gabrielle Varis (wife of Pierre Roland of Paris, actress)
(iii) Hyacinthe Gabrielle Roland (b c1759, d 05.11.1816)
  p./m. (29.11.1794) Richard Wellesley, 2nd Earl of Mornington, Marquess Wellesley (b 1760, d 1853)
  (B) Stephen Fagan of Cork
  m. Helena Trant (dau of James Trant of Castle Island)
  (i) James Fagan
  m. Ellen Trant (dau of Ignatius Trant of Cork)
  (a) William Fagan of Cork
  m. (1827) Mary Addis (dau of Charles Addis of Westminster)
  (b)+ other issue - Charles, Eliza, Susan
  (ii) Patrick Fagan
  m. _ Hussey of Dingle
  (a)+ 3 sons and 1 daughter
  (iii) Eliza Fagan
  m. Alexander McCarthy of Cork
  (C) Robert Fagan of Philadephia
  (i) Christopher Fagan (Major General) had issue
  m1. Mary Eliza Fagan (dsp 10.11.1805, dau of John Fagan of Kiltallagh, cousin) @2@ below
  m2. Eliza Lawson of Calcultta (d 04.01.1824)
  m3. (sp?) Maria Gibbon
  (ii)+ 2 sons and 1 daughter
  (D) Patrick Fagan of Ross
  m. Catherine Harper of Ballingby
  (E) John Fagan of Kittallah, co. Kerry (6th son)
  m. (1772) Elizabeth Hickson (dau of George Hickson of Tralee by Mary, dau of Henry Gould by _, sister of Dominick Trant of Cork)
  (i) George Hickson Fagan (b 03.11.1778, d 25.05.1821, 3rd son)
  m. Harriet Lawtre of Calcutta
  (a)+ issue - Christopher George, George Hickson, Elizabeth Maria, Harriet (d young), Frances, Sarah
  (ii) Patrick Charles Fagan (b 17.03.1780, d 26.10.1808)
  m. Maria Slator (dau of Rev. _ Slator of Nass)
  (a) Eliza Fagan
  m. George Francs
  (iii) Christopher Sullivan Fagan (b 22.03.1781, Colonel) had issue
  m1. Agnes Baldock (dau of Christopher Baldock of Guernsey by Catherine, dau of John Carey)
  m2. Elizabeth Jane Moule (dau of George Moule of Melksham)
  (iv) James Patrick Fagan (b 17.03.1788, a 1835, Major) had issue
  m. Sephannie le Mere
  (v) Mary Eliza Fagan (dsp 1805)
  m. Christopher Fagan (cousin) @2@ above
  (vi) Eliza Mary Fagan
  m. I.L. Richardson (Major General)
  (vii) Ellen Fagan
  m. W.H.L. Frith (Lt. Colonel)
  (viii) Catherine Fagan
  m. James Langdale of London
  (ix)+ other issue - Patrick (b 1773, d 1775), George (b 1775, d 1776), Robert (b 21.07.1783, d unm 08.06.1803), John (b 20.11.1784, d unm 24.10.1809), Christian, Frances (d 10.1801)
  (F) Mary Fagan
  m. _ Sheehy
  (G) Elizabeth Fagan
  m. Christopher Sullivan
  (H) Frances Fagan
  m. Matthew Moriarty of Tralee
  (I)+ other issue including Andrew, James (d 01.10.1801), William (d unm), Ellen (d unm)
  c. James Fagan in St. Martins, Lorraince(a 1722, Lt. Colonel)
  m. "the heiress of the house of Turges, in the province of Lorraine"
  d. Ellen Fagan
  m. Dominick Rice of Ballymacdoyle
  iii. Ann Fagan
  m. Christopher Dowdall of Castle Dowdall, Sheriff of Loutth
  iv.+ other issue (d unm) - Thomas (dvp 24.10.1620), George (dvp 1615), Mary
  m2. (sp) Alicia Finglass (dau of Richard Finglass of Westpalston, widow of Francis Plunkett)
  B. Ann Fagan (d unm)
  C. Mary Fagan
  m1. John Eustace of Confey
  m2. Edward Wellesley of Alartre (son of Garret, lord of Dangan)

Main source(s): Commoners (vol IV, Fagan of Feltrim)
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