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Families covered: Fettiplace of Earls Court, Fettiplace of Lambourn, Fettiplace of Letcombe Regis, Fettiplace of Swincombe

Charles Fettiplace of Earls Court in Lambourn, Berkshire (b 1595 (c1585?), bur 20.08.1674)
m. (21.12.1639) Anne Garrard (dau/coheir of Roger Garrard of Earls Court)
1. Roger Fettiplace of Earls Court, Lambourn (bpt 08.06.1642, d 16.01.1669)
  A. Roger Fettiplace of Lambourn (bpt 06.06.1668, d before 10.03.1697-8)
  m. (24.11.1690) Hesther Northey (b c1669, dau of William Northey of Old Ford, half-sister of Sir Edward Northey)
  i. Charles Fettiplace of Rooksnest, Lambourn (b c1696, dsp 16.03.1720)
m. Charlotte Collins (a 1720, dau of Charles Collins of Betterton, grandson of John Collins (m. Anne Fettiplace))
  ii. Christiana Fettiplace (d unm)
  iii. Elizabeth Fettiplace
  m. Lawrence Horne
  a. Christiana Horne
  b. Elizabeth Horne (d 1763)
  m. (15.01.1754) Edward Garrard of Rooksnest (bpt 06.08.1723, dsp bur 07.04.1761)
2. Charles Fettiplace 'of Childrey' of Lambourn (bpt 12.06.1650, bur 05.04.1730, 3rd son)
m. (16.08.1688) Mary Fettiplace (dau of Alexander Fettiplace of Letcombe Regis) @@ below
3. Anne Fettiplace (bpt 28.10.1640)
  m. (c08.1663) John Collins of Betterton (b c1641)
4. Lucy Fettiplace (bpt 04.06.1646)
  m. (c06.1683) John Herring of Chiseldon & Wanborough (d by 1713, of the Middle Temple)
5. Elizabeth Fettiplace (bpt 13.04.1654, d 1757!)
  m. (c10.1675) Charles Stafford of Willington (d c1702, Rector of Barcheston then Vicar of Wavendon)
  A. Charles Stafford (bur 30.08.1709, cleric)
  B. Anne Stafford bpt 12.1682, d d05.1755)
  m. (1716) William Lawrence of Burford (d 1755)
6.+ other issue - John (bpt 11.04.1648), Ferdinando (bpt 12.02.1651/2), Alexander (bpt 06.08.1657), Christiana (bpt 21.03.1643-4), Bridget (bpt 30.11.1658, bur 27.08.1665)



Alexander Fettiplace of Kingston (Berkshire), later of Swincombe (Oxfordshire) (b c1557, d 27.09.1616)
m. Martha Skinner (dau of George Skinner of Rowington (Rompton))
1. Francis Fettiplace of Swincombe (b c1599, d 29.07.1671)
  m. Dorothy Yate (dau of Thomas Yate of Lyford (by Dorothy Stephens))
  A. Bartholomew Fettiplace of Swincombe (bur 06.05.1686)
  m1. Mary Englefield (dau of William Englefield of Catherington, son of Sir Francis, Bart)
  i. Katherine Fettiplace
  m. Charles, 5th Lord Dormer (d 02.07.1728, m2. Elizabeth Biddulph)
  ii. Mary Fettiplace
m. Philip Caryll of Shipley
  iii.+ other issue - Francis Englefield (d c1686), Dorothy (a 1694)
  m2. Margaret Mostyn (dau of Sir Edward Mostyn of Talacre, Bart)
  B. Dorothy Fettiplace (bur 18.01.1656)
  C. Anne Fettiplace
  m. John Daneastell of Wellhouse
  D. Elizabeth Fettiplace
  m. John Greenwood
2. Jane Fettiplace (b 1600)
  m. William Bishop of Brailes (b 1595, d 1657)
3. Elizabeth Fettiplace (b 1602)
  m. Thomas Wollascott of Tidmarsh (Willascott of Sutton)
4.+ other issue - Edward, William (bur 28.08.1658)



Christopher Fettiplace of Letcombe Regis (b c1556, d 24.10.1609)
m. Margaret Fettiplace (dau of Edward Fettiplace of North Denchurch by Mary Essex)
1. Alexander Fettiplace of Court of Weeke in Letcombe Regis (bpt 16.06.1591, bur 17.06.1680)
  m. Margaret? (d 26.08.1662)
  A.+ issue (dvp) - Edmund (d 10.07.1660), Alexander (d 04.06.1657)
2. Edmund Fettiplace of Letcombe Regis, last of North Denchworth (b c1595, d 31.12.1663, 4th son)
  The following is partly supported by Visitation (Berkshire, 1665-6, 'Fettiplace of Denchworth and Letcombe Regis').
m. Elizabeth Waldron (bur 31.12.1677, dau of Thomas Waldron of Little Hinton (Hunton Parva))
  A. Alexander Fettiplace of Letcombe Regis (b c1630, bur 25.08.1712, 5th son)
  m. Joan Stevens (bur 19.11.1709, dau of Michael Stevens (of Kingston Lisle?), relict of Robert Goodlake of Letcombe Regis)
  i. Alexander Fettiplace of Letcombe Regis (bpt 18.06.1660, before 03.11.1712, 3rd son)
  ii. George Fettiplace, later of Letcombe Regis (bpt 09.05.1667, dsp bur 23.05.1730, youngest son)
  m. Grace Head (b 1662, d 27.09.1731, dau of John Head of Hodcot)
  iii. Mary Fettiplace (bpt 04.01.10653)
m. (16.08.1688) Charles Fettiplace of Childrey/Lambourn (son of Charles) @@ above
  iv.+ other issue - Alexander (bpt 26.06.1656, d infant), Edmund (bpt 28.06.1664, bur 11.10.1712, of the Middle Temple)
  B. John Fettiplace (bpt 26.03.1635, youngest son)
  i. daughter
  C. Elizabeth Fettiplace (bpt 12.12.1622)
  m. _ Ellis of Maidstone
  D. Anne Fettiplace (b c1623, d before 30.10.1689)
  m. Sir William Scroggs of Weald Hall (d 10.1685, Lord Chief Justice)
  E. Mary Fettiplace (bpt 10.1626)
  m. John Helyn of Lechlade
  F.+ other issue - Christopher (bpt 13.04.1617, dsp before 1666), George (bpt 09.05.1619, bur 23.03.1675), Edward (bpt 17.10.1621, bur 24.01.1648), Thomas (bpt 25.04.1624, bur 26.03.1656), Sarah (bpt 24.01.1628), Frances (bpt 26.03.1635), Theodosia (bpt 02.12.1639, bur 13.02.1733), Dorothy (bpt 10.12.1642, bur 07.01.1694), Margaret (bur 08.1665)
3. John Fettiplace of Court of Weeke in Letcombe Regis
  m. Margaret Weblin (dau of Moyses Weblin)
  A. Christopher Fettiplace (d c1610)
4.+ other issue - William (bpt 16.06.1591, d before 10.11.1613), Anthony (b 1593, d 1594)

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