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Families covered: Fraser of Inverness, Fraser of Kinnell, Fraser of Lovat

(Sir) Simon Fraser of Brotherton, Sheriff of Kincardine (d Halidon Hill 19.07.1333)
m. Margaret (dau of John, Earl of Orkney & Caithness)
1. Simon Fraser (b c1322, d unm 02.1347)
2. Hugh Fraser of Lovat
  Mackenzie suggests that Hugh, son of Sir Simon, was alive in 1407 but was dead by 1410 "in the seventieth year of his age" which would suggest that he was born after 1337, some years after the death of his father. That suggests that Mackenzie omitted a generation or two. BP1934 ('Lovat') identifies the Hugh Fraser who m. Janet Fentoun as grandson of Hugh grandson of Sir Simon.
  A. Hugh Fraser of Lovat probably father of ...
  i. Hugh Fraser of Lovat & Kinnell
TSP ('Lovat') starts with this Hugh "whose parentage is open to conjecture". Mackenzie suggests that the Hugh who was father of Alexander, Hugh, John, Duncan, Margaret, Agnes & Cecilia was Isabell, dau of Sir David Wemyss of Wemys, but that could be confusion with his son Hugh's 2nd wife or even his grandson Thomas's wife.
  a. Alexander Fraser of Lovat (d before 03.1415-6)
  Mackenzie suggests that Alexander d unm but TSP suggests that he married as follows.
  m1. Elizabeth Keith (d before 04.1414)
  (1) Marjorie Fraser --
  m. (c1414) William Keith, 1st Earl Marischal?? --
  There is some confusion as to the identity of William's wife. It may have been Marjorie.
m2. (1414) Marion Keith (dau of Sir Robert Keith, Marischal)
  partner unknown
  (2) Robert Fraser had issue
  b. Hugh Fraser of Lovat, Sheriff of Inverness (d before 20.07.1440)
  Mackenzie identifies Hugh as 1st Lord Fraser. However, that was not a 'parliamentary title'. We follow TSP & BP1934 in numbering the Lords from the Hugh who died 1500 and so hereafter disagree with Mackenzie on the numberings.
  m1. (mcrt 03.03.1415-6) Janet Fenton (d before 1429, dau of Thomas Fenton, sister/heir of William Fenton of that ilk of Beaufort)
Mackenzie shows Hugh & Janet as father of Thomas of Lovat (d unm, who "is not mentioned by Anderson, or by any other of the family historians, but that he existed is undoubted" (on p54)), Alexander (dvp unm), Hugh, Elizabeth (& Euphemia, see below) with Hugh being father of Hugh, 1st Lord (m. Margaret Lyon) & others by Janet Dunbar. BP1934 does not help as it shows the Hugh who m. Janet Fentoun as father of "Thomas (or Hugh) Fraser of Lovat" (d c1450) who "m. a dau. of Wemyys of Wemyss" by whom he had the 1st Lord. Neither TSP nor TCP ('Lovat') identify the mother of the 1st Lord. As Mackenzie is so adamant that there was a Thomas in the next generation who d unm, provisionally we follow Mackenzie in inserting a generation which is omitted by TSP & BP1934, as follows.
  (1) Thomas Fraser of Lovat (a 07.1440, d unm)
  (2) Alexander Fraser (dvp unm)
  (3) Hugh Fraser of Lovat, Sheriff of Inverness (d c1450?)
TSP mentions a document binding Thomas, when he was very young, to Janet, dau of Thomas Dunbar, Earl of Moray. TSP (vol 5, p522) reports that "it does not appear that the Earl had any family" whilst TSP (Moray, vol 6, p304) reports that Thaoms, 3rd Earl, "is said to have had a daugter, Janet, who, it is affirmed, was married to a Fraser of Lovat. But (the probable sourceof the statement) is so confused and incorrect at this point that it cannot be relied on". Nevertheless,, albeit provisionally, we show that Hugh's wife and mother of his children was ...
  m. Janet Dunbar (dau of Thomas Dunbar, 3rd Earl of Moray)
  (A) Thomas Fraser (d young, Prior of Beauly)
  (B) Hugh Fraser, 1st Lord of Lovat (b c1426, d 1500) - continued below
  m. (before 1464) Violetta (probably not Margaret) Lyon (dau of Lord Glamis)
  (C) William Fraser mentioned by TSP as brother of the 1st Lord
  (i) Agnes Fraser
  (D) Alison or Giles (Jill) Fraser
Mackenzie reports that some authorities state that she died young, others that she m1. Farquhar Mackinnon of Mackinnon (whose wife is shown a generation later by TSP, see below) m2. Walter Innes of Innes (cousin).
  (E) Isabel Fraser
  m. David Cumming of Earnside
  (4) Elizabeth Fraser --
  m. Sir William Leslie, 4th of Balquhain --
  m2. (by 1429) Isabella Wemyss (dau of Sir John Wemyss of that ilk)
  c. John Fraser of Knock, Ayrshire (a 1400) mentioned by Mackenzie but not by TSP
m. ??, heiress of Knock ('Knockmiller')
  d. William Fraser mentioned by TSP but not by Mackenzie
  m. _ Scrymgeour
  e. Duncan Fraser (a 1428) ancestor of Frasers in Morayshire
  m. Elizabeth Dallas (dau/heir of Archibald Dallas of Dallas)
  f. Margaret Fraser possibly of this generation, mentioned by Mackenzie but not by TSP
  m. John Hamilton of Bushernock
  g. Euphemia or Agnes Fraser --
  TSP reports that Euphemia of this generation, "called also Agnes", married twice as follows. Mackenzie shows Agnes, wife of Lachlan Mackintosh, as sister of the above Alexander, Hugh, etc., and Euphemia, wife of Sir Walter Innes, as a generation later (sister of the Elizabeth who m. William Leslie).
  m1. Lachlan Mackintosh, Captain of Clan Chattan (d 1407) --
  m2. (c1408) Sir Walter de Innes, 10th of that ilk (d before 14.07.1456) --
  h. Cecilia Fraser possibly of this generation, mentioned by Mackenzie but not by TSP
  m. Alexander Innes of Innes
3.+ other issue - Sir James (d unm), Janet



Hugh Fraser, 1st Lord of Lovat (b c1426, d 1500) - continued above
Mackenzie, which identifies this Hugh as the 3rd Lord Fraser, and BP1934 name Hugh's wife Margaret. Noting that TSP ('Strathmore and Kinghorn') shows her as having a sister called Margaret, we follow TSP ('Lovat') in naming her ...
m. (before 1464) Violetta (probably not Margaret) Lyon (dau of John Lyon, 3rd Lord Glamis)
1. Thomas Fraser, 2nd Lord of Lovat (b c1460, d c21.10.1524)
  m1. (mcrt 11.01.1493) Janet Gordon (dau of Sir Alexander Gordon of Abergeldie)
  A. Hugh Fraser, 3rd Lord of Lovat (b 1489, d Loch Lochy 15.07.1544)
  m1. (c1512) Anna Grant (dau of John Grant, 2nd of Freuchie)
  i. Hugh or Simon Fraser, Master of Lovat (b 1524-5, dvp unm Loch Lochy 15.07.1544)
ii. Janet Fraser (d young)
  m2. (19.07.1536) Janet Ross (dau of Walter Ross of Balnagowan)
  iii. Alexander Fraser, 4th Lord of Lovat (b 1527, d 12.1557)
  m. Janet Campbell (dau of Sir John Campbell of Calder)
  a. Hugh Fraser, 5th Lord of Lovat (b c1544, d 01.01.1576-7)
  m. (mcrt 24.12.1567) Elizabeth Stewart (dau of John Stewart, 4th Earl of Atholl)
  b. Thomas Fraser of Knockie then Strichen (b c1545, d 02.10.1612, Tutor of Lovat)
  m. Isobel (or Elizabeth) Forbes (d 30.11.1611, dau of John Forbes of Corsindae)
c. James Fraser, 1st of Ardochy or Ardachy (a 1552)
  d. Anne Fraser
  m. John Fraser of Dalcross (natural son of "Big John son of the Master (of Lovat)")
  iv. Andrew ("afterwards called William") Fraser of Struy (b c1537, a 1591)
  m. Janet Grant (dau of the laird of Grant)
  v. Hugh Fraser of Struy (b c1539, d c1566)
  vi. Agnes Fraser (d 29.01.1594-5)
m1. (before 03.03.1540-1) William MacLeod of Dunvegan, 9th Chief (d 1551)
  m2. (mcrt 02.05.1562) Alexander Bayne of Tulloch
  vii. Margaret Fraser
  m. (mcrt 26.03.1562) Alan Macranld of the Leys
  B. William Fraser of Teachors (Teachers or "Tigh-a-Charsa"), 1st of Guisachan (d 1554)
  C. James Fraser of Foyness (Poineas) and/or Culboky (d Loch Lochy 15.07.1544)
  BP1934, which does not mention his brother William (identified by Mackenzie as ancestor of Frasers of Culbokie, etc.), identifies James as ancestor of the Frasers of Culboky. TSP & Mackenzie suggest that he left an only daughter ...
  i. Agnes Fraser (d before 01.02.1575-6)
m1. John Glassich Mackenzie of Gairloch (d 1550-1)
  TSP identifies the (unnamed) daughter 's 2nd husband as "The Chisholm of Comer". Mackenzie (p73) identifies Agnes's husband as Alexander Chisholm, XIV of Chisholm, "not Thomas as stated in History of the Mackenzies".
  m2. Alexander Chisholm, The Chisholm of Comer
  D. Margaret Fraser
  TSP mentions Margaret but not her husband. Mackenzie suggests that he was Hugh Mackay, ancestor of the Lords Reay, but it seems more likely that he was ...
  m. John Mackay of Strathnaver (d c1529)
  E. Isobel (Isobella) Fraser shown by TSP as of the first marriage but by Mackenzie, which names her husbands, as of the second
  TSP shows an Isobel of the first marriage without identifying her as having any marriages. Mackenzie (p74) shows an Isabella of the second marriage as m1. Allan 'MacRuari' Macdonald of Clanranald m2/p. John Mor Grant, 1st of Glenmoriston. However, the BLG1952 article that covers the Macdonalds of Clanranald clearly shows Allan Macdonald's wife as a generation later, being dau of the above William of Teachors, whilst Mackenzie (p600) shows the wife of John Grant as Agnes, also dau of the above William of Teachor.
  Mackenzie identifies Thomas's 2nd wife as Janet, dau of Andrew, 3rd Lord Gray, widow of Alexander Blair of Batthyock. TSP identifies her as ...
  m2. (before 06.05.1510) Janet Gray (dau of Patrick, Master of Gray (who was widow of Alexander Blair of Balthayock))
  F. Robert Fraser ancestor of Frasers of Kinnell & Brakie
  m. Janet Gelly, heiress of Brakie
  G. Andrew Fraser (d Lochlochy 15.07.1544) "left numerous descendants"
  H. Thomas Fraser
m. Anna Macleod (dau of Alexander Macleod of Harris & Dunvegan)
  i. John Fraser had issue
  Shown by TSP as by first wife but by Mackenzie & BP1934 as by second wife was ...
  I. Janet Fraser
  m. (c1527) John Crichton of Ruthven (d 1547)
  Identified in BLG1952 ('Fraser of Reelig') as a natural son of Thomas, 2nd Lord Fraser of Lovat, was ...
  J. Hutcheon Ban Fraser of Reelick
  Identified in BLG1952 ('Fraser of Reelig') as father of ...
  i. Thomas Machucheon Bhan Fraser of Wester Aigas (d 1588)
  m. Margaret of Reelig (dau of Thomas of Reelig or Moniack)
The following children of the 1st Lord are reported by TSP but not by Mackenzie or BP1934.
2. Margaret Fraser
m. Hector de Kilmahew
3. Egidia / Jill (or Marjory) Fraser
  m. (sp) Ferquhard Mackintosh, 12th of Mackintosh, 13th of Clan Chattan (dspmls 1514)
The following children of the 1st Lord are reported by Mackenzie & BP1934 but not by TSP.
4. Hugh Fraser (d unm Flodden 09.09.1513)
5. Alexander Fraser, 1st of Farraline (b 1470)
  m. Helen Ross (dau of Hugh Ross, 1st of Achnacloich)
6. Agnes Fraser
  m. Kenneth Mackenzie 'of the battle', 8th of Kintail (b 1454, d 07.02.1490-1)
The following children of the 1st Lord are reported by Mackenzie but not by TSP or BP1934.
7. Janet Fraser
  m. Allan Mackintosh (d 1476, son of Malcolm of Mackintosh)
8.+ other issue - John (b 1480, a 1493), Margaret (d young)
partner(s) unknown
10. Thomas Roy Fraser of Fairfield (b by 1450)
11. Hugh Fraser of Aberchalder

Main source(s): TSP ('Lovat'), BP1934 ('Lovat'), 'History of the Frasers' (Mackenzie, p32+, see here)
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