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Families covered: Godolphin of Godolphin, Godolphin of Treveneag, Godolphin of Trewarveneth

In various places, Vivian refers to a pedigree at the College of Arms. We refer to that pedigree below as "CoA".
John de Godolphin of Godolphin (a c1066)
m. Margaret Trevanger (dau of Roger de Trevanger or Trevanyon or Trewargen (of Trewargen))
1. Richard de Godolphin
  m. Constance Archdeacon (dau of Otes Archdeacon)
  A. James de Godolphin of Godolphin
  m. Cecilia Trewledick (dau of William Trewledick of Cornwall)
  i. John Godolphin
  m. Siball Bloyet (dau of Richard Bloyet or Bloyow)
  a. Thomas Godolphin (a temp Edward II who r. 1307-1327)
  m. Margaret Antrewan (dau of Roger Antrewan)
  (1) Edward Godolphin
  m. Matilda Boteler (dau of William Boteler of Camerton)
  (A) William Godolphin
  m. Constance Wise (dau of William Wine of Grayston)
  (i) Thomas Godolphin
  With apparent contradiction, Vivian reports in one note that CoA identifies Thomas's wife as Alice, dau of John Pedigrew (Pettigrew), and in another note that she was Clare of Solgena. Vivian shows her as ...
  m. Claricia de Solgena
  (a) Edward Godolphin of Godolphin
  Vivian shows that Edward married Clare of Solgena but notes that CoA identifies his own wife as being (as is reported in BE1883) ...
  m. Christian Prideaux (dau of Thomas Prideaux)
  ((1)) Alexander Godolphin (d 1349)
  BE1883 identifies Alexander's wife as Mary, dau of Sir John de Tregour Vivian notes that CoA identifies her as Marina, dau of John Treagow, but identifies her as ...
m. Marion Tremrow (dau of John Tremrow)
  Vivian notes that the undermentioned Elinor is shown by CoA as daughter of David son/heir of William, which is followed by BE1883 (which shows no wife for William with Melior Cowlings between Eleanor's mother by David). However, Vivian shows as follows.
((A)) David Godolphin
  m. Julian (sister of Elizabeth the widow of Sir Oliver Carminowe)
  ((B)) William Godolphin 'of Godolophin'
  m. Melior Cowling (dau of John Cowling of Trewarnan (Trewerveneth))
  ((i)) Eleanor Godolphin
  m. John Rencie or Rinsey, later Godolphin @@ below
  ((C)) Johanna Godolphin
  m. John Erisey
  ((D)) Margaret Godolphin
  m. Ralph Bevill (d 1336)
  ((2)) Andrew Godolphin (dsp)
  ((3)) Engriene Godolphin
  m. Henry le Fort



John Rencie or Rinsey, later Godolphin
m. Eleanor Godolphin (dau/heir of William Godolphin of Godolophin) @@ above
1. Thomas Godolphin of Godolphin
  m. Isabel Benne (dau of _ Benne of Boskenne)
  A. John Godolphin
m. Elizabeth Beauchamp (dau of John Beauchamp of Bennerton)
  i. John Godolphin
  m. Elizabeth Killegrew (dau of John Killegrew)
  a. John Godolphin of Godolphin, Sheriff of Cornwall (a 1500)
  m. Margaret Trenouth (dau/coheir of John Trenouth of Fentongollan)
  (1) Sir William Godolphin 'of Godolphin' (bur 31.07.1570)
m. Margaret Glynn (dau of John Glynn of Morvall)
  (A) Sir William Godolphin, Sheriff of Cornwall (a 1546/1558)
  m. Blanch Langdon (bur 1583, dau of Robert (probably not John) Langdon or Langden)
  (i) Margaret Godolphin
  BE1883 shows Margaret's husband as Sir Robert Verney. Vivian dientifies him as ...
  m. Sir Robert Dennis (d before 22.09.1592)
  (ii) Grace Godolphin
m. Sir John Sydenham of Brimpton
  (iii) Anne Godolphin
  BE1883 shows an Anne of this generation as m. Sir John Arundel of Talvern. Vivian shows her as daughter of Sir William's brother Thomas.
(B) Thomas Godolphin
  m1. (Katherin) Bonithon (dau/heir of Edmond Bonithon)
  (i) Sir Francis Godolphin, Governor of Scilly (bur 23.04.1608, Colonel)
  m1. Margaret Killigrew (dau of John Killigrew of Arnwick)
  m2. Alice Skerritt (dau of John Skerritt, widow of John Glanvile)
  (ii) William Godolphin of Treveneag (bur 21.10.1611, MP)
  m. (11.12.1587) Jane Gaverigan (dau/coheir of Walter Gaverigan)
(a) Francis Godolphin of Treveneag (bur 04.02.1652)
  m. (15.11.1616) Ann Carew (dau of Richard Carew of Anthony)
  ((1)) Francis Godolphin of Crowan (dsp before 23.06.1692)
  ((2)) Loveday Godolphin (b c1618, dsp)
  ((3)) Catherine Godolphin (b 08.1620, bur 13.03.1662)
  m. (c03.1637) John St. Aubyn of Clowance
  (iii) Ann Godolphin
  m. Sir John Arundell of Talvern
m2. _ Grenville or Granville
  (iv) Gentill Godolphin in Devon
  m. Cicily Southcot (dau of George Southcot of Calwoodley)
  (a) Gentle Godolphin (bpt 21.06.1614)
  m. (17.05.1645) Martha Hooper
  ((1)) Gentle Godolphin
  m. (18.11.1672) Joan Bond
((A)) Robert Godolphin (bpt 29.10.1673, bur 10.06.1675)
  (b) William Godolphin
  (v) Agnes Godolphin
  m. Thomas Peters of Okhampton
  (vi) daughter
  m. _ Furzman
  (C) William Godolphin of Windsor
  (D) Elizabeth Godolphin
  m. John Langdon
  (E) Honor Godolphin
  m. William Meliton of Pengarack
  (2) John Godolphin of Helston
  m. Elizabeth Cararthyn
  (A) John Godolphin
  m. Elizabeth Nevill (dau of Richard Nevill of Trworbonett)
(i) John Godolphin
  m. Jane Crankan (dau of Nicholas Crankan (or Carankan) of Gulval)
  (a) William Godolphin of Trewarveneth, Cornwall
  m. (10.10.1571) Jane Tredeneck (dau of John Tredeneck of St. Breague)
  ((1)) Nicholas Godolphin of Trewarveneth (d before 12.09.1634)
  m. Phillippa Nicholles (d before 12.09.1634, dau of Humphrey Nicholles of Penvoes)
  ((A)) Jane Godolphin (b c1602)
  m. (06.08.1627) William Nycollys alias Trerufe
  ((B)) Margerie Godolphin (b c1615)
  m1. (02.1636) Richard Keighwin of Penzance
  m2. Bryan Rogers
((C))+ other issue - William (b c1609, a 1620), Elizabeth (dsp), Marie (dsp), Phillip (dsp), Prudence (bpt 29.08.1613, dsp bur 12.06.1614)
  ((2)) John Godolphin
  m. Nicholas Whitinge of Silley
  ((3)) Francis Godolphin in Ireland
  ((4)) Prudence Godolphin
m. John Cooke of Trerise
  ((5)) Thomasin Godolphin
  m. (10.07.1598) Thomas Sparnan of Breage
  (b) Thomasin Godolphin
  m. Richard Mathern or Maddern
  (ii) Elizabeth Godolphin
  m. William Gilbert
  (iii) Thomasin Godolphin
  m. William Chiverton
  (B) Elizabeth Godolphin
  m. Thomas Petit
  (3) Elizabeth Godolphin
  m. William Cavell (not Canell)
Vivian shows as connected to the above John by a dotted line, presumably signalling uncertainty on the connection, ....
2. Nicholas Godolphin
  A. Joan Godolphin (heir, a temp Henry VI who r. 1422-1461)
  m. John Kestell

Main source(s): Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1887), Cornwall, 1530+1573+1620+additions, Godolphin of Godolphin) with some support from BE1883 (Godolphin of Godolphin)
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