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Families covered: ffrench of Clogher (Castle ffrench), French Lord De Freyne, French of French Park, French of Galway, French of High Lake

Walter Ffrench of Galway (a 1425, 1444)
1. ?? Ffrench
  A. ?? French
  Uncertain on number of intervening generations.
  i. ?? French
a. Stephen French of Galway
  (1) Patrick French of Galway and Dungar, later called French Park (b 1583, d 1669)
  (A) Dominick French of French Park and Boyle
  m. Anne King (dau of John King of Boyle, son of Edward, Bishop of Elgin)
  (i) John French of French Park (d 1734)
  m. Anne Gore (d before 22.06.1756, dau of Sir Arthur Gore, Bart of Newtown)
  (a) Arthur French of French Park (d before 15.04.1769)
  m. (c02.1722) Jane Percival (d 1775, dau of John Percival of Knightsbrook)
  ((1)) John French of French Park (dsp 1775)
  m. Alicia Crawford (dau of Ralph Crawford of Snowhill)
((2)) John French (d 1775)
  m. (1775) Frances Donellan
  ((3)) Arthur French of French Park (b 02.08.1728, d 04.1799)
  m. (c06.1763) Alicia Magennis (dau of Richard Magennis of Dublin)
  ((A)) Arthur French of French Park (d 24.11.1820)
  m. (c10.1784) Margaret Costello (dau of Edmund Costello by Mary, dau of Lord Athenry)
  ((i)) Arthur French, 1st Lord De Freyne (dsp 29.09.1856)
  m. (1818) Mary McDermott (dau of Christopher McDermott)
  ((ii)) John French, 2nd Lord De Freyne (b 1788, dsp 22.08.1863, rector of Grange Sylvae)
  ((iii)) Charles French, 3rd Lord De Freyne (b 22.10.1790, d 28.10.1868) had issue
  m. (17.05.1854) Catherine Maree (d 13.10.1900, dau of Luke Maree)
((iv)) Patrick French, later FitzStephen of Lough Erritt (b 07.12.1801, d 04.06.1873) had issue
  m. (24.11.1839) Charlotte Emma Georgina Bennet (dau of Hon. Henry Grey Bennet by Gertrude Frances Russell)
  ((v)) Mary French
  m. Daniel Kelly of Cargins
  ((vi)) Louisa French
  m. William Digby (Archdeacon of Elphin)
((vii)) Harriet French
  m. Owen Lloyd of Lisadurn
  ((viii))+ other issue (d unm) - William, Elizabeth
  ((B)) John French (Dean of Elphin, 3rd son) had issue
  m. Emily Magennis (dau of Richard Magennis of Waringstown)
  ((C)) George French (b 23.11.1771, d 26.10.1860) had issue
  m. (18.02.1802) Anna Jones (d 04.1856, dau of David Jones of Bensforth)
  ((D)) Robert Henry French of Dublin (d 28.11.1847) had issue
  m. (1798) Charlotte Reynell (d 1853, dau of John Reynell of Castle Reynell)
  ((E)) Jane French
  m1. Daniel Kelly of Cargius or Cargins
  m2. (1788) Andrew Henderson
  m3. Somerset Butler (b 1771, dsp 1826, brother of Earl of Kilkenny)
((F)) Alicia French (d 1816)
  m. (1797) Hamilton Gorges of Kilbrew (d 1838)
  ((G)) Anne French (d 04.11.1852)
  m. Richard Handcock, 2nd Lord Castlemaine (b 14.05.1767, d 18.04.1840)
  ((H)) Frances French
  m. William Molloy of Oak Port
  ((I))+ other issue - Richard (d unm 28.08.1832), William (d unm), St. George (dsp)
  ((4)) George French of Innfield (d 1770) had issue
  m. Martha Lennox (dau of William Lennox of Dublin)
  ((5)) Martha French
  m. (Raphael) Walsh (Dean)
  (b) Robert French (b c1690, d 29.05.1772, judge)
  m. Frances Hull
  (c) John French of High Lake (b 1693, d by 1756)
  m. (03.08.1730) Judith King (dau of John King of Charlestown by Elizabeth Shaw)
  ((1)) John French of High Lake
m. Eleanora Pinkstan (dau of Col. Fleming Pinkstan)
  ((A)) Fleming French of Ripple Vale (2nd son)
  m1. Sarah Denton
  ((i)) John Denton Pinkstan French (b 1777, d 16.07.1833)
  m. Charlotte Isaacson (b c1774, d 11.09.1848)
  ((a)) John Tracy William French of Ripple Vale (b 1808, d 10.02.1855, Commander RN)
  m. (mcrt 10.05.1842) Margaret Eccles (dau of William Eccles of Glasgow)
Their son, a Field Marshal, became 1st Earl of Ypres.
  m2. (04.1800) Helen Pakenham (d 1819, dau of Edward Pakenham of Ripple Vale)
  (d) William French of Abbey Boyle and Oak Port (Dean of Ardagh) had issue
  m. Arabella Frances Marsh (dau of Jeremy Marsh, Dean of Kilmore, (son of Francis, Archbishop of Dublin) by Mary, dau of Jeremy Taylor, Bishop of Down and Connor)
The following comes from BLGI1912 (Malone of Baronston).
  ((1)) ?? French
  ((A)) Robert French
m. Anne Malone (dau of Edmond Malone of Cartrons)
  ((i)) Anne French
  m. A. Hector
  (e) Mary French
  m. (1716) Francis Ormsby of Willybrooke (b c1701, d 20.05.1751)
  (f) Olivia French
  m. Rev. William Digby of Lackan (son of Bishop of Elphin)
  (g) Catherine French
  m. (14.09.1728) John Crofton of Lissadern
  (h) Sarah French
  m. Gilbert King of Dublin
  (ii) Mary French
  m. Gilbert King of Charlestown (b 1658, d 1721)
  (iii) Margaret French
  m. J. ffolliott of co. Sligo
  (iv)+ other issue - Dominick, Patrick, Sarah, Anne
  (B)+ other issue - Stephen, Edmond, Robert, Francis, Anthony
Also descended from the above Walter, but how related to the above family is not known so we show the connection somewhat arbitrarily, was the undermentioned Mayor John.
  A. ?? Ffrench or ffrench
  i. John ffrench, Mayor of Galway (d 1545)
  a. Dominick ffrench
  b. Robuck ffrench, Mayor of Galway (d 27.01.1598)
  (1) Edmund ffrench, Mayor of Galway (d c1618)
  (A) Dominick ffrench
  (B) John ffrench of Clogher (d 1642)
  (i) Jasper ffrench of Clogher (a 1683)
  (a) Patrick ffrench (dvpsp)
  m. (01.04.1676) Barbara ffrench (dau of Anthony ffrench of Calla)
(b) Martin ffrench of Clogher
  m. _ Lynch (dau of _ Lynch of Levally)
  ((1)) Thomas ffrench of Clogher (d 21.07.1755)
  m. (03.06.1717) Clara Hamilton (dau of Charles Hamilton of Fairfield)
  ((A)) Sir Charles ffrench, 1st Bart of Clogher (later called Castle ffrench) (d 1748)
m. (25.06.1761) Rose Dillon, later Baroness ffrench of Castle ffrench (d 08.12.1805, dau of Patrick Dillon of Killeen)
  ((i)) Sir Thomas ffrench, 2nd Bart, 2nd Lord of Castle ffrench (d 09.12.1814)
  m. (1785) Margaret Redington (d 07.12.1849, dau of Thomas Redington of Kilcornan)
  ((a)) Charles Austin ffrench, 3rd Lord of Castle ffrench (b 09.04.1786, d 25.09.1860) had issue
  m. (26.09.1809) Maria Browne (d 06.1827, dau of John Browne of Moyne)
  ((b)) Martin ffrench (b 04.1793, d 27.11.1871, 3rd son) had issue
  m. (01.12.1825) Margaret Bodkin (d 25.09.1882, dau of Major Thomas Bodkin of Rahoon)
  ((c)) Gonville ffrench of Clarmont (b 05.1797, d 29.04.1866) had issue
  m. (16.07.1823) Clare Kenney (d 12.10.1864, dau of William Kenney of Kilclogher)
  ((d)) Sarah ffrench
m. (14.10.1810) Edward J. Beytagh of Cappagh (d 19.03.1832)
  ((e)) Rose ffrench (d 13.12.1857)
  m. (14.10.1810) Francis Blake Forster of Ashfield
  ((f))+ other issue (d unm) - Thomas (b 01.1790, d 11.06.1846), Nicholas (b 02.1796, d 01.07.1838, priest), Margaret
  ((ii)) Clare ffrench
  m. Edmund Kelly of Ballyforan
  ((iii)) Catherine ffrench (d 10.01.1833)
  m1. Anthony Brabazon of Birch Grove
  m2. (1804) Edmund Whitehead
  ((iv)) Jane ffrench (d 02.09.1837)
  m. (18.07.1787) Sir Gonville Bromhead,1st Bart (d 1822)
  ((v))+ other issue (d unm) - Martin (d 18.12.1793), Mary (d 1784), Marcella (d young)
  ((B)) Anne ffrench
  m. Patrick Lynch (Fitzmark) of Galway
  ((C)) Jane ffrench (dsp)
  m. Capt. _ Prendergast
  ((D)) Catherine ffrench
  m. Thomas Clutterbuck
  ((E)) daughter
  m. _ Darcy of Gurteen
  ((F))+ other issue - Martin (d after 1783, friar), Mary (nun)
  (2) Walter ffrench

Main source(s): BP1934 (De Freyne), BP1934 (ffrench) with input from BP1934 (Ypres)
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