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Families covered: Goddard of Berwick Bassett, Goddard of Carleton (Carlton), Goddard of Cleve, Goddard of Hartham, Goddard of Ogborne (Ogbourn) St. Andrew, Goddard of Swindon, Goddard of Upham

Thomas Goddard of Upham and Ogborne St. George
Identification of Thomas's 1st wife comes most clearly through BLG1952 (Wilson (formerly Goddard) of Clyffe Pypard) which identifies her as sister of Sir George Giffard of Bucks. and daughter of Sir William Giffard of Inshall by Eleanor, dau of Sir John Paulet, and refers to BP (Winchester). BP1934 (Winchester) shows such an Eleanor Paulet as married to Sir William Gifford of Itchell. Commoners and BLG1886 just name her brother as Sir George although no such person is mentioned by Visitation (Hampshire, Gifford). [In fact, most Gifford sources show Ann a generation later.] Visitation (Wiltshire & Hampshire) are alone in showing his 1st wife as _ Bradston but we suspect that that was in error, not least because Visitation (Hampshire, 1530+1575+1622+1634, Goddard) shows the 2nd wife as Anne (not Jane), dau of John Erneley of Canings, and shows a different father (Richard of Ogborne) and different siblings. Without being able to confirm a connection to this family, we show separately (on Goddard03) the information in Visitation (Hampshire, Goddard) which follows the children of the marriage of (another) Thomas Goddard to _ Bradston.
m1. Ann Gifford (dau of Sir William (sb John?) Gifford of Inshall (sb Ichell))
1. Richard Goddard of Upham
  m. Elizabeth Walrond (dau of Thomas Walrond of Albourn)
A. Thomas Goddard 'of Upham' of Swindon (d 23.08.1641)
  m. Jane Fettiplace (dau of Sir Edmond Fettiplace or Phetyplace of Childrey)
  i. Richard Goddard of Swindon (b c1610, d before 19.06.1650)
  m1. Culpeper Sandys (dau of Sir William Sandys)
  m2. (1648) Anne Bowerman
  a. Thomas Goddard of Swindon
  m. Mary Pleydell (dau of Oliver Pleydell of Shrivenham)
  (1) Richard Goddard of Swindon (b c1676, dsp 1732, MP)
  (2) Pleydell Goddard of Swindon (b 1686, dsp 1742)
  (3) Thomas Goddard (dsp)
  ii.+ other issue - John, Thomas, Edmond, Charles, Anna
  B. Edward Goddard of Eaglesham (Inglesham)
  m. Priscilla D'Oyley (b c1593, bur 15.06.1681, dau of John D'Oyley of Chiselhampton by Ursula, sister (not dau) of Sir Anthony Cope, Bart)
  i. John Goddard 'of Swindon'
  m. Sarah Benett (dau of Thomas Benett of Norton Bavent)
  ii. Thomas Goddard of Box (b 1620, bur 17.02.1681/07.02.1691/2, 4th son)
  m. Anne
  a. Thomas Goddard of Rudloe (d 1703)
  m. (07.06.1683) Mary Awdry (d 17.12.1707, dau of Ambrose Awdry of Melksham)
  (1) Thomas Goddard (b 03.04.1688, d unm)
(2) Ambrose Goddard of Swindon (b 06.11.1695, d 1755)
  m. (16.08.1716) Elizabeth Awdry (dau of Ambrose Awdry of Seend)
  (A) Thomas Goddard of Swindon (bpt 06.03.1722, d unm 12.08.1770)
  (B) Edward Goddard of Swindon (bpt 16.10.1725, d unm)
  (C) Ambrose Goddard of Swindon (d 19.06.1815)
  m. (16.08.1776) Sarah Williams (dau of Thomas Williams of Pilrowth)
  (i) Ambrose Goddard of Swindon (b 12.10.1779, d 19.06.1815) had issue
  m. (01.08.1818) Jessy Dorothea Lethbridge (d 06.03.1843, dau of Sir Thomas Buckler Lethbridge of Sandhill Park, 2nd Bart)
  (ii) Ann Goddard (d 25.01.1857)
  m. (14.05.1803) Sir Thomas Buckler Lethbridge, Bart (b 21.02.1778, d 17.10.1849)
(iii)+ other issue - Thomas (b 1778, dvp unm 1814, MP), Richard (b 09.10.1787, vicar of Kemble), Henry (b 04.05.1789, d young), Elizabeth (d unm 1797), Sarah, Lucy (d unm 1800), Emma (b 09.10.1787, d unm 1802), Priscilla (d unm 1805), Margaret (d unm 1799)
  (D) Mary Goddard
  m. Thomas Vilett of Swindon
  (E) Priscilla Goddard
  m. John Awdry of Melksham
  (F)+ other issue - Elizabeth (d unm), Lucy, Anne
  iii.+ other issue - James (b 1615), Francis (b 1616), Edward (b 1622), Elizabeth (b c1617), Priscilla (b c1618), Martha (b c1619)
  C. Richard Goddard of Upham
  m. Anna (relict of John Danvers of Balden)
i. Joan Goddard
  m. John Yate of Charney
  ii.+ issue (a 1623) - Anthony (b c1619), Richard, Anna (b c1621), Elizabeth
  D. Elizabeth Goddard
  m. Lewis Pollard of Newenham
2. Jacob Goddard
  m. Anna Hulbert
  A. Thomas Goddard
  m. Anna Linch (dau of William Linch of Staple)
B.+ other issue - Edward, Richard, Ann
m2. Jane Ernle (dau of John Ernle or Ernley of Cannings and Erle)
3. Vincent Goddard of Eastwoodhay (a 1566)
  Visitation (Hampshire) describes Vincent as 'of Ogborne'.
  m. Elizabeth Varney (sister of Sir Richard Varney or Verney of Warwickshire)
  A. William Goddard of Carlton
  m. Joane Hatley (widow of brother of Lord Vaux)
  i. Vincent Goddard of Carleton
  m. Edith Pawlet (dau of ?? Pawlet, brother of Sir Amyas of Hinton St. George)
  a. William Goddard of Carleton (a 1634)
  m. Mary Richardson (dau of Lewis Richardson)
  (1)+ issue (a 1634) - Vincent (a 1616), Henry, John, Katherin
  B. Dorothy Goddard
  m. Peter Lily (DD)
C. daughter
  m. Anthony Hungerford
4. William Goddard of Ogborne St. Andrew (d 15.06.1603)
  m. Elizabeth Tichiner (d 10.04.1632, dau of Henry Tichiner of Weeke)
  A. John Goddard of Ogborne St. Andrew (bpt 12.01.1583/4, d 21.03.1635, 3rd son)
  m. Lucy Diggs (dau of Richard Diggs of Marlinsborow)
  i.+ issue (a 1623) - Elizabeth (b c1613), Lucy (b c1615)
  B. Alice Goddard (bpt 13.07.1587)
  m. (13.06.1614) Nicholas St. John of Lidard Tregos
  C.+ other issue - Henry (dvpsp), William (dvpsp 18.04.1604), Vincent (bpt 14.11.1585, bur 05.1643), Thomas (bopt 07.09.1591, a 1655)
5. Anthony Goddard of Hartham (often described as 4th son)
  m. Joan Blake (dau of Roger Blake of Penhils and Calne by Mary Baynard)
  A. Edward Goddard of Hartham and Ogbourn St. Andrew (b c1606, d 17.06.1676)
  m1. Margaret Keball (dau of Henry Keball of Wiltshire)
  i. Elizabeth or Mary Goddard (d young?)
  Visitation is the only source to mention Edward's 1st wife and child. Visitation identifies his 2nd wife as Johanna, dau of Nicholas Webbe. The other Main Sources for this section identify her as ...
  m2. Mary (b c1622, bur 22.11.1678)
  ii. Edward Goddard of Hartham and Ogbourn St. Andrew (b c1605, bur 11.06.1679)
  m. Elizabeth Smith (dau of John Smith, sister of John of Tedworth, Speaker of The House of Commons)
  a. John Goddard of Hartham
  m. Elizabeth
  (1) Elizabeth Goddard
  m. (02.07.1729) Edmond Goddard (b 08.1701) @@ just below
  b. Thomas Goddard (canon of Windsor)
m. Anne Beale (d 27.11.1727, dau of Rev. _ Beale)
  (1) Edmond Goddard (b 08.1701)
  m. (02.07.1729) Elizabeth Goddard (dau of John Goddard of Hartham) @@ just above
  (A) Anne Goddard (d 09.08.1789)
  The following is supported by BEB1841 (James of Eltham) & TCB (vol 5, 'James of Park Form Place in Eltham', p199). HoP ("William James") describes the following William as "poss. s. of a miller at Bolton Hill, nr. Haverfordwest".
  m. Sir William James, 1st Bart of Eltham (b c1721, d 16.12.1783, Director of the East India Company)
  (i) Sir Edward William James, 2nd Bart of Eltham (d unm 16.11.1792)
  (ii) Elizabeth Anne James (b c1766, d 18.01.1797)
  m. Thomas Boothby Parkyns, 1st Lord Rancliffe (b 1755, dvp 1800)
  (B) Elizabeth Goddard (d unm 09.1797)
  (2) Henry Goddard
  (A)+ issue - Henry, Thomas (d 07.07.1783, Lt. General)
(3) John Goddard
  (4) Anne Goddard
  m. Edward Grinfield of Lockeridge @@ just below
  c. Mary Goddard
  m. William Grinfield of Marlborough
  (1) Edward Grinfield of Lockeridge
  m. Anne Goddard (dau of Rev. Thomas Goddard) @@ just above
  d.+ other issue - Richard (b 1679), Henry (b 1677), William, Elizabeth
  ii. Anna Goddard
  m. _ Lorange of Gloucestershire
  iii.+ other issue - Elizabeth, Martha
  B.+ other issue - John (a 14.06.1602), Edmund (a 14.06.1602), Elizabeth, Maria, Katherine, Alice, Johanna
6. Alice Goddard
  m. John Goddard of Upham, Standen Hussey and Cliffe Pypard
Probably of this generation, though (if so) of which marriage is not known, was ...
7. Dorothy Goddard
  m. ?? Maynard of Fulham & London



Thomas Goddard of Cleve or Cliffe (d 1581)
m. Mary Alleyne (dau of William Alleyne of Calne)
1. John Goddard of Cleve and Berwick Bassett (d 15.01.1635/6)
  m. Mary Stamps (dau of John Stamps or Stampe of Cholfoy or Cholsey)
  A. Edward Goddard of Berwick Bassett (d 10.06.1631)
  m. (01.02.1614/5) Anne Codrington (dau of Richard Codrington of Doddington)
  i. John Goddard of Berwick Bassett (b c1617, d 1688)
  a. Susanna Goddard
  m. (19.12.1695) Caleb Bailey of Berwick Bassett
  b.+ other issue - John (dvpsp 1681), Thomas (dvpsp 10.08.1683), Sarah (d unm 1676)
  ii.+ other issue (a 1623) - Richard (b c1620), Ann (b c1616), Joyce (b c1621)
  B. Richard Goddard
  m. _ Carant
  C. Elizabeth Goddard
  m. Samuel Linch of Whiteparish
  D. Maria Goddard
  m. Edward Cox of Bristol
  E.+ other issue - John, William, Thomas, Timothy, Joseph, Benjamin, Martha, Ruth
2. Alice Goddard
  m. Edmund Bridges
3. Anne Goddard
  m. Thomas Hussey of Dorset
4. Margaret Goddard
  m. John Gardner of Berkshire
5. Mary Goddard (d unm)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : Commoners (vol iv, Goddard of Swindon), BLG1886 (Goddard of Swindon), Visitation (Wiltshire, 1623, Goddard) with input from Visitation (Bedfordshire, 1634, Goddard of Carlton).
(2) For lower section : Visitation (Wiltshire, 1623, Goddard), Commoners (vol iv, Goddard of Berwick Bassett within Goddard of Swindon)
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