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Families covered: Gresley of Drakelow, Gresley of Gresley, Gresley of Lullington

It is not known whether or not the following family has any connection with the Greslei barons of Manchester.
William fitzNigel de Greseley or Gresley of Gresley (d c1166)
m. Elena
1. Robert de Gresley of Gresley
  m. Basilia (d c1183)
  A. William de Gresley of Gresley (a 1220)
  m. Basilia
  i. Geoffrey de Gresley of Gresley (a 1240)
  m1. Margery de Somerville (dau of Roger de Somerville of Wychnor)
  a. William de Gresley of Gresley (d before 06.1254)
  m. (c1244) Elizabeth de Bakepuiz (dau of John de Bakepuiz of Barton Bakepuiz)
  (1) Sir Geoffrey de Gresley of Gresley (b c1245, a 1305)
  m. (before 1270) Agnes
(A) Sir Peter de Gresley of Gresley (d c1310)
  m. Johanna de Stafford (d c1342, dau of Robert de Stafford)
  (i) Sir Geoffrey de Gresley of Gresley (d c1331/2)
  m. Margaret Gernon (dau of Sir John Gernon of Lavington)
  (a) Sir John de Gresley of Gresley (d c1395)
  m1. (c1345) Alice de Swynnerton
  ((1)) Sir Nicholas de Gresley of Gresley (b by 1350, d by 1389)
  m. Thomasina de Wasteneys (dau of Sir Thomas de Wasteneys)
((A)) Sir Thomas Gresley of Gresley (b c1365, d c1445)
  m. Margaret Walsh (dau of Thomas Walsh of Wanlip)
  ((i)) Sir John Gresley of Gresley (d 17.01.1448/9)
  Sometime around this time, the family moved from Gresley to Drakelow.
  m1. (c1410) Elizabeth Clarell (dau of Sir Thomas Clarell of Aldwark)
((a)) Sir John Gresley of Drakelow (b 1418, d 31.01.1486/7)
  m1. Anne Stanley (a 1481, dau of Sir Thomas Stanley of Elford)
  (((1))) Sir Thomas Gresley of Drakelow, Sheriff of Staffordshire (b 1455, d 1503)
  m. Anne Ferrers (dau of Sir Thomas Ferrers of Tamworth Castle)
  (((2))) Elizabeth Gresley
m. Thomas Montford of Kingshurst and Sutton Coldfield
  (((3))) Alice Gresley
  m. (c1478) John Egerton of Wrinhill (son of Hugh)
  (((4))) Thomasine Gresley
  m. Thomas (probably not John) Darell of Scotney
  m2. Emma Hastings (dau of Sir Richard/Ralph Hastings)
((b)) Nicholas Gresley
  ((c)) Katherine Gresley
  m1. Sir William Peto (d 1464-5)
  It appears that Katherine also married ...
  m2. John Cawarden of Rideware (d 07.07.1475-6)
  ((d)) Thomasine Gresley (d 25.12.1480)
  m. Hugh Wrottesley (b 14.09.1400, d 1464)
  m2. (c1440, sp) Margaret Norwood (dau of John Norwood of Coventry)
  ((ii)) Geoffrey Gresley
  ((iii)) Joan Gresley (d 1452-3)
  m. Thomas Astley of Patshull
  ((iv)) Margaret Gresley
  m. Sir Thomas Blount (d 1456)
  ((v)) Innocutia or Senach Gresley
  m. (1422-3) John Curzon (d 1450) ??see here??
  ((B)) Roger Gresley of Church Gresley
  m. Isabel de Timborn
  ((i)) Margaret Gresley
  m. William Babthorpe of Elston (a 1420, Attorney General)
  m2. Joan de Wasteneys (wife of Sir Thomas de Wasteneys)
  (ii) Edward de Gresley
  (a) Geoffrey de Gresley (a 1353)
  (iii) Sir Robert de Gresley of Edingale
  m. Elena Revell (dau of John Revell)
  (a) Robert de Gresley (dsp)
  (b) Joan de Gresley
  m1. Richard Boteler
  m2. William Wale
  (c) Thomas de Gresley (d before 1406)
  m. Katrine
  ((1)) Thomas de Gresley (a 1406)
  (iv)+ other issue - Thomas, Peter
  (B) Robert de Gresley (d before 1298)
  m. Isolda
  (i) John de Gresley
  (C) William de Gresley
  b.+ other issue - Agnes (prioress), Robert, Geoffrey
  m2. Juliana
  ii. Henry de Gresley
  m. Alice
  a. Geoffrey de Gresley of Lullington
  b. Henry de Gresley of Lullington
  iii. Agatha de Gresley
  m. Geoffrey de Bec
  iv. Alice de Gresley (a 1250)
  m. Richard fitzGilbert (d by 1250)
  B. Henry de Gresley
  i. Nicholas de Gresley of Norton (a 1190)
  a. Nicholas de Gresley of Norton
  b. Cecilia de Gresley
  m. Ralph de Roucester
  C. Nicholas de Gresley
2. Engenulph de Gresley
  m. Alina (dau of Robert fitzOrm)
  A. Robert de Gresley (dsp before 1208)
  m. Hawisia (dau of Hugh de Burstal)
  B. Dionysia de Gresley
  m. Stephen de Wiverston
C. Petullia de Gresley
  m1. Adam de Audley
  m2. (by 1208, sp?) Robert de Suggenhall
3.+ other issue - Nigel (d c1202), Henry of Westmore, William (d 1168), Ralph, daughters

Main source(s): 'Historical Collections of Staffordshire', or 'Collections for a History of Staffordshire', edited by The William Salt Archaeological Society, New Series volume 1, printed in 1898
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