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Families covered: FitzWalter of FitzWalter, FitzWalter of Woodham Walter

Robert FitzRichard, Lord of Little Dunmow (b c1065, d 1134, steward to King Henry I)
There is some confusion as to Robert's wives. TCP (Winchester) confirms Maud was ancestress of the FitzWalters but Robert may also have been married to a daughter of Earl Waltheof, probably Judith (aunt of Maud). We presume that Judith was his first wife and dsp.
m(1?). Judith of Huntingdon (dau of Waltheof, Earl of Huntingdon and Northampton)
m2. (1112) Maud de St. Liz (d 1140, dau of Simon de St Liz, Earl of Huntingdon and Northampton)
1. Walter FitzRobert of Woodham Walter (d 1198)
  m1. Margaret de Bohun (d 1146)
  m2. (1148) Maud de Lucy (dau of Richard de Lucy of Diss)
  A. Robert FitzWalter of Woodham Walter and Dunmow Castle (d Damietta 1234)§C
  m1. Gunnora de Valoniis (dau of Robert de Valoniis or Valoines of Bennington, etc)
i. Sir Walter FitzRobert FitzWalter of Woodham Walter (b c1222, d before10.04.1258)
  m1. Maud
  m2. Ida de Longespee Plantagenet (a 07.1271, dau of William de Longespee Plantagenet, 2nd Earl of Salisbury)
  BE1883 reports that Robert was born by Walter's first wife, Maud, but TCP (FitzWalter) confirms that Ida was mother of ...
  a. Sir Robert FitzWalter, 1st Lord FitzWalter (b 1247, d 18.01.1325-6)
  m1. Devorgilla de Burgh (b c1257, d 1284, dau/coheir of Sir John de Burgh of Wakerley)
  (1) Walter FitzRobert FitzWalter (b 1275, d 1293) not mentioned by BE1883
  m. (1286) Joan Engaine (d 01.06.1315, dau of SIr John Engaine of Laxton)
(A) Robert FitzWalter (b 1291, d infant)
  (2) Christian FitzWalter
  m. William (not his father John) le Marshal
  m2. (1289) Alianore de Ferrers (dau of Robert de Ferrers, 8th Earl of Derby)
  (3) Robert FitzWalter, 2nd Lord FitzWalter (b 1300, d 06.05.1328)
  m. Joan Multon (d 16.06.1363, dau of Thomas, Lord Multon of Egremont)
  (A) John FitzWalter, 3rd Lord (d 18.10.1361)
  m. Alianore Percy (d c1361, dau of Henry de Percy, 2nd Lord of Alnwick)
  (i) Walter FitzWalter, 4th Lord (b 1345, d 26.09.1386)
  m1. (1362) Alianore Dagworth (dau of Thomas, Lord Dagworth)
BP1934 reports that Walter's son was by his first marriage but BE1883 reports that he was by his second marriage. We follow TCP (FitzWalter) & TCP (Dagworth) which support BP1934.
  (a) Walter FitzWalter, 5th Lord (b 05.09.1368, d 16.05.1406)
  m. Joan Devereux (d 05.1409, dau of Sir John Devereux, 1st Lord)
((1)) Humphrey FitzWalter, 6th Lord (b 18.10.1398, d unm 01.09.1415)
  ((2)) Walter FitzWalter, 7th Lord (b c1400, d 25.11.1431)
  m. Elizabeth Chideock (d 14.06.1464, dau of Sir John Chideock of Chideock)
  ((A)) Elizabeth, Baroness FitzWalter (b 28.07.1430, d before 23.08.1485)
  m1. Sir John Ratcliffe of Attleborough (d Ferrybridge28.03.1461)
  Their son John became 9th Lord FitzWalter. His son became 1st Earl of Sussex.
  m2. John, Lord Dinham
  ((3)) Eleanor FitzWalter
m2. Philippa de Mohun (d 17.07.1431, dau of John de Mohun, 2nd Lord of Dunster)
  (ii) Alice FitzWalter
  m. Aubrey de Vere, 10th Earl of Oxford (b c1339, d 23.04.1400)
  (4) Ida FitzWalter (d 07.11.1361)
  m1. John (sb Robert?, Lord) de la Ward
  m2. Hugh de Neville, Lord Neville of Essex (b 23.08.1276, d before 27.05.1335)
  m3. (c1308) Alice de Montfort (d 1339, dau of Peter de Montfort of Beaudesert)
  b. Ela FitzWalter probably of this marriage
  m. William d'Odingsells of Maxstoke Castle
  ii. Matilda (Maud) FitzWalter (dsp c1212)
  m. Geoffrey Mandeville, 2nd/5th Earl of Essex, Earl of Gloucester (dsp 23.02.1215/6)
  iii. Christian FitzWalter
  m1. (before 18.11.1220) William Mandeville, 3rd/6th Earl of Essex (d 08.01.1226/7)
  m2. Raymond de Burgh (d 02.07.1230)
  m2. Rohese
  B. Alice FitzWalter probably of this generation
  m. Gilbert Pecche (d before 09.07.1212)
2. Simon FitzRobert of Daventre

Main source(s): BP1934 (FitzWalter), BE1883 (FitzWalter)
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