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Families covered: Farrer of Barnborough Grange, Farrer of Cold Brayfield, Farrer of Ewood (Eawood), Farrer of Hemsworth
[Parts of each section below were previously within Farrer1. They were moved here to facilitate review & expansion.]

John Farrer of Ewood (d before 05.02.1650)
m1. (1611) Dorothy Hanson (d 1617-8, dau of Nicholas Hanson)
1. John Farrer (b 21.06.1612)
  m1. Ellen Banister
  A. Dorothy Farrer
  m. William Foxcroft
  B.+ other issue - Jonathan, Abigail
  m2. (sp) Dorothy West
  m3. Judith Oldfield (dau of Edward Oldfield)
  D. Isaac Farrer (d 24.06.1708) probably of this generation, presumed of this marriage
  m. Patience Buckley (bpt 03.12.1654, bur 10.08.1720, dau of Thomas Buckley of Buckley)
  E.+ 6 children
2. Mary Farrer (b 22.06.1613)
  m. John Green of Liversedge
3.+ other issue - Henry (b 25.04.1616, dsp), Cicely (b 26.121614)
m2. (17.09.1619) Susan Waterhouse (dau of Isaac or Anthony Waterhouse, widow of William Fenay)
Susan's father is named Anthony by Thoresby, Turner & Foster but Issac by the more recent MGH.
5. William Farrer of Ewood (d 08.10.1684)
  MGH shows William as possibly married twice, with one wife being a Thomasin (shown in brackets) and the other being Frances James, with it not being clear which wife was mother of his children. Foster just shows one wife, the following Frances James, with her being mother of all of his children.
  m. Frances James (b c1629-30, bur 10.01.1660/1680, dau of Richard James of Portsmouth)
  A. John Farrer of Ewood & Midgley (b 1652, d 22.03.1722-3)
  m. Elizabeth Creswick (d 1692, dau/heir of Rev. James Creswick of Beghall (Beal))
  i. James Farrer (d 18.12.1718)
m. (08.1696) Mary Brearley (dau of John Brearley of Rochdale)
  a. James Farrer of Wortley, Ewood & Barnborough Grange (b 1720-1, d 15.03.1791)
## Foster shows this as the James (m. 12.10.1743 but wife not named) who was father of (inter alia) the Francis of Barnborough Grange who changed his name to Hawkes. However, MGH shows that James (m. 12.10.1743 Rachel Armitage) below (##). Provisionally, because this appears to be the senior line, we follow Foster but borrow from MGH in identifying this James's wife as ...
  m. (15.10.1743) Rachel Armitage (d 12.06.1775, dau of Sir Samuel Armitage of Kirklees, Bart)
  (1) James Farrer of Barnborough Grange (d 18.09.1802)
  (2) Francis Farrer, later Hawkes of Barnborough Grange (b 1747-8, bur 02.02.1818)
  (3) Amelia Farrer
  m. (28.12.1768) Walter Hawksworth, later Fawkes, of Hawksworth
  (4) Harriet Farrer (dsp)
  m1. (24.04.1787) Thomas Hewett of Bilham
m2. Sir G. Cooke of Wheatley
  (5)+ other issue - William (bpt 20.01.1754, d unm), Frances (bpt 04.06.1750, d 30.11.1836), Anna Maria (d unm 09.09.1829)
  b. William Farrer (dsp)
  ii. Lydia Farrer (bur 15.10.1719)
  m. (26.09.1699) Samuel Shaw of Manchester and/or Bristol
  B. Henry Farrer (rector of Hemsworth, 4th son)
  m1. Elizabeth Wrightson (bur 20.03.1692)
  i. John Farrer (b 1687, bur 03.09.1762, rector of Hemsworth)
  m. Ellen Brentwood
  a. Henry Farrer of Doncaster (b 1719-20, dsp 07.06.1789, surgeon)
  m1. (12.03.1746) Jane Greenwood (b 1715-6, d 15.03.1766, dau of Rev. William Greenwood of Darfield, son of James of Stapleton)
  MGH identifies Henry's 2nd wife as Jane Beale (d before 05.05.1797). Foster identifies her as ...
  m2. Jane Pears (dau of Richard Pears of Sykehouse by Mary, dau of John Beale (Alderman of Doncaster))
  b. Ann Farrer (a 1763)
  m. _ Hawkins (d by 1763)
  c. Frances Farrer
  m. Richard Chappell
  d. Mary Farrer
  m. Rev. John Skelton of Brigg
  e.+ other issue - John, Elizabeth of Hemsworth (d by 1774)
  ii. William Farrer of Ewood (dsp before 27.04.1723)
  iii. Frances Farrer
  iv. Elizabeth Farrer
  m. (c1714) Thomas Laverock
  m2. (23.06.1698) Mary (widow of _ Brearley)
  v. Henry Farrer
  C. Richard Farrer (b 09.01.1669, physician)
  m. Elizabeth Mitchell (bur 02.09.1739, dau of Nathaniel Mitchell of Leeds)
  i. John Farrer of Halifax (bpt 15.10.1696, bur 23.04.1731)
  m. (12.04.1721) Frances Bolton (bur 08.05.1728, dau of Francis Bolton)
  a. James Farrer of Ewood and Barnborough Grange (d 15.03.1791) ## see the note above ##
  b. John Farrer of London
  m. Anne Blixton
  c.+ other issue - Francis (bpt 15.12.1724), William
  ii. James Farrer (bpt 27.05.1703, a 1742, 3rd son)
  m. Mary
  iii. Richard Farrer, Sheriff then Lord Mayor of York (b 1708-9, d 15.07.1780, 4th son)
  m1. (02.06.1733) Margaret Napier (b c1712, d 26.09.1764, dau of John Napier of York)
  MGH confuses the issue a bit here. Whereas Foster shows that in 1779 Richard & Margaret had an "only surviving son" named Luke, MGH shows several children but links Luke and (possibly, it is not clear) a second John to being Richard's brothers rather than his sons. We suspect that this was in error and that Richard & Margaret were parents of all of the following.
a. Elizabeth Farrer
  m. Evan John Gerrard of Green Bank, Preston
  (1)+ issue - Evan Richard, Margaret
  b.+ other issue - Luke (dsp before 22.09.1784), John, Richard, James, Edward, Richard
  m2. ?? (d 06.09.1778)
  iv.+ other issue - Edward (bpt 06.04.1698), William (d infant), Mary (a 06.1755)
  D. Frances Farrer (b 12.07.1658, bur 01.01.1714/5)
  m. (01.07.1675) James Greenwood of Stapelton (b c1640, bur 12.02.1712/3)
  E.+ other issue - William, James, Mary (d unm)
6. Edward Farrer of University College, Oxford (b 1621, d 13.02.1690/1)
7. Susan Farrer
  m. Isaac Van Ogarden ("a Dutch Man")



Shown by the coat of arms to be of the above family was ...
Robert Farrer
1. Robert Farrer of London (grocer)
  A. Francis Farrer 'of Harwood'
  i. Anne Farrer or Farrar
  m. Sir Thomas Boteler of (Kirton in) Biddenham (d 1625)
  B. Paul Farrer of London
  i.+ issue - Ralfe, Richard (dsp)
  C. John Farrer (dsp by 1634)
  D. Thomas Farrer of London (a 1634)
  m1. Alice Ridge of London
  i. Thomas Farrer of Cold Brayfield (b c1605, a 1669, of the Inner Temple)
  Visitation ends with this Thomas (of the Inner Temple). BLG1886 starts with his parents and provides the following.
  m. Sarah Godrich (dau/heir of William Godrich of London)
  a. William Farrer of Cold Brayfield (b c1638, d 1706, of the Inner Temple)
  (1) ?? Farrer
(A) William Farrer of Cold Brayfield (bpt 09.07.1726)
  m. Elizabeth Hope (d 1764, dau of John Hope of Charter House Square)
  (i) Anne Farrer (d 05.09.1837)
  m. John Grove Spurgeon (d 01.08.1829, rector of Oulton & Clopton)
  (a) Farrer Grove Spurgeon, later Farrer-Spurgeon of Brayfield House (b 12.07.1783, d 12.10.1826) had issue
  m. (13.04.1809) Mary Anstruther (d 04.1860, dau of Hon. David Anstruther, relict of Captain Mitford)
  (b) Frances Elizabeth Spurgeon
  m. (27.12.1804) Edward Acton Acton of Gatacre Park (d 05.04.1822)
  (ii) Amelia Farrer
  m. John Morgan of Bedford Square
  (iii)+ other issue - John (d infant), William (d 1769), Margaret, Elizabeth (bur 05.04.1822)
  m2. Elizabeth Clifton
  ii.+ other issue - Thomas (2nd), George, Elizabeth, Ann, Dorothy

Main source(s):
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(2) For lower section : Visitation (London, 1634, 'Farrer'), BLG1886 ('Farrer of Brayfield')
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