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Families covered: Granville or Grenville of Bath, Granville of Bideford, Granville of Stow, Grenvile of Penheale, Granville (D'Ewes) of Wellesbourne

As mentioned on the continuation page, this family's name is often spelt Grenville or Grenvile. We use Granville on this page and for the page title because that is the spelling used in BLG1886/1952 by the descendants.
Sir Thomas Grenvile or Granville of Stow, Sheriff of Cornwall (d 18.03.1513)
m1. Isabella or Elizabeth Gilbert (dau of Otho Gilbert of Compton)
1. Sir Roger Granville of Stow, Sheriff of Cornwall (d 07.07.1523)
  m. Margaret Whitleigh (dau/coheir of Richard Whitleigh of Efford)
A. Sir Richard Granville of Stow, Sheriff of Devon, Marshall of Calais (b c1495, d 18.03.1551)
  m. Matilda Beville (bur 23.03.1550, dau/coheir of John Beville of Gwarnock)
  i. (Sir) John Granville (dvpsp)
  ii. Sir Roger Granville (dvp 1545 in the Mary Rose)
  m. Thomasine Cole (dau of Thomas Cole of Slade, m2. Thomas Arundell, m3. ?? Lee)
  a. Sir Richard Granville of Stow, Sheriff of Cornwall (b c1543, d 1591)
  m. Mary St. Leger (bur 05.11.1623, dau of Sir John St. Leger of Annery)
(1) Sir Bernard Granville of Bideford and Stow (bur 26.06.1636)
  m. (10.07.1592) Elizabeth Bevil (dau/heir of Philip Bevil of Killigarth)
  (A) Sir Bevil Granville of Stow and Bideford (b 23.03.1595, d Lansdowne Hill 05.07.1643)
  The following is supported by BE1883 (Granville of Bath) & BE1883 (Granville of Lansdowne).
  m. Grace Smythe (bur 08.06.1647, dau of Sir George Smythe of Matford (Exeter) by dau/coheir of William Viell)
  (i) John Granville, 1st Earl of Bath (b 29.08.1628, d 2*.08.1701, 3rd son)
  m. (c10.1652) Jane Wyche (d 03.02.1691/2, dau of Sir Peter Wyche of London by Jane, dau of Sir William Meredith)
(a) Charles Granville, 2nd Earl of Bath (bpt 31.08.1661, d 04.09.1701)
  m1. (sps) Martha Osbone (dau of Thomas Osborne, 1st Duke of Leeds)
  m2. Isabella de Nassau (dau of Henry de Nassau, Velt Marshal Auverquerque)
  ((1)) William Henry Granville, 3rd Earl of Bath (b 30.01.1691-2, d unm 05.1711)
  (b) John Granville, Lord of Potheridge (b 12.04.1665, dsp 03.12.1707)
  m. Rebecca Child (dau of Sir John Child of Wanstead, widow of Charles, Marquess of Worcester)
  (c) Jane Granville (b 23.08.1653, d 27.02.1696)
  m. Sir William Leveson-Gower, 4th Bart (d 12.1691)
  (d) Catherine Granville
  m. Craven Peyton (Warden of the Mint)
(e) Grace Granville, Countess Granville (b 03.09.1654, d 18.10.1744)
  m. Sir George Carteret, 1st Lord of Hawnes (b 07.1667, d 22.09.1695)
  (f)+ other issue - Mary (b 03.08.1655), Bridget (b 06.02.1657)
  (ii) Bernard Granville (b 04.03.1630/1, d 1701, MP)
  m. Anne Morley (dau/heir of Cuthbert Morley of Haunby)
  (a) Sir Bevil Granville, Governor of Barbados (dsp 1706/8, Major General)
  (b) George Granville, Baron Lansdowne of Biddeford (d 30.01.1734/5, Secretary of State)
  m. (1711) Mary Villiers (d 17.01.1734-5, dau of Edward Villiers, 1st Earl of Jersey)
  ((1)) Mary Granville
  m. William Graham of Platten
  ((2)) Grace Granville (d 01.11.1769)
  m. (03.1740) Thomas Foley of Stoke, Lord Foley of Kidderminster (d 18.11.1777)
((3))+ other issue (d unm) - Anne, Elizabeth
  (c) Bernard Granville of Buckland (d 1723, Colonel)
  m. Mary Wescombe (d 1747, dau of Sir Martin Wescombe, 1st Bart)
  ((1)) Bernard Granville of Calwich Abbey (d unm 1775)
  ((2)) Bevil Granville (dsp, cleric)
  m. (24.07.1722) Mary Anne Rose (dau of Richard Rose of Weedon)
((3)) Mary Granville (b 1700, dsp 1788)
  m1. Alexander Pendarves of Roscrowe
  m2. Patrick Delany (Dean of Down)
  ((4)) Anne Granville (b 1707, d 1761)
  m. (1740) John D'Ewes of Wellesbourne, Warwickshire
  ((A)) Court D'Ewes of Wellesbourne (b 1742, d unm 1793)
  ((B)) Bernard D'Ewes of Wellesbourne (b 1743, d 1822)
  m. (1777) Anne Delabere (dau of John Delabere of Cheltenham)
  ((i)) Court D'Ewes, later Granville of Wellesbourne (b 1779, d 1848) had issue
m. (1803) Maria Ferrers (d 1852, dau of Edward Ferrers of Baddesley Clinton)
  ((ii)) Anne D'Ewes
  m. (1805) George Frederick Stratton of Great Tew
  ((C)) John (James) D'Ewes, later Granville (b 1744, d 1826)
  m. (1779) Harriet Joan Delabere (dau of John Delabere of Cheltenham)
((i)) John Granville (d unm young)
  ((ii)) daughter (d infant)
  ((D)) Mary D'Ewes
  m. John Port of Ilam
  (d) Anne Granville (dsp 01.03.1730)
  m. Sir John Stanley, Bart of Grange Gorman (Grangegormam) (d 30.11.1744)
  (e) Elizabeth Granville (d unm)
(iii) Dennis Granville (b 13.02.1637, dsp, Dean of Durham)
  m. Ann Cosyn (dau of John Cosyn, Bishop of Durham)
  (iv) Elizabeth Granville (b 1621)
  m. (17.1.1645) Sir Peter Prideaux of Netherton
  (v) Grace Granville (b 1624)
  m. (20.02.1644) Robert Fortescue of Fileigh (Colonel)
(vi) Bridget Granville (b 30.01.1629)
  m1. Sir Simon Leach
  m2. Sir Thomas Higgons 'of Greywell, Odiham'
  (a) Grace Higgons
  m. Sir George Wheler
(vii) Joane Granville (b 1635)
  m. Richard Thornhill (Colonel)
  (viii)+ other issue - Richard (b 19.03.1621), Bevill (b 23.08.1626, bur 21.02.1636), George (b 22.08.1632), Roger (b 03.11.1633, bur 05.06.1635), Mary (b 04.06.1638, bur 04.08.1639)
  (B) Sir Richard Granville of Killegrath, Bart (bpt 26.06.1600, d 1658, royalist general)
  m. (10.1629) Mary Fitz (bpt 01.08.1596, dau of Sir John Fitz of Fitzford, widow of Sir Thomas (sb Charles) Howard)
  (i) son (dvpsp)
  (ii) Elizabeth Granville
  m. William Lenard or Lennard (Colonel)
(C) Gertrude Granville (bpt 29.09.1601 or 08.05.1597)
  m1. Christopher Harris of Lanrest (heir of Sir Christopher (sb John))
  m2. Anthony Dennys of Orleigh (d 19.06.1641)
  (D)+ other issue - John of Lincoln's Inn (bpt 29.09.1601), Roger (bpt 17.04.1603, dsp), Elizabeth (d unm bur 12.09.1605)
  (2) Catherine Granville
  m. (01.06.1589) Justinian Abbot of Hartland
  (3) Mary Granville
  m. (11.06.1586) Arthur Tremayne of Cullacombe
  (4)+ other issue - John (dsp), Roger (bur 09.06.1589), Bridget (d unm), Rebecca (bur 09.06.1589), Ursula (d unm bur 10.03.1643)
  b.+ other issue (dsp) - Charles (bur 28.08.1544), John
  iii. Mary Granville
  m. John Gifford of Brightley
  iv. Jane Granville
  m. Robert Whethall of Callis
  v. Margaret Granville
  m. Sir Richard Lee
  B. John Granville
  m. Lettice Lucas
  i. Alice Granville
m. Richard Cole of Buckland
  ii. Anne Granville
  m. John Buller of Exeter
  iii.+ other issue - Giles, Gentle, Lettice
  C. Digorie Granvile or Grenvile of Penheale, Cornwall (d by 1555)
  m1/2. Mary Cavell (dau of Nicholas Cavell, widow of John Reskareck)
  i. George Grenvile of Penheale (2nd son)
  m. Margery Trengove (dau/coheir of Richard Trengove alias Nans)
  ii. Thomas Grenvile of Aldercombe, Cornwall (bur 10.07.1625)
  m. (28.03.1586) Katherine Spurre (bur 12.02.1631, dau of Thomas Spurre of Trebathe, relict of ?? Browning)
  a. Elizabeth Grenvile
m. James Carey of Allington
  (1)+ issue (a 1620) - Grenvile (b c1617), Timothy (bpt 15.03.1618)
  b. Bridget Grenvile
  m. William Proute of St. Stevens juxta Lanston
  (1)+ issue (a 1620) - William (b c1613), Richard (b c1616)
  c.+ other issue - Bernard (bpt 05.07.1588, bur 01.09.1588), Maria (bur 15.08.1593)
  iii. Barbara Grenvile probably the Barbara who married ...
  m. John Lippincott of Wibbery (d before 10.06.1597)
iv.+ other issue - Arthur (a 1576, bur 1613), Lettice, Honor, Margaret
  m2/1. Philippa Gough (heir)
  viii. Richard Grenvile 'of Penheale'
  m. Florence Kelloway (coheir)
  a. George Grenvile (d 02.09.1595)
  m. Julyan Viell (dau/coheir of William Viell)
  (1) Sir George Grenvile (b c1586)
  m. Maria Killegriewe (dau of John Killegriewe (Killegrew) of Arwanick)
  (A) Mary Grenvile (b c1610, a 1620)
  (2) Richard Grenvile (bur 08.12.1639)
  m. Gertrude (bur 03.05.1662)
  (A) Chamond Grenvile (bpt 01.10.1622, bur 21.12.1689)
  m. Honour (bur 11.02.1698)
  (i) Richard Grenvile (bpt 03.03.1657, bur 09.04.1725)
  m. Mary
  (a) Mary Grenvile (b 1685, d 12.08.1757)
  m. (02.05.1709) Robert Avery
  (b)+ other issue - Richard (bpt 05.03.1689), Robert (bpt 08.06.1692), Honor (bpt 23.01.1688), Gertrude (bpt 09.12.1694), Anne (bpt 08.12.1697, bur 27.08.1715), Catherine (bpt 16.04.1702)
  (ii) Chamond Grenvile (bpt 08.08.1660, cleric)
  m. (07.12.1700) Rebecca Sleeman (dau of Rev. Adams Sleeman)
  (iii)+ other issue - James (bpt 17.02.1658), John (bpt 11.12.1661), Gertrude (bpt 04.02.1662), Margaert (bpt 09.03.1663, bur 16.04.1709)
  (B) Grace Grenvile (bpt 06.03.1618)
(3) Ibbot Grenvile
  m. (02.04.1612) Francis Rous
  b. Mary Grenvile
  m. Tristram Skynner of Cowley
  c. Martha Grenvile (bpt 08.10.1555)
  m. Philip Southcott
  d.+ other issue - William (dsp), Jane
  ix. Humphry Grenvile of Newnham, Devon (3rd son of this marriage) had issue
  m. Thomasine Michell (dau of Richard Michell of Shebbeare)
  x.+ other issue - Nicholas, Roger (d before 13.04.1579), John (d young)
  D. Phillip(pa) Granville
  m. Thomas Tremaine (a 1485)
  E. Agnes Granville
  m. John Fites of Tavistock (Fitz of Fitzford)
  F. Mary Granville
  m. John Beauchamp
G. Amy Granville (b c1513, d 18.02.1577)
  m. (1539) John Drake of Ashe (d 04.10.1558)
  H. Christian Granville
  m. James Erisey (d 1543)
  I. Jane Granville
  m. Edmond Spent (Speccot)
2. Richard Granville, Sheriff of Cornwall (dsp)
3. Honora Granville (a 08.1563)
  m1. Sir John Basset (d 31.01.1528)
  m2. (before 20.02.1530/1) Arthur Plantagenet, Viscount Lisle (d 03.03.1541/2)
4. Jane Granville
  m1. John Arundell of Trerest
  m2. Sir John Chamond
5. Catherine Granville
  m. (by 1507) Sir John Arundell of Lanherne
6. Philipp(a) Granville
  m1. Francis Harris of Radford (d 1509)
  Vivian identifies Philip's 2nd husband as _ Stening but it appears that he was ...
  m2. Humphrey Arundell of Yewton (dsp)
7. Mary Granville
  m1. Richard Blewet
  m2. Thomas St. Aubin
8. Agnes Granville
  m. John Roscarick (d 1537)
m2. Jane Jous (widow of _ Hill of Taunton)
9. John Granville (rector of Bideford/Kilkhampton)
10. Jane Granville
  m1. _ Raleigh
  m2. _ Battin

Main source(s): Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1887), Cornwall, 1530+1573+1620+additions, Grenvile or Granville of Stowe), BLG1886/1952 (Granville of Wellesbourne) with support as reported above
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