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Families covered: Graham of Esk, Graham of Levens, Graham of Netherby, Graham of Norton Conyers, Graham of Pickhill, Graham of Plomp, Graham of Preston

The origins of this family are obscure. There were probably Grahams in Eskdale from very early times given that Henry Graham of Dalkeith obtained lands in that area through his marriage to the heiress of Roger Avenal in the 13th century. However, an old tradition holds that the Grahams on the borders and in North England were mostly descended from a Sir John Graham 'of the bright sword' who is thought may have been the John Graham of Kilbride (d c1488?) who was second son of Malise Graham, 1st Earl of Menteith. However, it appears that this has not been proved. TSP reports that it is also held that the family were descended from ...
William Graham (banished from Scotland c1516)
m. ??
1. Richard Graham in Netherby
  A. ?? Graham
  i. Walter Graham of Netherby (a 1596)
2. Arthur Graham of Canonbie (dspm)
3. Fergus Graham ancestor of Grahams of the Mote
4. John Graham of Medope
5. Thomas Graham of Kirkandrews
6. George Graham of the Fauld
7. William Graham of Carlisle ancestor of Grahams of Rosetrees and possibly also of Nunnery
partner unknown
8. Hutcheon Graham



The first undoubted ancestor of this family is ...
Fergus Graham of Plomp
m. Sibill Bell (dau of William Bell of God's Brigg and Blacket House)
1. William Graham of Plomp
  m. Alice or Agnes Carlyle (dau of Carlyle of Bridekirk)
  A. Katherine Graham
  m. John Armstrong of Sark
2. Sir Richard Graham of Esk, Netherby and Norton Conyers, 1st Bart of Esk (d 28.01.1653-4)
  m. (c1623) Catherine Musgrave (b c1642, d 23.03.1649-50, dau of Sir Thomas Musgrave of Cumcatch)
  A. Sir George Graham of Netherby, 2nd Bart of Esk (b c1624, d 19.03.1657-8)
  m. (c1647) Mary Johnstone (a 1680, dau of James Johnstone, 1st Earl of Hartfell)
  i. Sir Richard Graham, 3rd Bart, 1st Viscount Preston (b 24.09.1648, d 22.12.1695)
  m. (02.08.1670) Anne Howard (dau of Charles Howard, 1st Earl of Carlisle)
  a. Edward Graham, 2nd Viscount Preston, 4th Bart (b c1673, d 1710, 3rd son)
  m. (05.01.1702-3) Mary Dalton (d before 1759, dau of Sir Marmaduke Dalton of Hawkswell)
(1) Charles Graham, 3rd Viscount Preston, 5th Bart (b 25.03.1706, dsp 22.02.1738-9)
  m. Anne Cox (d 11.02.1744-5, dau of Thomas Cox of London)
  (2) Anne Graham (d unm)
  b. Catherine Graham (b 1677, dsp 11.12.1757)
  m. (c07.1718) William Widdrington, 4th Lord (d 19.04.1743)
  c.+ other issue - Charles (b 1672, dvp unm bur 17.06.1785), Richard (b 1675, d 1676), Anne (b 1673, d infant), Mary (b 1681, d unm 1753), Susanna (a 05.02.1706-7)
  ii. James Graham of Levens (b 03.1649-50, d 26.01.1729-30, Colonel)
  m1. (23.11.1675) Dorothy Howard (dau of William Howard)
  a. Henry Graham of Levens (dvpsp 07.01.1706-7)
  m. (1705) Mary Tudor (b 1673, d 05.11.1726, dau of King Charles II)
  b. Catherine Graham (d 13.03./14.02.1762)
  m. (05.03.1708-9) Henry Bowes Howard, 4th Earl of Berkshire, 11th Earl of Suffolk (b 1686, d 21.03.1757)
  c. Mary Graham (d c1718)
  m. John Michell of Richmond
  d.+ other issue - William (dsp bur 15.01.1716-7, Captain, RN), Richard (b c1679, d unm 1697)
  m2. (1702) Elizabeth Barton (d 09.1709, dau of Isaac Barton)
  iii. Fergus Graham (b 1652, a 06.1723, dsp)
  iv. William Graham, Dean of Carlisle (b c1654, d 04.02.1712-3)
  m1. (1688) Mary Offley (d before 25.11.1710) a contributor (AB, 18.03.12) kindly advised Mary was bur 09.12.1694
  m2. Alice (d c1742)
  a. Charles Graham (b c1708, bur 12.04.1734, rector of South Church in Essex)
  m. (06.01.1728-9) Priscilla Billingley (dau of Case Billingley of Tottenham, Bezeley
  (1) Sir William Graham, 6th Bart of Esk (b 1730, d 21.09.1774, minister)
  m. (07.11.1761) Susannah Reeve (d 1788, of Ashburnham, relict of Richard French)
  (A) Sir Charles Graham, 7th Bart of Esk (b 11.11.1764, d unm 26.11.1795)
  (B) Sir Robert Graham, 8th Bart of Esk (b 01.10.1769, d 27.01.1852) had issue
  m. (25.04.1810) Elizabeth Young (d 16.121859, dau of John Young of Battle)
  (C)+ other issue - William (b 08.1771, d 1846), 3 daughters
  (2) Thomas Fane Charles Graham (minister)
  m. Anne Harrington (dau of Joseph Harrington of Clare, widow of Rev. Francis Wainwright)
(3) Bridget Graham
  m. Thomas Elkington of Coventry
  b. Robert Graham (b c1711, d 02.02.1782)
  m. (01.06.1752) Frances Graham (bpt 17.05.1731, d 17.02.1801, dau of Sir Reginald Graham, 4th Bart of Norton Conyers)
  (1) Charles Graham (dvp 15.02.1782)
  m. (1781) Elizabeth Gorges (dau of Richard Gorges of Eye)
  (A) Caroline Graham
  m. John Webb Weston
(2) Sir James Graham, 1st Bart of Netherby (b 04.1761, d 13.04.1824)
  m. (28.09.1782) Catherine Stewart (d 20.09.1836, dau of John Stewart, 7th Earl of Galloway)
  (A) Sir James Robert George Graham, 2nd Bart of Netherby (b 01.06.1792, d 25.10.1861) had issue
  m. (08.07.1819) Fanny Callander (dau of Sir James Callander of Craigforth & Ardkinglas)
  (B) George Graham (b 13.09.1801, d 26.05.1888, 4th son) had issue
  m. (12.04.1836) Maria Hassell (d 12.1855, dau of Edward Hassell of Dalemain)
  (C) Elizabeth Anne Graham
  m. (14.03.1816) William Waddilove (minister)
  (D) Caroline Graham (d 30.10.1870)
  m. (20.06.1821) Sir Wilfred Lawson, 1st Bart of Brayton (d 12.06.1867)
  (E) Harriet Anne Graham
  m. (10.07.1832) Frederick Madan (d 17.11.1863, Captain)
  (F) Charlotte Graham (d 26.06.1873)
  m. (26.06.1828) Sir George Musgrave, 10th Bart of Edenhall (d 29.12.1872)
  (G)+ other issue - William (d unm 28.07.1862, rector), Charles (b 1792, d unm 18.11.1858, Rear Admiral), Elizabeth Frances (d 1810), Catherine Maria (d 12.05.1836), Georgiana Susan, Catherine (d 27.08.1861)
(3) Fergus Graham (d 26.03.1829, rector) had issue
  m1. (28.02/04.1792) Johanna Gale (dau of Robert Gale of Carlisle)
  m2. (21.02.1809) Jane Paley (d 1826, dau of William Paley, Archdeacon of Carlisle)
  v. Reginald Graham of Pickhill (b 1656)
  m. Elizabeth
  a. Metcalfe Graham of Pickhill (bpt 08.1680, d 14.01.1758, Colonel, Adjutant-General)
  m1. Isabella Jacoba de Bons of Breda (bur 25.05.1720)
(1) Jacoba Catherina Graham (bur 01.12.1764)
  m1. (05.06.1728) Sir Reginald Graham, 4th Bart of Norton Conyers (d 29.10./04.11.1755) @@ below
  m2. Col. Brown (of Colstoun family)
  m2. (08.07.1721) Elizabeth Nevill
  b.+ other isue - Richard (bpt 04.06.1683, bur 06.1683), Mary (bpt 30.05.1682)
  vi. Margaret Graham (b 1651)
m. (Sir Robert) Fenwick
  B. Sir Richard Graham, 1st Bart of Norton Conyers (b c1637, a 08.1665)
  m. Elizabeth Fortescue (dau of Sir Chichester Fortescue, younger of Dromisken)
  i. Richard Graham (b c1661, a 1665, d young?)
  ii. Chichester Graham (b c1663, dvpsp)
  m. Anne Thwenge (not Twiny) (dsp 07.09.1719)
  iii. Sir Reginald Graham, 2nd Bart of Norton Conyers (d 10.05.1728)
  m1. Frances Bellingham (dau of Henry Bellingham)
a. Sir Bellingham Graham, 3rd Bart of Norton Conyers (d unm 11.04.1730)
  b. Sir Reginald Graham, 4th Bart of Norton Conyers (d 04.11.1755)
  m. (05.06.1728) Jacoba Catherine Graham (bur 01.12.1764, dau of Metcalfe Graham of Pickhill) @@ above
  (1) Sir Bellingham Graham, 5th Bart of Norton Conyers, Sheriff of Yorkshire (d 1790)
  m. Elizabeth Hudson (d 1767, dau of Benjamin Hudson of Bridlington)
  (A) Sir Bellingham Graham, 6th Bart of Norton Conyers (d 13.04.1796)
  m. (31.10.1785) Priscilla Whitworth (dau of Sir Charles Whitworth)
  (i) Sir Bellingham Reginald Graham, 7th Bart of Norton Conyers (b 03.11.1789, d 15.06.1866) had issue
  m1. (10.11.1810) Harriet Clark (d 09.10.1830, dau of George Clark of West Hatch)
  m2. (07.1831) Harriet Cottam (d 17.01.1903, dau of Rev. Robert Cottam)
  (ii) Priscilla Elizabeth Graham (d 14.12.1874)
  m1. Simon George Newport (Lt. Colonel)
  m2. Bellingham John Smith (Lt. Colonel)
  (iii) Caroline Graham
  m. Algernon Greville
  (B) Catherine Graham
  m. (12.1813) Henry Fulke Greville (of Warwick family)
  (C) Elizabeth Graham
m. John Smith (Maj. General)
  (2) Reginald Graham (captain)
  m. _ Jackman (dau of General _ Jackman)
  (3) Mitchell Graham (d 08.03.1795, Admiral)
  m1. _ Jackman (dau of General _ Jackman)
  m2. Maria Rebecca Bowater
  (A)+ issue - John Bellingham (captain), Maria
  c. Reginald Graham
m2. Anna Foulis (dau of Sir David Foulis, Bart)
  iv. Richard Graham
  m. (04.05.1732) Cordelia Chaloner (dau of William Chaloner of Guisborough)
  v. Elizabeth Graham (b c1662, bur 03.11.1744)
  m1. Sir Robert Fenwick (bur 1691)
  m2. (18.05.1704) Nicholas Burton (clerk, headmaster of Durham School)
  vi. Susan Graham (b c1664)
  m. _ Young, Dean of Sarum
vii. Mary Graham
  m. _ Fenwick of Newcastle
  viii. Jane Graham
  m. James Musgrave (rector of Grandsen)
  ix. Anne Graham
  m. Thomas Hesketh of Rufford
  C. Catherine Graham (dvp)
  D. Mary Graham
  m. Sir Edward Musgrave, 1st Bart of Scaleby and Hayton Castle (bur 22.11.1673)
  E. Elizabeth Graham
  m. (by 1652) Sir Cuthbert Heron, 1st Bart of Chipchase (b c1618, d 1688)
  F. Susanna Graham
  m. Reginald Carnaby of Halton
  G. Henrietta Maria Graham
3. Reginald Graham of London and Nunnington (dsp)
  m. Susanna Washington (dau of Sir William Washington)
4. Francis Graham (b c1614)

Main source(s): TSP (Preston), BP1934 (Graham of Esk), BP1934 (Graham of Norton-Conyers), BP1934 (Graham of Netherby)
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