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Families covered: Grace of Ballylinch, Grace of Brittas Castle, Grace of Courtstown, Grace of Gracefield, Grace of Mantua, Gras (le Gros) of Sodbury

The following pedigree follows BP1934 in showing this family as descended from the Counts of Albemarle, the following William being nephew of William 'le Gros', Count of Albemarle. However, Commoners suggests that the undermentioned Sir John (a 1520) was 12th in succession from William 'le Gros' FitzRaymond, lord of Courtstown (who married Margaret, dau of Robert FitzWarren of Wales), son of Raymond FitzWalter (a 1176) who married Basilia de Clare, sister of Richard 'Strongbow', Earl of Pembroke. We provisionally follow BP1934 not least because Commoners suggests that a younger brother of William 'le Gros' was ancestor of the Earls of Kerry (which we do not see from FitzMaurice1). Another article within Commoners (on the Fitzgeralds of Glyn) suggests both were descended from William FitzGerald of Kerrin (Carew).
William Crassus or le Gros of Sodbury (a 1203, Seneschel of Normandy)
1. Sir William Crassus or le Gros or le Gras ('Senior') of Sodbury (dspm)
2. William Crassus or le Gros or le Gras ('Junior') of Ballyregan (a 1226)
  A. Sir William Crassus or le Gros or le Gras of Sodbury
  m. Isabel de Carrion
i. Edmund Crassus or le Gros or le Gras (a 1300)
  m. Sibia (dau of Donal MacGilla Pardaig)
  a. William Crassus or le Gros, Sheriff of Tipperary (a 1279)
  m. Mary (dau of Donal Oge MacMurrough)
  (1) ??
  (A) ??
  (i) ??
  Uncertain on number of intervening generations.
  (a) ??
  ((1)) ??
  ((A)) ??
  ((i)) Sir John le Gros ('iron belted') of Courtstown and Grace's Country (a 1520) - continued below
  m. Catherine Le Poer (dau of Pierce Le Poer, Lord of Curraghmore)
3.+ other issue - Hamo (d after 1231), Anselm (Bishop of St.David's)



Sir John le Gros ('iron belted') of Courtstown and Grace's Country (a 1520) - continued above
m. Catherine Le Poer (dau of Pierce Le Poer, lord of Curraghmore)
1. John Gras of Courtstown and Grace's Country (d 1568)
  m. Honoria Walsh (dau of Walter Walsh of Castlehoel)
  A. Oliver Grace of Courtstown (d 1580)
  m. Ellis Davels (dau of Sir Henry Davels of Killisheen)
i. John Grace of Courtstown (d 27.03.1602)
  m. (c1580) Lettice Shee (dau of Sir Richard Shee of Kilkenny and Cloran)
  a. Robert Grace of Courtstown (d 1640)
  m. Ellen Condon (dau of Patrick Condon)
  (1) Oliver Grace of Inchmore Castle (dvp 06.07.1637)
  m. Joan Horsfall (dau of Sir Cyprian Horsfall of Innisnagg, son of John, Bishop of Ossory)
  (A) John Grace of Courtstown, Sheriff of Kilkenny (d 1684/a 1686)
m. Elizabeth Walsh (dau of Walter Walsh of Castlehoel)
  (i) Robert Grace of Courtstown 'of Thomastown'
  m. (1665) Frances Grace (dau of Richard Grace of Moyelly) @1@ below
  (a) John Grace of Courtstown (d 1716)
  m. Lettice Grace (dau of Oliver Grace of Shanganagh) @2@ below
  ((1)) Robert Grace of Isleworth (dsp 1764)
(b) Mary Grace
  m. John Langrishe of Knocktopher
  (ii) Sheffield Grace
  m. Elizabeth Burke (dau of Sir John Burke of Derrymaclaghty, widow of 5th Viscount Dillon)
  (a) Catherine Grace
  m. Robert Grace @3@ below
  (2) Richard Grace of Moyelly, Governor of Athlone (Colonel, 4th son)
  (A) Frances Grace
  m. (1665) Robert Grace of Courtstown (d 1691) @1@ above
  (3)+ other issue - John, Patrick, Lucas
b. Edmund Grace (3rd son)
  m. Catherine Archer
  c.+ other issue - Richard, Oliver, Gerald, John
  ii. Ellen Grace
  m. Marcus Shee of Sheestown
  iii. Onera Grace probably of this generation
  m. Turlough or Triagh FitzPatrick
iv.+ other issue - Pierce, Richard, Walter, Patrick, Philip, James
  B.+ 16 sons and 5 daughters
2. Sir Oliver Grace of Ballylinch Castle and Legan Castle (d c1580 or 01.01.1615)
  m. Mary Fitzgerald (dau of Sir Gerald Fitzgerald, 3rd Lord Decies, by Ellice Butler)
  A. Gerald Grace of Ballylinch Castle (d 04.03.1618 or dvp 05.03.1614)
  m. Margaret Hartpole (dau of Sir Robert Hartpole of Shrule Castle)
  i. Oliver Grace of Carney, later of Ballylinch Castle (d 27.08.1626)
  m. Margaret Butler (dau of Edmund Butler, 2nd Viscount Mountgarret)
a. Gerald Grace of Ballylinch Castle (d Kilrush 15.04.1642)
  m. Ellen Butler (dau of Edmund Butler, 3rd Lord Dunboyne, by Margaret Butler)
  (1) William Grace of Barrowmount and Ballylinch Castle (d 1669)
  m. Elinor Butler (dau of Piers Butler of Barrowmount)
  (A) Oliver Grace of Shanganagh (Gracefield) (d 08.06.1708)
  m. Elizabeth Bryan (dau of John Bryan of Bawnmore by Ursula Walsh)
(i) Michael Grace of Gracefield (d 19.02.1760)
  m. (1682) Mary Galwey (d 28.11.1736, dau of John Galwey of Lota House by Elizabeth Meade)
  (a) Oliver Grace of Gracefield (b 06.12.1704, d 24.08.1782)
  m. Mary Dowell (d 14.11.1765, dau of John Dowell of Mantua House)
  ((1)) Michael Grace of Gracefield (b c1722, d 25.08.1785)
  m. Mary Plunket (dau of Nicholas Plunket of Dunsoghly)
((A)) Alice Grace
  m. (1792) Morgan Kavanagh (dsp 1804, son of Thomas of Borris House by Susan Butler)
  ((2)) John Grace of Mantua (b 1734, d 25.04.1811)
  m. (03.09.1783) Mary Clare Hussey (d 07.11.1819, dau of Patrick Hussey of Ardmore)
  ((A)) Oliver Dowell John Grace of Mantua and Gracefield, Sheriff (b 19.10.1791, d 1871) had issue
m. (03.09.1819) Frances Mary Nagle (d 01.06.1826, dau of Sir Richard Nagle, Bart of Jamestown by Catherine Fitzgerald)
  ((B)) Catharine Eliza Grace
  m. (08.1821) Rice Hussey of Miltown
  ((C)) Maria Grace (d 04.1837, nun)
  (b) John Grace of Sheffield Lodge (d unm)
(c) William Grace of St. Germains, France (d 23.11.1777)
  m. Mary Harford (d 10.04.1799, dau of Richard Harford of Marshfield)
  ((1)) Richard Grace of Boley (d 09.01.1801)
  Richard was the beneficiary of the remainder of the baronetcy of his cousin Sir Richard Gamon, 1st Bart below.
  m. (1782) Jane Evans (d 24.03.1804, dau of Hon. John Evans)
((A)) Sir William Grace, 2nd Bart (d 27.01.1841) had issue
  m. Mary Dunne (dau of Richard Dunne of Carlow)
  ((B)) Sheffield Grace of Knole House (d 05.07.1850) had issue
  m. (29.06.1829) Harriet Georgina Hamilton (b c1805, d 21.06.1884, dau of Lt. Gen. Sir John Hamilton, Bart)
  ((C)) Jane Grace (d 28.12.1825)
  m. (1814) George Frederick Brooke of Summerton (d 1865)
  ((D))+ other issue - Percy (d unm, Rear Admiral), Loisa Caroline (d 14.04.1835)
  ((2)) John Grace (d Belgrade 31.10.1789, Captain)
  ((3)) Clara Louisa Grace (d 02.1832)
m. (1782) William Haggerston-Constable, later Middleton of Stockeld (b 25.12.1760, d 17.12.1847)
  (d) Sheffield Grace (d 03.05.1742)
  m. Frances Bagot (dau of John Bagot)
  ((1)) Raymond Grace (d unm 1764)
  (e) Elizabeth Grace
  m. Richard Shee of Cloran
(f) Helena Grace
  m. Simon Kavanagh of Inch
  (ii) Robert Grace
  m. Catherine Grace (dau of Sheffield Grace) @3@ above
  (a) Sir Edmund Grace (d unm, knight of Malta)
  (iii) Sheffield Grace (d 1699)
  (iv) Lettice Grace
  m. John Grace of Courtstown (d 1716) @2@ above
  (v) Anne Grace
  m1. (sp) Richard Nagle (son of Sir Richard, Secretary of State)
  m2. Edmund Butler, 8th Lord of Dunboyne (d 11.1732)
  (vi) Ellis or Alicia Grace
  m. Samuel Gale of Ashfield
  (vii) Mary Grace probably of this generation
  m. William Murray of Ravilly (dsp 1696)
(B) John Grace of The Grange
  m. Anne Grace (dau of John Grace of Thomastown)
  (i) Elizabeth Grace
  m. Richard Gamon of Datchworthbury
  (a) Sir Richard Grace Gamon of Minchenden, 1st Bart (b 14.08.1748, d 08.04.1818)
  The baronetcy was created with remainder to Richard's cousin, Richard Grace above.
  m1. (sp) Grace Jeffries (dau of Col. _ Jeffries)
  m2. (02.07.1796) Amelia Murray (b 03.07.1763, d 19.10.1806, dau of John Murray, 3rd Duke of Atholl)
  ((1)) Charlotte Amelia Gamon (d unm 16.11.1835)
(b) Anna Eliza Gamon (d 20.01.1813)
  m. (21.06.1777) James Brydges, 3rd Duke of Chandos (b 16.12.1731, d 29.09.1789)
  iii.+ other issue - James, Philip, Mary
  B.+ other issue - John, Thomas, Richard
  The following connection to John of Brittas Castle, a great-grandson of Sir Oliver of Ballylinch, shown here as possibly a grandson of one of these sons of Sir Oliver, was reported by BLG1886 (Langley of Brittas Castle).
  i. ?? Grace
  a. John Grace of Brittas Castle
  m. Joan Butler (dau of Thomas Butler of Brittas)
  (1) ?? Grace
  (A) Oliver Grace of Brittas Castle
  (i) Margaret Grace
  m. Henry Langley of Priestown
3. Eleanor Grace probably of this generation
  m. James FitzThomas Prendergast of Newcastle (d 03.02.1575)

Main source(s): BP1934 (Grace), Commoners (vol ii, Grace of Mantua), BLG1886 (Grace of Mantua)
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