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Families covered: Gifford of Boreham, Gifford of Burstall, Gifford of Rodinghurst (Rodenhurst)

Nichols identifies the arms of this family as "Gules, three lions passant Argent" which is supported by BEB1841. Visitation identifies them as "Azure, three stirrups, with leathers, or within a bordure engrailed arent pelletty.
Walter Gifford of Rodinghurst, Wiltshire
1. Edward Gifford of Rodinghurst (Rodenhurst) the first mentioned by Nichols & BEB1841
  m. Elizabeth Osborne (dau/heir of John Osborne of Burton)
  A. Maurice or Morris Gifford of Rodinghurst or Rodenhurst
  m1. Edith Swinehor or Dwynho of Somerset (dsp)
  Nichols suggests that Edith dsp but Visitation shows that she had a son ...
  i. Thomas Gifford (dsp)
  m2/3. Margaret Bewshin (dau of William Bewshin of Cottles (Cottells))
  ii. Thomas Gifford (Guifforde) of Burton, Wiltshire (d 19.07.1575, 2nd son of this marriage) the first mentioned by 'Wilts'
  a. John Gifford (Guifforde) of Boreham, Wiltshire (Essex?)
  m. Mary Hanham (dau of William Hanham or Hannam of Purston Dell)
  (1) William Gifford of Boreham (d before 16.05.1610)
  Nichols does not follow this line, just showing Wlliam as married to the widow of _ Johnson of Somerset. Visitation names her Dorothy (d before 01.07.1616) and shows them as parents of William & Mary. 'Wilts', which had to this point shown the family name as" Guifforde", follows this line, showing the following.
m. Dorothy Rendall (dau of Benjamin Rendall of Horsington)
  (A) Benjamin Gifford of Boreham
  (i) Benjamin Gifford of Boreham
  m. Mary Hoskins (dau of John Hoskins of Beaminster)
  (a) Benjamin Hoskins Gifford of Beaminster (Dorset) & Boreham (dsp 1711/13, MP)
  (b) John Hoskins Gifford, later of Beaminster & Boreham (b c1687/93, dsp 08.1744, MP)
  'Wilts' shows John with no wife but with an unnamed brother who married Elizabeth Watts. HoP ("John Hoskins Gifford") shows that it was John who married ...
  m. (12.1731) Elizabeth Watts (dau/heir of Nicholas Watts of Cucklington)
  (c) Mary Gifford, later heiress of Boreham
  m. Thomas Buckler
  (d)+ other issue (a 1711) - Alice, Dorothy
(B) Mary Gifford
  m. John Bennet of Smalbroke
  (2) John Gifford of London ("doctor of physick", younger son) not mentioned by 'Wilts'
  m. Catharine Legat (dau of John Legat (Legatt) of Hornchurch by Margaret, dau of Thomas Reding of Pinner)
  (A) Thomas Gifford 'of Dunton Waylet' of Burstall, Leicestershire (b c1609, 2nd son)
  m. Anne Brooksby (dau/heir of Gregory Brooksby of Burstall)
(i) Sir Henry Gifford of Burstall, 1st Bart (d 1664-5)
  m. Mary Vaughan (dau of Baynham Vaughan of Ruerden)
  (a) Sir John Gifford of Burstall, 2nd Bart (d 08.10.1707)
  Nichols indicates that John, 2nd Bart (a 1695 in France) married but does not identify whom and shows no issue. BEB1841 notes that John, 2nd Bart (a 1695 in France) dsp, suggesting that that was in London on 06.06.1736. TCB reports of John, 2nd Bart (a 1695 in France, dsp) that his will was dated 28.08.1734 and proved 18.06.1737 by his widow Frances. TSP (vol 6, 'Middleton', p188) shows Katherine, dau of Charles, 2nd Earl of Middleton (a supporter of King James VII/II in France), m1. (1705/6) Sir John Gifford, Bart of Burnstall (d 08.10.1707) and notes that this "indicates that there is apparently a generation omitted in the notice of the Giffords in the Complete Peerage".
m. (1705/6) Katherine Middleton (b 08.1685, d 06.1763, dau of Charles, 2nd Earl Middleton)
  ((1)) Sir John Gifford, 3rd Bart (dsp 06.06.1736)
  m. Frances (a 1737)
  (b)+ other issue - Anne, Mary, Elizabeth
  (ii) Katharine Gifford
  m. Robert Guldeford of Hempsted Place
  (iii) Mary Gifford (bur 14.11.1699)
  m. George Nevill, 11th Lord Abergavenny (d 1666)
  m2. Sir Charles Shelley, 2nd Bart of Michelgrove (b 12.1637, d 1681)
  (iv)+ other issue - son (Morris?), Thomas, Gregory, William
  (B)+ other issue - John (b c1604?, dsp), Margaret (m. ??), Mary
  (3)+ other issue - Thomas (b c1563, dsp), John (b c1565, d 1575), Gregory, Christopher in Ireland, Botevile/Rativile/Bottisealde, Mary
  Those mentioned only by 'Wilts' shown in italics.
  b. George Gifford of Mount (Monckton) Deverell, Wiltshire
  m. ?? (widow of _ Topp)
  (1) John Gifford
  (A) Grace Gifford
  (2) George Gifford
(A)+ issue - George, Mary
  c. Mary Gifford (Guifforde)
  m. John Middlecott
  d. Lucy Gifford (Guifforde)
  m. Nicholas Barnes
  iii. Christiana Gifford
  m. Henry Symber
  iv. Elizabeth Gifford
  m. Thomas Davis
  v. Agneta Gifford
  m. William Caprott
  vi.+ other issue (dsp) - Henry (priest), Arthur, Robert
  m3/2. Jane Poole (dau of John Poole of Sapperton)
  ix. Winifrid Gifford
  m. John Adams
  x. Johanna Gifford
  m. _ Jerveis of Gloucestershire
  xi. another daughter?
  B.+ other issue - Johanna, Elizabeth
2. William Gifford (dsp)

Main source(s): Visitation (Wiltshire, 1623, 'Gifford'), 'History and Antiquities of the County of Leicester' (John Nichols, vol 3, part 1, 1800, 'Pedigree of Gifford of Burstall', p188), BEB1841 ('Gifford of Burstall'), 'Wilts' (vol 3 (1830), 'Gifford of Boreham, Buckler and Astley', p76/197) with a very little input/support from TCB (vol 3, 'Gifford of Burstall', p129)
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