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Families covered: Godfrey of Heppington, Godfrey of Hodiford, Godfrey of Lydd(e), Godfrey of Norton Court, Jull of Ash

BLG1952 starts with the following Thomas who "is said to have been occasionally styled Godfrey, alias Fermor" and mentions a kinsman who, in his will dated 1445, mentions others who were also "Godfrey, alias Fermor". It is not unlikely that the family name was originally Fermor but that an ancestor (father or grandfather?) of Thomas married a Godfrey heiress and thenafter assumed the name of Godfrey. BLG1886 (Godfrey of Brook Street House) reports that the family "is supposed to derive from Godfrey le Faulconer, Lord of the Manor of Hurst, in Kent, as early as the reign of Henry II" (who r. 1154-1189).
Thomas Godfrey of Lydde, Kent (d 1430)
m. Joan Tamworth
1. Thomas Godfrey of Lydd this generation omitted by BLG1952
  A. Peter Godfrey
i. Thomas Godfrey of Lydde (d 1542)
  a. Peter Godfrey of Lydde (d 1566)
  m. Joan Epes (dau of John Epes)
  (1) Thomas Godfrey of Lydde (b 1553 ,d 1623)
m1. (1578) Mary Partriche (d 19.01.1580, dau/heir of John Partriche of Iden)
  (A) Peter Godfrey of Lydd (b 1580, d 1624)
  m. Dorothy Wilde (d 1644, dau of Sir Thomas Wilde of St. Martin's, m2. Sir Thomas Hamon)
  (i) Sir Thomas Godfrey of Lydd & Heppington (b 1607, d 1684)
  m. Hester Wilde (dau of Sir John Wilde of St. Martin's)
  (a) Hester Godfrey (d infant 1658)
(ii) Sir Peter Godfrey 'of Lyd' (b 1609, d c1658)
  m. Sarah Heyman (dau (sb sister?) of Sir Peter Heyman of Somerfield)
  (a) Thomas Godfrey of Buckwell, Kent (d 1690)
  m. (1663) Mary Toke (dau/coheir of Nicholas Toke of Godinton, widow of Sir Robert Moyle of Buckwell)
  ((1)) Henry Godfrey of Heppington & Lydd (b 1674)
  m. Catherine Pittis (dau/heir of Rev. Thomas Pittis of St. Botolph's)
  ((A)) Catherine Godfrey (bur 1702)
  ((B)) Mary Godfrey (b 1699, d 1761)
  m. Bryan Faussett of Staplehurst, later of Heppington (b 1691, d 1750)
  ((2)) Thomas Godfrey (dsp 1688)
  ((3)) Mary Godfrey
  m. _ Wheler of Ottenden
(iii) Anne Godfrey (bur 03.01.1679-80)
  m. Sir Richard Hardres, 1st Bart of Hardres Court (bur 25.10.1669)
  (iv)+ other issue - John, William, Elizabeth
  m2. Elizabeth Pix (dau/heir of Michael Pix of Folkestone by Emma, dau/heir of Richard Strughill)
  (B) Thomas Godfrey of Hodiford in Sellinge, Kent (b c1585, d 1664)
  m1. Margaret Lambarde (d 1611, dau of William Lambarde of Greenwich, sister of Sir Multon)
  (i) Lambard Godfrey (recorder of Maidstone)
  (ii) Thomas Godfrey (dsp)
  Thomas is not mentioned by BLG1952, is shown as of this marriage by Commoners & Berry, but of the 2nd marriage by Visitation.
  m2. Sarah Isles (dau of Thomas Isles or Iles of Hammersmith)
  (iii) Peter Godfrey of Hodiford
m. Amye Brett (dau of Thomas Brett of Snave)
  The following is supported by BLG1886 ('Godfrey of Brook Street House').
  (a) Thomas Godfrey of Hodiford (dsp 1699)
  m. Mary Dallman (dau of John Dallman of Druisthorpe)
  (b) Amy Godfrey (d 1742)
  m. William Courthope of Stodmarsh Court
  ((1)) Anne Courthope
  m. John Huggesson of Provender Norton, later of Stodmarsh Court
  ((2)) Sarah Courthope (b c1703, d 03.1763)
  m. John Jull of Ash (Kent), later of Woodensborough @@ below
  ((3))+ other issue - Godfrey (d 1686), William (d infant), Anna Maria (b c1694, d 12.12.1702)
  (iv) Sir Edmund Berry Godfrey (b 1621, dsp 1678, justice of Westminster, youunger son
Commoners& Berry call him Sir Edmundbury but BLG1952 notes that this was erroneous as he was "named after the family of Berry, of Lydde, with which he was maternally connected."
  (v) Michael Godfrey (d 1691)
  m. Anne Chamberlain (d 1708)
  (a) Peter Godfrey of Woodford, Essex (MP, 2nd son)
  m. Catherine Goddard (d 1706, dau of Thomas Goddard of London)
  ((1)) Thomas Godfrey of Hodiford (dsp 1778)
  ((2))+ other issue (dsp) - Michael (d 1712), Peter (b c1695, d 1769), Joseph (b c1701, d 1765), Caesar (b c1703, d 1727), Elizabeth (d 1763)
  (b) Hester Godfrey (d 1698)
m. Hugh Smithson of Armine & Tottenham
  (c)+ other issue - Michael (d Namur 07.1695, Deputy Governor of the Bank of England), Elizabeth (d 1691)
  (vi) Benjamin Godfrey of Norton Court, Kent (b c1632, d 1704)
  m. Mary Piggot, heiress of Norton Court (d 1730, dau/heir of Baptist Piggot of Norton Court)
  (a) John Godfrey of Norton Court (dsp 1737)
  m. _ Gough of Camberwell
  (b) Baptist Godfrey (dsp 1704)
  (c) Catherine Godfrey (b c1673, d 28.08.1700, heir)
m. (1699) Stephen Lushington of Sittingbourne, 1st of Rodmersham (d 1718)
  (vii)+ other issue - 3 sons (d infant), Thomas (d infant), Richard, John, Thomas, Edward (dsp)
  m3. Elizabeth Allard (dau of Richard Allard of Biddenham)
  (C) Richard Godfrey (b 1591, d 1641, MP for New Romney)
  m. Maria Moyle (d 1654, dau of John Moyle of Buckwell, m2. Robert Scott)
  (i) John Godfrey of Wye (b c1628, d 1673)
  m. Mary Gold (dau of Thomas Gold of Canterbury, widow of _ Knight)
  (a) John Godfrey of Wye (b c1667, d 1719)
  m. Catherine Heames
  ((1))+ issue (dsp) - John (d 1742), Chambrelan (b c1699, d 1766, of Sergeant's Inn)
  (ii) Dorothy Godfrey apparently of this generation
  m. John Bourne of Sutton St. Clears & Newent (d by 1709)
  (iii)+ other issue - 7 sons, Elizabeth (b by 1619), 6 other daughters
  (D) Mary Godfrey (bpt 1602)
  m. (1619) Sir John Honywood of Evington (d 1658)
  b. Thomas Godfrey of Cottinges (d by 1543)



John Jull of Ash (Kent), later of Woodensborough (b c1690, d 1758)
m. Sarah Courthope (b c1703, d 03.1763, dau of William Courthope of Stodmarsh Court by Amye Godfrey, sister/heir of Thomas Godfrey of Hodiford) @@ above
1. John Godfrey Jull (b 1725, d unm)
2. Thomas Jull of Ash (b 1729, a 09.1772)
  m1. (c1750) Susan Tilley (b c1726, d 1762, dau of John Tilley (Tully?) of Cheriton, sister of W. of Sandwich)
A. Thomas Jull of Ash, later Godfrey, Sheriff of Kent (b 27.08.1751, dsp 07.03.1810, MP)
  m. (08.1778) Elizabeth Fuller (a 1829, dau/heir of John Fuller of Ash)
  B. John Jull of Wingham, Kent (b 05.04.1758, d 13.08.1812, 4th son)
  m. (27.02.1787) Anne Sayer Reynolds (a 1829, dau of William Reynolds of Ash)
  i. John Jull of Ash, later Godfrey (b 16.04.1789, d 1861, 2nd son) had issue
  m. (29.07.1823) Augusta Isabella Ingram (d 1873, dau of John Ingram of Staindrop Hall)
  ii. William Jull (b 13.06.1795, d 1841, 4th son) had issue
  m. (1823) Clara Skyring (dau of Colonel George Skyring)
  BLG1886 shows the following Edward, George & Elizabeth as John's siblings but Commoners shows Edward & George as his sons which looks more likely, with Elizabeth probably also of this generation (as supported by the Monins records).
  iii. Edward Jull (b 21.02.1799, 6th son) had issue
  m. Caroline Southey
  iv. Elizabeth Anne Jull (b 27.07.1791, d 1857)
  m. (1812) W(illiam) Monins
  v.+ other issue - Thomas (b 05.05.1788, d 27.07.1788), Thomas Godfrey (b 16.07.1793, d 27.01.1794), Thomas (b 22.02.1797, d 28.09.1815), George (b 26.09.1804, d 1833), Henry (b 28.06.1807, d 14.09.1807), Susannah (b 27.10.1801, d 04.02.1812)
  C.+ other issue - John (d young), William (d young), Thomas (d 1815), Elizabeth (b 06.01.1752, d 16.05.1817)
  m2. (30.07.1763, sp) Elizabeth Masters (a 09.1772, dau of John Masters of Goldstone, relict of W. Hall of Sandwich)
3. Sarah Jull (d 1765)
  m. (c1763) John Garland Hatch of Deal

Main source(s): BLG1952 ('Godfrey-Faussett formerly of Heppington'), Commoners (vol I, 'Godfrey of Brook Street House', p408+) with a little support from Visitation (Kent, 1619, Godfrey) and input/support as reported above and for upper section from CountyGen (Berry, Kent, pp146-147) and for lower section from CountyGen (Berry, Kent, p396)
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