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Families covered: Farquharson of Allargue, Farquharson of Auchindrine, Farquharson of Balmoral, Farquharson of Breda, Farquharson of Inverey, Farquharson of Tullochcoy

James Farquharson, 1st of Inverey
m1. Katharine Gordon (dau of Alexander Gordon, 4th of Abergeldie)
1. William Farquharson, 2nd of Inverey, 1st of Balmoral (d c1685)
  m1. Isobel Farquharson (d c1666, dau of John Farquharson, 4th of Invercauld)
  A. John Farquharson, 3rd of Inverey (d c06.11.1705, 'the Black Colonel')
m1. Margaret Gordon (dau of Peter Gordon, 2nd of Minmoir)
  i. Peter Farquharson, 4th of Inverey (d 1737)
  m1. Margaret Nairn (dau of Sir Thomas Nairn, 1st Bart of Dunsisnane)
  a. Elizabeth Farquharson
  m. John Forbes of Kincardine (b 1675)
  b.+ other issue
  m2. Elizabeth Black (dau of William Black of Aberdeen)
  c. Joseph Farquharson, 5th of Inverey (d unm 1738)
  d. Benjamin Farquharson, 6th of Inverey (d unm 1738)
e. Margaret Farquharson
  m. Alexander Grant of Grantsfield
  ii. Charles Farquharson of Achlossan, 7th of Inverey (d unm)
  iii. Jean Farquharson
  m. Peter Strachan in Edinburgh
  iv. Elizabeth Farquharson
  m. Charles Farquharson of Monaltrie
  m2. Margaret Leith (dau of George Leith, 3rd of Overhall)
  v. James Farquharson, 8th of Inverey, 3rd of Balmoral (dsp)
  m. Jean Leith (dau of William Leith of Aberdeen)
  vi. Margaret Farquharson
  m. George Farquharson of Coldrach
  B.+ 2 daughters
m2. Anne Gordon (dau of Alexander Gordon, 7th of Abergeldie)
  D. Charles Farquharson, 2nd of Balmoral (d unm 1718)
2. James Farquharson of Tullich
  m. Elspet Reed
  A. James Farquharson
  i. John Farquharson, 9th of Inverey, 4th of Balmoral (dsp 1754)
m2. Agnes Ferries (dau of Alexander Ferries, minister of Crathie)
3. Lewis Farquharson, 1st of Auchindrine
  m. Margaret Farquharson (dau of Alexander Farquharson, 1st of Allanquoich)
  A. Alexander Farquharson (dvp 1727)
  m. Claudia Innes (dau of Charles Innes of Drumgask)
  i. Alexander Farquharson, 2nd of Auchindrine, 10th of Inverey, 5th of Balmoral
  m. Margaret Anderson (dau of John Anderson of Greens)
a. James Farquharson, 11th of Inverey, 6th of Balmoral, 3rd of Auchindrine (d unm 1820)
  b. Lewis Farquharson-Innes of Ballogie and Balnacraig (b 1763, d 27.09.1830)
  m. Margaret McVeagh (dau of Hugh McVeagh)
  (1) Lewis Farquharson-Innes, 5th of Balnacraig (d unm 1840)
  (2)+ 4 daughters
  B. John Farquharson (d 08.1782)
  C. Charles Farquharson (d 11.1799)
4. James Farquharson, 1st of Tullochcoy (d c20.10.1727)
  m. Agnes Ochterlony (dau of David Ochterlony, minister)
  A. James Farquharson, 2nd of Tullochcoy had issue
  m. Marjorie Farquharson (dau of Charles Farquharson of Monaltrie)
  B. David Farquharson had issue
  m. _ Gordon (dau of Thomas Gordon of Crathienard)
  C. Alexander Farquharson (surgeon)



Robert Farquharson of Aldairg or Allargue (a 1655)
BLG1952 identifies this Robert as of Crathie and his eldest son John as 1st of Allargue. However, information kindly provided by a contributor, Jack Blair, quoting from his book on the Farquharsons of Ravernie and the Broughdearg MSS, report him as being of Aldairg which appears to be the same place as Allargue. Rather than be different from BLG1952 and risk unnecessary confusion, we have retained BLG1952's numberings of the lairds of Allargue even though we could show Robert as the 1st.
m. Elspet Anderson (dau of Anderson of Kinacraig)
1. John Farquharson, 1st of Allargue
  m1. _ Farquharson (dau of Robert Farquharson of Bellamore)
  A. Andrew Farquharson, 2nd of Allargue
  m. Barbara Stewart (sister of William Stewart of Aucholzie)
  i. John Farquharson, 3rd of Allargue (a 11.1746)
  m. Anne Farquharson
  a.+ 6 children
  ii.+ other issue - Charles (dsp), William (dsp), 4 daughters
  B. Ann Farquharson
  m2. (1680) Elspet Forbes (dau of Alexander Forbes of Culquharrie)
  C. John Farquharson
  m1. _ Innes (dau of Innes of Culquich)
  i.+ issue - Robert, John, Andrew, daughter
  m2. _ Forbes (dau of James Forbes in Millhead)
  v.+ 2 sons and 3 daughters
  D. Robert Farquharson, 4th of Allargue (b 1694, d 31.01.1771)
  m. (c1720) Isabel Anderson (d 18.02.1749, dau of William Anderson, 3rd of Glencarvie)
  i. Robert Farquharson, 5th of Allargue (b 1720, d 16.04.1793)
  m. Jean Grant (b c1720, d 03.07.1800, dau of John Grant of Rothmaise)
  a. Robert Farquharson, 6th of Allargue (b 01.1748, d 05.01.1826, minister of Kirkmichael)
  m. (14.12.1779) Elizabeth Innes (d 31.08.1836, dau of James Innes, minister of Marnoch)
  (1) Robert Farquharson, 7th of Allargue and of Breda (d 14.02.1863) had issue
  m. (1812) Jean Nairne (d 14.04.1870, dau of Alexander Nairne of Paisley)
  (2) Francis Farquharson of Breda (b 18.02.1787, d 1872, Lt. General) had issue (1 daughter)
  m1. (1823) Forbes Gerard (dsp 1824, dau of Gerard of Midstrath)
  m2. (24.12.1829) Margaret Outram (d 03.03.1831, dau of Benjamin Outram of Butterly Hall)
  (3) Charles Farquharson (b 10.01.1796, dsp 02.09.1837)
  m. Margaret Wilson (dau of John Harlet)
  (4) George Farquharson (b 26.08.1800, to Australia) had issue
  m. _ McBain
  (5) Jane Farquharson (b 06.03.1788, d 13.01.1885)
  m. (21.04.1817) William Black (Captain)
  (6) Janet Farquharson (b 10.04.1791, d 10.12.1883)
  m. William Orr of Paisley
  (7) Mary Anne Farquharson (b 19.04.1797)
  m. (1819) James Black of Willowbank
  (8) Elizabeth Farquharson (b 21.07.1799, d 31.03.1873)
  m. Alexander Keith of Netherthird
  (9) other issue - John (b 17.04.1793, d unm 12.02.1825, minister of Ruthven), Thomas (b 24.10.1794, d unm), Andrew (d unm)
  E. Gustavus Farquharson
  partner(s) unknown
  i. Robert Farquharson had issue (2 sons and 1 daughter)
  m. ? (relict of Glencarvie)
  ii.+ 3 sons
  F. Roderick Farquharson
  m. Diana Forbes (dau of William Forbes, 1st of Invernethie and Belnabodach)
2. William Farquharson
  A.+ issue - Robert (had a son), John
3. Donald Farquharson had daughters
4. daughter
  m. Duncan Grant of Achliennie
5. daughter
  m. John Michie of Ord
6. daughter
  m. Walter Ross of Beldnochill
7. daughter
  m. George Forbes, 3rd of Skellater
8. daughter
  m. John McGregor of Micras
partner unknown
9. John Dhu Farquharson
  A. Allan ('Little Allan') Farquharson
  i. John Farquharson
  a. John Farquharson
  (1)+ 4 sons (all wed with issue) - John, Charles, Allan, Peter
  b. James 'More' Farquharson
  (1) Finlay Farquharson
  partner unknown
  c. Finlay Farquharson
  (1)+ issue (all wed) - Donald, John, daughter
  ii. Donald / Dhu Farquharson
  a. Allaster Farquharson
  B. Donald na Corraig/Corrail Farquharson

Main source(s):
(1) For Farquharson of Inverey : BLG1952 (Farquharson of Invercauld)
(2) For Farquharson of Aldairg, Allargue : BLG1952 (Farquharson of Invercauld), input from Jack Blair (genealogist and author, quoting from 'the Broughdearg MSS')
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