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Families covered: Fuller of Brightling, Fuller of Tandridge, Fuller of Tanners Walderne (Tanners or Tanhouse in Waldron), Fuller (Fulwer) of Uckfield

Juhn Fuller or Fulwer of London
Berry shows the following Richard as "Richard Fuller, or John, eldest son" and shows John, "2d. son" separately.
1. Richard Fuller of Uckfield, Sussex
  m. _ Burdeville
  A. John Fuller of Uckfield
  m. Elizabeth Darkenhall (dau of Robert Darkenhall of Penshurst)
  i. Richard Fuller (or Fulwer) of Uckfield
  m. Catherine Bostock (dau/coheir of Robert Bostock of Moberley)
  a. Bostock Fuller of Tandridge Court, Surrey (b 04.11.1566)
  m. Frances Gainsford (dau of Erasmus Gainsford of Crowhurst)
  (1) Edward Bostock Fuller of Tandridge (b 26.05.1602)
  m. Ursula
  (A) Francis Bostock Fuller (Sergeant-at-law)
  m. Mary Took
  (i) Edward Bostock Fuller
  m. _ Waller
  (a) Francis Bostock Fuller (Colonel)
(ii) Mary Fuller
  m. Thomas Causton
  (iii)+ other issue - daughter, Elizabeth, Frances, Letitia, Anne
  (B) Edward Bostock Fuller
  (2) Jane Fuller
m. Edward Dyer of Weston
  (3) Ursula Fuller
  m1. Francis Pollard of Newnham Courtney
  m2. Daniell Baynham
  (4) Catherine Fuller
  m. John de Bert of Ipswich
  (5)+ other issue - Richard Bostock, Elizabeth, Frances, Ruth
  b. Margaret Fuller
  m. Henry Skipwith here??
c. Jane Fuller
  m. John Wood of London (M.D.)
2. John Fuller of Heathfield, Sussex
  A. John Fuller of Tanners in Waldron, Sussex
  The next few generations are partly supported by Visitation (Sussex, 1662, Fuller of Tanners in Waldron). Unfortunately, that contradicts Berry who shows this John as m. Elizabeth (bur 16.01.1595, family name not given) father of John (bur 19.05.1615) father of Samuel by Elizabeth (family name not given). Provisionally, we follow Visitation in not naming a wife for this John but naming two wives for his son.
  i. John Fuller of Waldron & Tanners (bur 19.05.1615)
  m1. (06.11.1581) Elizabeth Franck (bur 16.01.1595, dau of John Franck of Farley)
  a. Samuel Fuller of Tanners Walderne (bpt 18.05.1589, d 03.08.1651, Captain)
  m. (c07.1615) Joane French (bur 17.10.1640, dau of Stephen French of Streame)
  (1) John Fuller of Tanners Walderne, Sheriff of Sussex (bpt 01.08.1617, bur 30.05.1679)
  m. Anne Nutt (bur 30.11.1679, dau of John Nutt of Mayes, sister of Sir Thomas)
  (A) John Fuller, Sheriff (bpt 20.05.1652, bur 25.06.1722, Major, 2nd son)
  m. (26.08.1679) Elizabeth Fowle (bur 29.04.1715 or 16.12.1729, dau of Samuel Fowle of London)
  (i) John Fuller 'of Rosehill' of Brightling, Sussex (bpt 28.07.1680, bur 10.08.1745)
  m. Elizabeth Rose (dau of Fulk Rose of Jamaica)
  (a) John Fuller of Brightling (dsp bur 12.02.1755)
m. _ Darell of Cambridgeshire
  (b) Rose Fuller of Brightling (d unm bur 15.05.1777)
  (c) Stephen Fuller 'of Bloomsbury'
  m. Elizabeth Noaks (bur 09.03.1753)
  ((1)) daughter
m. William Dickinson of Somerset
  ((2)) (Sarah) Fuller
  m. (24.06.1772) Hans Sloane of Stoneham
  ((3)) Mary Fuller (bur 30.03.1752)
  (d) Henry Fuller (rector of South Stoneham, 6th son)
  m. Frances Fuller (dau of Thomas Fuller of Parkgate in Catsfield)
  ((1)) John Fuller of Brightling (a 1830)
  ((2)) Elizabeth Fuller
  m. (1781) Sir John Acland, later Palmer-Acland, 1st Bart of Fairfield (b 11.02.1756, d 23.02.1831)
((3)) Frances Fuller (dsp)
  m. Lancelot Browne (son of Capability)
  (e) Thomas Fuller
  m. Eleanor Lidgater (bur 07.02.1770, dau/heir of _ Lidgater of Trayton)
  The following comes mainly from BP1870 (Drake) which identifies Thomas's wife as _ Lidgitter, "nearly related to the Parkers of Ratton and the Traytons of Lewes".
((1)) John Trayton Fuller of Ashdown House, Sussex
  m. Anne Eliott (d 24.02.1835, dau of Sir George Augustus Eliott, 1st Lord Heathfield of Gilbraltar)
  ((A)) Augustus Eliott Fuller of Rosehill (in Waldron) & Ashdown House (b 07.05.1777, d 1857)
The following is supported by Griffith (Bodorgan, p127).
  m. (05.09.1801) Clara Meyrick (d 17.06.1856, dau/coheir of O.P. Meyrick of Borodgan)
  ((i)) Owen John Augustus Fuller, later Meyrick of Bodorgan (b 13.07.1804, d unm 12.02.1876)
  ((ii)) Clara Fuller (d 1831)
  m. (26.09.1825) Sir George William Tapps-Gervis of Hinton, Bart (b 24.05.1795, d 26.08.1842, Admiral)
((iii))+ other issue - William Francis (d young?), William Lowndes (d young?), Richard Garth (d young?), Lucy Ann, Catherine Sarah
  ((B)) Sir Thomas Trayton Fuller, later Fuller-Eliott-Drake of Nutwell Court (Devon), 1st Bart (b 08.02.1785, dsp 06.06.1870, 3rd son)
  Sir Thomas's baronetcy passed to a nephew but, according to BP1934 (Fuller-Eliott-Drake), expired in 1916.
  m. (05.08.1819) Eleanor Halford (d 18.09.1841, dau of James Halford of Laleham)
  ((C)) Rose Henry Fuller (b 1789, d 27.10.1860, Captain RN) had issue
  m. (1831) Margaretta Sheffield (dau of Sir Robert Sheffield, Bart)
((D)) Robert Fitzherbert Fuller (minister) had issue
  m. Ursula Sheffield (dau of Sir Robert Sheffield, Bart)
  ((E)) Eliza(beth) Anna Fuller
  m. John Hamilton
  ((F))+ other issue - Francis John (d unm, Captain), William Stephen (dsp 10.09.1815, Captain RN), Sarah Maria, Cordelia Eleanora, Louisa, Charlotte
  ((2)) Rose Fuller
  (f) Elizabeth Fuller
  m. William Sloane of Chelsea & Stoneham (b 17.01.1696, d 1767)
  (g)+ other issue - Ashburnham (bur 15.11.1714), Thomas (d young), Hans (d unm), Samuel
  (ii)+ other issue - Samuel (bur 13.06.1721), Thomas (bpt 06.02.1684, bur 01.03.1711), Philadephia
  (B) Thomas Fuller (bpt 10.04.1655, bur 23.04.1720)
  m. Sarah Wood (bur 13.02.1733-4, dau of Thomas Wood)
(i) Philadelphia Fuller
  m. Thomas Stratfeild of Sevenoaks
  (C) Stephen Fuller (bpt 04.03.1657, bur 11.06.1718)
  m. (c07.1692) Elizabeth Offley (b c1671, bur 16.12.1729, dau of Thomas Offley of Possingworth)
  (i) Elizabeth Fuller (bpt 21.11.1692, d 16.10.1751)
  m. John Apsley of Lewes
  (ii)+ other issue - Thomas of Galehouse (b 1693-4, bur 19.04.1744), John
  (D) Anne Fuller (bpt 03.04.1648, dsp 16.12.1675)
  m. George Courthope of Whiligh (bur 24.09.1674)
  (E) other issue - Samuel (bpt 12.05.1646, bur 10.05.1678), Joane (bpt 15.02.1649, bur 30.04.1670)
  (2) Samuel Fuller of Staplehurst
  m. Cecily Worger of Heathfield
  (A)+ issue - John, Elizabeth, Ann
  (3) French Fuller
  m. Martha Crowhurst
  (A) John Fuller
  (4) Stephen Fuller (5th son)
  (A) John Fuller
  (5)+ other issue - Thomas, William (bur 18.07.1641), Edmund, Edmund (bpt 28.04.1634), Elizabeth (bpt 19.01.1618, bur 17.06.1640), Mary (bpt 02.05.1624), Elizabeth (bpt 08.5.1636, 2nd!)
  m2. (01.06.1596) Eva White of Winchelsea
  b.+ other issue
  ii.+ other issue (dsp) - Adam, Roger, Giles

Main source(s): CountyGen (Sussex, Berry) with input/support as reported above
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