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Descended from John Fust of Mentz (d c1466) who was one of the inventors of the art of printing was ...
Edward Fust of London
m. (c1564) Jane Singleton
1. Edward Fust of Hill Court, Gloucestershire (b 10.10.1568, d 11.12.1613)
m1. (14.02.1602) Ann Hide (dau of John Hide of Ingerstone and Adisham)
  A. Sir Edward Fust, 1st Bart of Hill Court (b 10.04.1606, d 06.04.1674)
  m. (27.01.1631) Bridget Denton (dau of Sir Thomas Denton of Hillersdon)
  i. Sir John Fust, 2nd Bart of Hill Court, Sheriff of Gloucestershire (b 05.12.1637, d 12.02.1698, 4th son)
  m. (14.08.1666) Elizabeth Cocks (d 1716, dau of Sir Richard Cocks, Bart of Dumbleton)
  a. Edward Cocks Fust (d young)
b. Sir Edward Fust, 3rd Bart of Hill Court (b 29.07.1667, d 05.08.1713)
  m1. Ann Mary Stephens (d 1689, dau of Thomas Stephens of Lypiatt)
  (1) Elizabeth Fust (d 12.1725)
  m. Thomas Warner of Packenhall or Packenhull
  (A) Edward Warner (d unm)
  (2)+ other issue - John (d young), Ann Mary (d infant)
  m2. Elizabeth Mohun (d 10.1701, dau of William Mohun of Portishead and/or Capenor Court)
(4) Sir Edward Fust, 4th Bart of Hill Court, Sheriff (b 17.10.1693, d 27.02.1727, youngest of this marriage)
  m. (17.09.1713) Dorothy Thompson (d 1734, dau of Roger Thompson, she m2. Gilbert Maximilian Mohun of Fleet)
  (A)+ issue (d young) - 3 sons and 2 daughters
  (5)+ other issue - John (b 11.12.1691, d 30.09.1694), Richard (d infant)
  m3. Catherine Mohun (d 1705, dau of Francis Mohun of Fleet)
  (7) Sir Francis Fust, 5th Bart of Hill Court (b 17.03.1704, d 1769)
  m. (28.09.1724) Fanny Tooker (d 1777, dau of Nicholas Tooker of Bristol)
  (A) Sir John Fust, 6th Bart of Hill Court (b 26.08.1725, dsp 15.04.1779)
  m. Philippa Hamilton (d 11.12.1803, dau of John Hamilton of Chilson, nephew of James, 6th Earl of Abercorn)
(B) Denton Fust (b 08.10.1738, d 04.08.1777, 8th son)
  m. (01.02.1763) Ann Fox (dau of Samuel Fox)
  (i) John Fust (d infant)
  (ii) Fanny Fust of Hill Court (d unm 02.1827)
  (C) Flora Fust
  m. (26.10.1767) George Langley of Cound
  Hill Court passed to their elder daughter who assumed the name Fust but d unm.
  (D)+ other issue (d unm) - Gilbert Maximillian (b 05.01.1726, d 09.03.1745), Fanny Francella (b 16.03.1729-30, d 1773)
(E)+ other issue (d young) - Sheldon Dobbin, Hide Henry Pulverine, Peregrinus Hambler Carodoc Conrad, Benjamin Littleton Ockold Osbaldeston, Septimus Decimus, Catherine Bridgeman Carolina, Cloe Angelina Potentia, Julian, Barbara Tocrina, Lucy
  (8) Catherine Fust (b 04.01.1703-4, d unm 14.02.1754)
  m4. Susanna Cocks (dau of Richard Cocks, sister of Sir Richard, Bart of Dumbleton, widow of Roger Thompson of London)
(9)+ other issue (d young) - John, Richard, Edward
  ii. Eleanor Fust (d 22.01.1674)
  m. (11.04.1668) George Bennet of Bath
  a.+ 2 sons (d unm)
  iii. Margaret Fust (dsps 1720)
  m1. (14.06.1666) Ralph Ironsides (brother of Gilbert, Bishop of Bristol then Hereford)
  m2. _ Freake of Dorset
  iv.+ other issue (d unm) - Edward, Richard (b 27.01.1632, d infant), Pulteney (b 02.1635, d infant), Richard (b 23.10.1642)
  B. Jane Fust
  m. Richard Astley (rector of Melton Constable)
  C. Julian Fust
  m. James Poe of Swindon Hall (son of Leonard, physician to James I & Charles I)
  Their daughter m. Sir Thomas Jenner. Hill Court later passed to one of their descendants who took the name Jenner-Fust.
  D.+ other issue (d unm) - Richard (b 1607, d 1677), Anne (d 28.10.1675)
  m2. (sp) Catharine Hambler (dau of Giles Hambler of Ghent, she m2. Edward, 1st Lord Conway of Ragley)
2. Julian Fust
  m1. Sir Thomas Haskett (master of the Court of Wards)
  m2. Sir Randolph Crewe (Lord Chief Justice)
3. Barbara Fust
  m1. Thomas Chaloner of Lindfield
  m2. Francis Chaloner of Kenwalls
4. Elizabeth Fust
  m. Henry Fleetwood of Langby
5.+ other issue (d unm) - Edward (b 1569), Samuel in Bristol, Jane, Anne

Main source(s): BEB1841 (Fust of Hill), BLG1886 (Jenner-Fust of Hill Court)
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