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Families covered: Fraser of Cornton, Fraser of Faichfield, Fraser of Kinmundy, Fraser of Muchalls, Fraser of Stoneywood (Stonywood or Staineywood), Fraser of Waterton (Watertoun)
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Sir Alexander Fraser of Cornton (a 1296)
1. ?? Fraser
  A. Thomas Fraser of Cornton (d before 1392)
  i. ?? Fraser
  a. Thomas Fraser of Cornton & Stoneywood (a 1474)
  (1) Sir Andrew Fraser of Stoneywood & Muchal (d c01.06.1505)
  m. Muriel Sutherland
  (A) Thomas Fraser of Stoneywood & Kinmundy (d before 02.1536)
  m1. (before 1494) ??
  (i) Andrew Fraser of Muchalls, Stoneywood & Kinmundy (d 08.1549) - continued below
  m1. (before 21.07.1519) Margaret Forbes (dau of John Forbes, 6th Lord)
  m2. (before 06.1526) Marjory Hay
  (ii) John Fraser (a 1536)
  m2. Giles Arbuthnott (d 04.07.1546, dau of Robert Arbuthnott, 12th of Arbuthnott)
  (iii) Gilbert Fraser (a 1536)
  (B) Thomas Fraser



Andrew Fraser of Muchalls, Stoneywood & Kinmundy (d 08.1549) - continued above
m1. (before 21.07.1519) Margaret Forbes (dau of John Forbes, 6th Lord)
m2. (before 06.1526) Marjory Hay
Not certain which wife was the mother of which children.
1. Andrew Fraser of Muchalls & Stoneywood (d before 03.07.1563)
  m. Margaret Irvine (d 08.1603, dau of Alexander Irvine, 7th of Drum)
  A. John Fraser (a 1550, dvpsp)
  B. Michael Fraser of Muchalls & Stoneywood (b 1544, d before 18.01.1589)
m. Isobel (or Elizabeth) Forbes (dau of Duncan Forbes of Monymusk)
  i. Andrew Fraser of Muchalls, 1st Lord (d 10.12.1636)
  BE1883 (Fraser) differs from TSP (Fraser), which we follow, in the following matters: (a) showing the parents of the 1st Lord as Andrew Fraser and Elizabeth Douglas; (b) showing Anne Elphinstone (dau of 1st Lord Balmerino) as wife of 1st Lord, mother of 2nd Lord; (c) showing 2nd Lord as having died on 24.05.1674 with no date for death of 3rd Lord. (d) 4th Lord died on 12.10.1720.
  m1. (mcrt 1592) Elizabeth Douglas, (dau of Robert Douglas, Earl of Buchan)
  a. Andrew Fraser, 2nd Lord (d c1657)
  m1. (1618) Margaret Elphinstone (dau of James Elphinstone, 1st Lord Balmerino)
  (1) Andrew Fraser (d young 01.1622)
  (2) William Fraser, Master of Fraser (dvp before 05.06.1651)
  (3) Elizabeth Fraser
  m. Walter Barclay of Towie (d 1643)
  m2. (mcrt 07.1634) Anne Haldane (d 24.06.1640, dau of James Haldane, 10th of Gleneagles)
(4) Andrew Fraser, 3rd Lord (d 22/24.05.1674)
  m1. (17.10.1658) Katherine Fraser (b 1622, d 18.10.1663, dau of Hugh Fraser, 8th Lord Lovat)
  (A) Charles Fraser, 4th Lord (b before 09.1662, d 12.10.1716)
  m. (09.1683) Margaret (Marjory) Erskine (dau of James Erksine, 7th Earl of Buchan)
  (i) child (d infant)
  m2. Jean Mackenzie (dau of George Mackenzie, 2nd Earl of Seaforth)
  m3. (mcrt 21.08.1644) Elizabeth Crichton (a 1696, dau of James Crichton of Frendraught)
  (5) Thomas Fraser of Cairnbulg (b c1649)
  m1. (mcrt 23.06.1680) Margaret Forbes (dau of Robert Forbes of Ludquhairn)
  (A) Margaret Fraser
  m. (mcrt 02.12.1699) Sir James Innes of Orton, 5th Bart of Balveny (d 1722)
  (B) Jean Fraser
  (C) Sophia Fraser
  m2. Margaret Seton (sister of James Seton of Meanie)
(6) James Fraser (d before 26.06.1676)
  (7) Margaret Fraser
  m. (mcrt 05.06.1679) Thomas Gordon of Newark
  (8) Elizabeth Fraser
  b. Francis Fraser of Kinmundie (d before 1676)
  m. Marjory Elphinstone (dau of James Elphinstone, 1st Lord Balmerino)
  (1) Elizabeth Fraser of Cowburtie (b c1636, bur unm 16.11.1705)
  c. William Fraser of Faichfield
  m. (after 09.1630) Jean Barclay (dau of Patrick Barclay, fiar of Towie)
  (1) William Fraser of Faichfield, later of Invernorth (a 01.1668)
  m. Christian Garioch
  (A)+ issue - William (bpt 29.03.1665), Elizabeth (bpt 20.09.1666)
  d. Elizabeth Fraser possibly of this generation, of this marriage
  m. Francis Sinclair of Keiss and Northfield
  e.+ other issue - Thomas (d 11.1617), James (d 11.1621)
  m2. Anne Drummond (a 1640, dau of Patrick Drummond, 3rd Lord)
  ii. Thomas Fraser of Sauchock (Savock) and Denis
  m. Catherine Hill
  a. Michael Fraser (a 1628)
iii. John Fraser of Little or Western Clintertie (a 1640)
  iv. William Fraser (d 10.11.1588)
  v. Christina (Christian) Fraser
  m1. (mcrt 21.10.1584) Alexander Seton, younger of Meldrum (dvp 1590)
  m2. Alexander Forbes of Fingask
  vi. Catherine Fraser
  m. Thomas Cheyne of Ranieston, later of Pitfichie
  vii. Isobel Fraser
  viii. Margaret Fraser possibly of this generation
  m. Alexander Strachan of Glenkindie (b c1586, d c1674)
  C. Gilbert Fraser of Waterton (d 06.1622)
  i. John Fraser of Waterton
  a.+ issue - Francis, Andrew of Kinmundie (a 1706), Alexander
  D. Christian or Agnes Fraser
  m. Patrick Gordon, younger of Haddo
2.+ other issue - William, Alexander (d c1550), Elizabeth

Main source(s): TSP ('Fraser')
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