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Families covered: Greenwood of Brookwood, Greenwood of Haworth, Greenwood of Keighley, Greenwood of Leeds, Greenwood of Stapleton, Greenwood of Swarcliffe

The coat of arms shown for the following family in BLG1952 suggests that the following family was a cadet of the family of Greenwood of Greenwood Leghe.
John Greenwood of Wadsworth in Steptowstall, Yorkshire
m. (by 1619) ??
1. John Greenwood of Smallshay in Wadsworth (bpt 16.06.1629, 2nd son)
  m. Susanna Sutcliffe (dau of John Sutcliffe of Stoneslack in Heptonstall)
  A. John Greenwood of Bridget House, Haworth (bpt 01.07.1659, d 01.03.1737)
  m. Martha (d 1743)
  i. John Greenwood of Bridget House, Haworth, & Moor House, Old Oxenhope (d 1770) had issue
  m. Elizabeth Heaton (d 1770)
  ii. William Greenwood (b 1702, d 1762)
  m. Elizabeth (d 1768)
  iii. James Greenwood (b 1705, d 1791)
  m. (1734) Sarah Wright (d 1786)
  a. John Greenwood of Keighley, Yorkshire (b 1737, d 1807)
m. Ann Barwick (d 1810, dau of J. Barwick)
  (1) John Greenwood of Keighley & Swarcliffe (b 08.09.1763, d 1846)
  m1. (sp) Ann Blakeley
  m2. (1794) Sarah Sugden (d 1803)
  (A) Frederick Greenwood of Keighley & Swarcliffe Hall (b 15.01.1797, d 28.08.1862) had issue
  m. (31.05.1828) Sarah Staniforth (d 30.09.1892, dau of Samuel Staniforth of Darnall)
  (B) Edwin Greenwood (b 1798, dsp 1852)
  (C) Anne Greenwood (b 30.10.1795, d 26.07.1881)
  m. (22.10.1822) Theodore Dury (d 02/20.10.1880, rector of Keighley, son of Lt. Col. Alexander of Bonsall Hall)
  (D) Matilda Greenwood (b 1799, d 1859)
  m. Rawdon Briggs of Bintwith Hall (MP for Halifax)
  (E) Sarah Hannah Greenwood (b 1805)
  m. John Benson Sidgwick of Stone Gap (Kildwick) & Ryddlesden Hall
  (2)+ other issue - Paul (b 1765, d 1787), James (d young)
  b.+ other issue - James (b 1745, d 1746), James (b 1755, d 1837), Joseph (b 1759, d 1760), 4 daughters
  iv.+ 3 daughters
  B.+ other issue - Paul (bpt 05.01.1661), James (bpt 24.01.1663), David (bpt 26.03.1665), Joseph (bpt 28.04.1668), Thomas (bpt 06.06.1669), daughter
2.+ other issue - Christopher (bpt 16.01.1623-4), James (bpt 16.01.1630), Ambrose (bpt 24.06.1632), David (bpt 22.06.1634), Joseph (bpt 25.02.1635-6), Paul (bpt 069.05.1637), 4 daughters



James Greenwood
m. Elizabeth Chapellholme
1. John Greenwood of Wrenthorp near Wakefield, Yorskhire
  m1. Anne Marsh of Thornhill
  A. James Greenwood of Stapleton of Darington, Yorkshire (a 04.1666)
  m1. Sarah Burdet (dau of Samuel Burdet of Moregrange)
  i. Samuel Greenwood of Leeds (b 1635-6, d 12.1680)
m. Judith Webster (b c1638, d 11.1693, dau of John Webster of Bradford)
  a.+ issue - James (dsp 1697), Jonathan of London, Samuel of Leeds, John of Leeds, Joseph of York, Benjamin of Leeds
  ii. Isabell Greenwood
  m2. Mary Bellhouse (dau (by Bartholinda Wilkinson of Towthorp) of Francis Bellhouse of Newsome (Town Clerk of Leeds), sister/coheir of Francis)
  iii. James Greenwood of Stapleton then York (b 1643-4, a 1712)
m. Frances Farrer (a 1712, dau of William Farrer of Ewood)
  a. William Greenwood (a 1712, rector of Darfield)
  William's wife is identified just as Sarah Wainwright. Thanks to a contributor (CV, 14.09.15) for providing more information about her and the following connections.
m. Sarah Wainwright (bpt 07.06.1681, d c1731, dau of Robert Wainwright of Middlewood Hall by Jane, dau of Robert Ashton of Bradway by Dorothy, dau of Robert Wood of Monk Bretton)
  (1) Francis Greenwood (bpt 24.03.1719, d 15.06.1761, vicar of Higham Ferrers, 3rd son)
  m. Ann Harrington (d 1812, dau of Joseph Harrington of Clare, m2. Thomas Fane Charles Graham)
  (A) Anne Greenwood (d 1814/1822)
  m. (22.04.1771) Thomas Hammersley of Pall Mall
  (2) Jane Wainwright (bpt 14.10.1714, d 15.03.1766)
  m. (12.203.1746) Henry Farrer of Doncaster (surgeon)
(3)+ other issue - Francis (bpt 14.04.1716, bur 15.10.1718), William (bpt 14.04.1716, bur 15.10.1718), Mary (d young?), Sarah (d young?)
  b.+ other issue - Francis in Surinam, John of London, James of London, Henry of York, Charles in Spain, Brudenell, James (d by 1711), Mary Frances, Elizabeth
  iv. John Greenwood of Leeds (b before 1666, d by 1711)
  m. Anne Waterhouse (dau of Rev. Jonas Waterhouse of Bradford)
  v. Francis Greenwood in Rotterdam (a 04.1666, 1711)
  a. Catharine Greenwood (a 1741, "whose father lived in Rotterdam") possibly fits here
  m1. Robert Barton (bpt 21.08.1684 d 1710-1. Lt. Colonel)
  m2. Robert Gardner of Westminster & Carrickfergus (Colonel)
  vi.+ other issue (a 04.1666) - Henry of Knottingley (a 1711), Charles (d by 1711 in Surinam), William of London
  B. Anne Greenwood
  m. Christopher Naylor of Wakefield
  m2. Ellen Cutts of Essex
2. Robert Greenwood
  m. Anne Warriner of Wakefield
3. Isabell Greenwood
  m. Richard Lister of New Lathes
4. Margaret Greenwood
  m. Richard Ibbotson or Ibbetson of Leeds
5. Elizabeth Greenwood
  m. William Ingleton or Ingle of Rotheram
6. Anne Greenwood
  m. Richard Waterhouse of Wakefield



Thomas Greenwood of Levings & Greenwood Lee
m. _ Mitchell
1. Thomas Greenwood of Oxford
  m. Joane Napper (dau of Edward Napper of Hollywell, sister of George (martyr))
  A. Thomas Greenwood of Norton Brune alias Brice Norton, Oxfordshire (a 1634)
  m. Grace Moore (dau of Thomas Moore of Moor Place alias Gobbins)
  i. Bridget Greenwood
  m. William Whitbread of White Notley
  ii.+ other issue (a 1634) - Thomas (b 1604), Clive
  B. George Greenwood of Castleton, Oxfordshire
  m. Elizabeth Jones (dau of Walter Jones of Chastleton (sic))
  i.+ issue - George, Walter, Anne, Ellenor, Sarah



Robert Greenwood (Greenewood)
m. Alice Shaw of Hanging Royd in Hepptonstall, Yorkshire
1. James Greenwood (dvp)
  m. Mercia Broome (dau of _ Broome of Broome Hall (Yorkshire))
  A. Robert Greenwood of West Ardesley, Yorkshire (d c1638)
  m. Jane Halliwell (dau of John Halliwell of Pykehouse)
  i. Robert Greenwood (3rd son)
  m. Mary Ellis (dau of Marmaduke Ellis of Dewsbury)
  ii. Charles Greenwood
  a. |Jane Greenwood
  iii.+ other issue - John (d unm), JAmes (d unm), Piers (d unm), Ferdinando (d Newark)



BLG1886 reports that the following family "is, it is stated, a branch of the family of Greenwood, of Greenwood Leghe, co. York".
William Greenwood, Yorkshire, later of Hillingdon
m. Mary Beswicke (b 1738, d 1771, dau of John Beswicke (b 1707, d 1764))
1. John Beswicke Greenwood (d unm)
2. William Greenwood of Brookwood Park, Hampshire (d 1844)
  m. Christiana Smith (dau of William Smith of Kelso by Christiana, dau of Sir John Scott of Ancrum, Bart)
  A. William Greenwood of Brookwood Park & Woodcote (b 10.04.1798, d 1872, Lt. Colonel) had issue
  m. (22.04.1847) Catherine Caroline Tichborne (dau of Sir Henry Tichborne, Bart of Tichborne Park, by Anne, dau of Sir Thomas Burke of Marble Hill, Bart)
  B. John Greenwood of Broadhanger, Hampshire (b 24.07.1800, d 12.02.1871, QC, 3rd son) had issue
  The following comes from BLG1879 'Greenwood of Broadhanger').
  m. (19.08.1835) Fanny Collyns (Dau of William Collyns of Kenton)
  C. James Greenwood (d 1869, 5th son)
  m. Laura Bowles (dau of Col. _ Bowles)
  D. Emily Greenwood (d 1855)
  m. (1816) Charles Biggs Calmady of Langdon Hall
  E.+ other issue - George (d 11.1875, Lt. Colonel), Robert of Wembury in New Zealand, Anne Christiana (d 1855), Mary (d 1879)

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