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Families covered: Graham of Gartavertane, Graham of Gartmore, Graham of Grahamstown, Graham of Leitchtown
[Part of this page, based on Commoners, was previously within Graham16. Furthermore, a little bit near the top of the page, based on TSP, was in Graham07. Those parts were moved here to facilitate review, correction & expansion using BFR.]

Gilbert Graham of Beircrofts & Gartavertane (d 24.04.1573 or a 1576 & d before 25.06.1577)
m. (before 1562) Helen Kincaid (dau of John Kincaid of Warriston, widow of Robert Crauford of Beircrofts, m3. Gavin Hamilton of Hill)
1. William 'Ninian' Graham of Gartmore & Gartavertane (d before 02.1589) this line supported by TSP
  m. (before 01.1583-4) Janet Graham
  A. Robert Graham of Gartmore & Gartavertane
  i. Gilbert Graham of Gartmore (d before 09.10.1634)
  ii. Agnes Graham of Gartmore
  m. John Alexander (d 1641/2, son of William, Earl of Stirling)
2. Gilbert Graham in Rednock (a 1624) mentioned by Burke but not by TSP
  This was probably the man named David by Commoners who is shown as m. ?? Kinross (dau of laird of Kippenross, "sister to the Lady Gartur"), parents of a daughter (m. _ Campbell of Auchterharley) and Patrick Graham of Blairqhuhoile or Blairchoille (later called Leitchtown), Perthshire, father (by the heiress of Blairqhuhoile ("only child of Baron Macquibbon")), of Gilbert Graham of Leitchtown (d 1714) who married Janet, dau of James Smith. For a few years we showed that David and his descendants on Graham16.
  m. Margaret Kinross (dau of James Kinross of Kippencross)
  A. David Graham in/of Redock & Grahamstown (d before 11.11.1631)
  i. Menie (Marie?) Graham
  ii. Margaret Graham
  m. _ Campbell of Auchterharley
  B. Patrick Graham of Blairchoille (or Blairqhuhoile, later called Leitchtown) in Perthshire & Grahamstown (on Leitchtown)
  As mentioned above, Commoners identifies Patrick's wife as "only child of Baron Macquibbon", heiress of Blairqhuhoile. BFR names her as ...
  m. (1629) Catherine ("heiress of Baron Macgibbon")
  i. Gilbert Graham of Leitchtown (d 1704)
  m. Janet Smith (dau of James Smith of Claish of Callander)
  a. Patrick Graham of Leitchtown
  m. (1695) Margaret Napier (dau of William Napier of Culcreuch then Culragrean)
  (1) James Graham of Leitchtown (d 1774, surgeon)
  m. (1734) Ann Leckie (d 06.1796, dau of Rev. Thomas Leckie of Kilmaronock (son of John of Croy-Leckie & Balvie), sister of William of Broich)
  (A) John Graham of Jamaica, later of Leitchtown (d 1810, 2nd son)
  m. (c1796) Agnes Macewan (dau of James Macewan)
  (i) James Graham, last of Leitchtown (b c1801, d 16.08.1885, to Canada in 1854) had issue
  m1. (1835) Ellenor Smith Thwaites (dau of John Thwaites of Topsham)
  m2. (30.04.1850) Isabella Murdoch Marshall (dau of Captain William Marshall of Edinburgh)
  (ii) Menie (Marie) Graham (b 1799, d 18.01.1880)
  m. Hugh Aird Galbraith of Glasgow, Ryefield & Dalbeth (MD)
  (iii)+ other issue - John (d 1815), William (d unm 06.1843), Janet Ann (d unm 1828)
  (B) Margaret Graham
  m. _ Wodehouse (Wodhouse) of Falkirk
  (C) Ann Graham
  m. _ Mayne of Powie/Powis (Major)
  (D)+ other issue (d unm) - Thomas, Janet (Jean)
  (2) John Graham (d in West Indies, 3rd son)
  Commoners suggests that John d unm but BFR reports that he had the following son.
(A) John Graham (dsp 1794)
  (3) Margaret Graham
  m. Robert Forrester of Frew
  (4) Janet Graham
  m. Colin Innes named Colin James by Commoners
  (5)+ other issue - William (dsp), John (d unm), Patrick in London (d unm 1780)
  b.+ "several sons"
3. Marion Graham
  m. Alexander Alexander of Menstrie (d 10.02.1580-1)
4. Agnes Graham
  m. Jasper Graham of Blaircessnock (d 1618)
5. other issue - John (a 06.02.1588-9), James (a 28.02.1581-2), Andrew mentioned by TSP but not by BFR

Main source(s): BFR ('Graham', p272+) with input/support from Commoners (vol 4, 'Graham of Leitchtown', p576+) and just a little from TSP ('Menteith', p158+)
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