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Families covered: Forrester of Corstorphine, Forrester of Meadowfield

James Forrester of Meadowfield (a 1470) probably father of ...
1. James Forrester of Meadowfield, later of Corstorphine (d Pinkie 10.09.1547)
  m. Agnes Forrester (dau of Sir Walter Forrester, younger of Corstorphine)
  A. Sir James Forrester of Corstorphine (d 04.06.1589)
  m. (mcrt 01.08.1577) Janet Lauder (dau of Robert Lauder of the Bass)
  i. Geillis Forrester (dsp)
  m. (mcrt 10.02.1579-80) Sir Lewis Bellenden of Auchnoule
partner unknown
  ii. Harry Forrester (a 07.1596)
  B. Henry Forrester of Corstorphine (d before 13.07.1618)
  m. Helen Preston (said to be of the Craigmillar family)
  i. George Forrester, Sheriff of Edinburgh, 1st Lord of Corstorphine (d 1654)
  m. (mcrt 11/12.1602) Christian Livingston (dau of Sir William Livingston of Kilsyth)
  a. John Forrester (dvpsp)
  m. (1634) Agnes Falconer (dau of Sir Alexander Falconer of Halkerton)
b. Helen Forrester
  TSP (Forrester) reports that Helen m. William Ross, 10th Lord, which is also stated by BE1883 (Ross). However, TSP (Ross) specifically refers to that suggestion and describes it as erroneous.
  c. Margaret Forrester
  m1. Alexander Telfer of Redhouse
  m2. John Schaw of Sornbeg
  d. Christian Forrester
  m1. (mcrt 02.1631) James Hamilton of Grange
  m2. John Wauch (d 1674, minister of Borrowstounness)
  e. Joanna Forrester
  m. (mcrt 15.12.1649) James Baillie, 2nd Lord Forrester of Corstorphine (d 26.08.1679)
f. Lilias Forrester (b 18.09.1634)
  m. William Baillie, 3rd Lord Forrester of Corstorphine (b 12.12.1632, d 05.1681)
  ii. Sara Forrester
  m. (mcrt 29.03.1622) John Inglis (son of Thomas in Audliston)
  iii.+ other issue - David, Henry, John, Euphame, Agnes, daughter
  C. Isabel Forrester
  m. (mcrt 22.01.1574-5) James Baillie, younger of Carphin
  D. Elizabeth Forrester (d 16.03.1578-9)
  m. (mcrt 11.05.1557) David Macgill of Nisbet, Cranston Riddell and Drylaw (d 13.02.1595)
  partner unknown
  E. James Forrester (d 01.1608)

Main source(s): TSP (Forrester)
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