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Families covered: Giles of Bowden, Grattan of Edenberry, Grattan of Rathville, Gossip of Thorp Arch, Gumbleton of Castlerichard, Gumbleton of Glanatore

John Giles of Bowden, Devon (d before 06.02.1552-3)
m. Ellinor Towkerman (heir)
1. William Giles of Bowden
m. Joane Blackall (dau of John Blackall alias Blackaller of Great Totnes)
  A. John Giles of Bowden (bur 30.11.1606)
  m. Agnes Stewkeley (dau of Sir Hugh Stewkeley of Awston)
  i. Sir Edward Giles of Bowden (bpt 21.07.1566, dsp bur 28.12.1637)
  m. (28.01.1587-8) Mary Drew (bur 26.01.1642-3, dau/heir of Edmond Drew of Hayne, widow of Walter Northcote)
  ii. John Giles (bpt 25.07.1575, bur 22.10.1575)
  iii. Agnes Giles
m. (24.12.1587) Philipp Lowman of Netherton
  iv. Johan Giles (b c1577, a 1637)
  m. John Luscomb of Luscomb (d 03.11.1618)
  v. Christian Giles (bur 07.02.1618-9)
  m. George Yard of Thurston 'of Chirston Ferrers' (bur 09.05.1638)
  vi. Jane Giles
  m. Richard Steare (Sture) of Morley
  vii. Ann Giles
  m. William Wotton of Ingleborne (dsp)
B. William Giles (bur 16.10.1581)
  i. Richard Giles of Bowden (bpt 14.07.1581, bur 06.11.1648)
  m. Dorothy Carew (bur 11.08.1662, dau of Peter Carew)
  a. Edward Giles of Bowden (d before 13.05.1669, younger son?)
  m. Marty Burthogg (widow of _ Giles)
  (1) Elizabeth Giles (bur 05.03.1663-4)
  (2) Mary Giles (bur 02.1702-3, heir) probably of this generation
m. Sir Richard Gipps of Welnethan & Bowden (d 12.1708)
  b. Agnes Giles
  m. John Staplehill
  (1) Margaret Staplehill (a 1665)
  c.+ othe issue - Peter of Bowden (d unm c07.1653), John (a 1653), Dorothy (bpt 25.310.1638, a 1653)
  ii. Jone Giles (bpt 23.12.1563)
  m. (03.05.1591) Ambrose Langmead
  i.+ other issue - Christopher (bpt 23.05.1571, dsp), Samuel (bpt 10.06.1573, bur 21.09.1603), John (bur 28.12.1575), John (bpt 12.01.1576-7, bur 07.09.1580), Agnes (bpt 30.08.1564, bur 31.12.1564), Wilmot (bpt 30.01.1568-9), Joan (bpt 12.07.1574, bur 19.08.1574)
2. ? Martin Giles (d by 1550) had issue
3. Joane Giles
  m. Nicholas Savery of Totnes



Patrick Grattan (b 1630, d 1707, minister)
m. (1669) Grissel Brereton (dau of Rev. Henry Brereton of Santry)
1. Henry Grattan of Garry Cross, co. Cavan
  m. (1707) Bridget Flemyng (dau of Thomas Flemyng of Tinnelong)
A. James Grattan (d 1766, recorder of Dublin, MP)
  m. (Mary) Marley (dau of Chief Justice Thomas Marley)
  i. Henry Grattan (b 03.07.1746, d 10.06.1820, MP, "statesman and orator")
  m. (12.1782) Henrietta FitzGerald (dau of Nicholas FitzGerald of Greensborough)
  a. James Grattan of Tinnehinch (MP) had issue
  b. Henry Grattan of Moyrath
  c. Anne Grattan (d 22.05.1853) probably of this generation
m1. John Blachford of Altadore
  m2. Thomas Henry Dalzell, Earl of Carnwath (b 02.09.1797, d 14.12.1867)
  d. Harriet Grattan (dsp 02.01.1865) probably of this generation
  m. (07.04.1835) Richard Wake (rector of Courteenhall)
  ii. Mary Grattan probably of this generation
  m. Gervaise Parker Bushe of Kilfane
  iii. daughter
2. William Grattan (b 1672, rector of Tullyclough)
  m. Sophia Gore (dau of Sir William Gore, 3rd Bart, m2. Bishop Joseph Story)
  A.+ 6 children
3. James Grattan
  m. Elizabeth Tyrell (dau of Rev. J. Tyrell of Rathmolyn)
  A. John Grattan of Edenberry (b 1713, d 1787, 2nd son)
  m. (1742) Hannah Colley (d 1787, dau of Thomas Colley)
  i. William Grattan (b 1744, d 1798)
  m. (1792) Jane Giffard (dau of Sir Duke Giffard)
  a.+ 2 children (d young)
  ii. Thomas Grattan (b 1749, d 1836)
  m1. (1777) Ann Daniel (dau of Daniel Sullivan)
  a. John Grattan of Edenberry (b 1788, d 1836) had issue
  m. Margaret Alicia Shawe (dau of Edmund Shawe of Coolair)
  b. Ann Grattan
  m. (1811) Samuel Holt
  m2. Frances Muloch (dsp, dau of Rev. John Muloch)
  iii. Colley Grattan (b 1754, coroner of Kildare, 5th son)
  m1. (1784) Elizabeth Warren
  a. Thomas Colley Grattan (b 1791, d 1864, 2nd son) had issue
  m. (1817) Aliza Sarah O'Donnel (d 1870, dau of John O'Donnel)
  b. William Grattan of Kilcullen, Kildare (d 1858) had issue
  m. (1819) Jane Menzies of co. Limerick
  c. Mary Anne Grattan
  m. _ Brophy
  d.+ other issue - John Edmund, son
  m2. (1793) ?? (Mrs Kennedy)
  iv. Arthur Grattan of Rathville, Kildare (b 1759, d 1801, 7th son)
  m. (1791) Rose Anna Odlum (d 1802, dau of Digby Odlum)
  a. Thomas Grattan of Rathville (b 1793, d 1857) had issue
  m. Isabella Fisher
  b. John Grattan (b 1795, d 1871, General) had issue
  m. (1838) Susannah Shine (d 1880)
  c. Elizabeth Grattan (b 1792, d 1830)
  m. (1812) William Edwards
  d. Hannah Grattan (b 1794, d 1801)
  v. Sarah Grattan (b 1756, dsp 1826)
  m. (1809) George Taylor
  vi.+ other issue - John (b/d 1752), Arthur (b 1753, d 1757), Richard (b/d 1754), Margaret (b/d 1743), Elizabeth (b 1746, d unm 1808)
  B.+ other issue - William (vicar of Edenberry), Thomas of Rath Villa, Francis, Joseph (d young), Richard
4.+ other issue - Robert (Rev.), John (Rev.), Charles of Enniskillen (Rev.), Sir Richard (a 1735, Lord Mayor of Dublin)



William Gossip of York
m. Susanna
1. William Gossip of Thorp Arch, Yorkshire (b 06.03.1704-5)
  m. (13.11.1731) Anne Wilmer (d 09.07.1780, dau/coheir of George Wilmer of York)
  A. George Gossip (b 29.06.1735, d 21.02.1775)
m. (05.05.1762) Maria Copley (d 09.06.1805, m2. Capt. John Fairlamb)
  i. William Gossip of Hatfeild House, Yorkshire (bpt 07.07.1763, d 20.03.1830, Captain)
  m. (07.04.1787) Anne Hatfeild (d 17.03.1833, dau/heir of John Hatfeild of Hatfeild)
  a. William Hatfeild Gossip (b 07.06.1794, d 01.1856) had issue
  m. (05.07.1823) Sarah Margaret Wrigglesworth (dau/heir of John Wrigglesworth of Leeds)
  b. John Hatfeild Gossip (b 28.09.1795) had issue (5 daughters)
  m. (08.08.1833) Frances Wingfield (dau/coheir of Rev. Thomas Wingfield of Bolwick)
  c. George Hatfeild Gossip of Kingsland, Middlesex (b 21.04.1797, bur 25.02.1882) had issue
  m. (04.02.1841) Mary Ellen Dingley (d 08.05.1843, dau of Charles Dingley)
  d. Anna Maria Harriet Gossip probably of this generation
  m. (18.06.1825) Rev. Cornelius Heathcote Reaston, later Reaston-Rodes of Barlborough
e.+ 4 daughters
  ii. Anna Gossip (dsp 01.09.1825)
  m. (05.08.1800) Henry Van Bodicoate
  iii. Anna Maria Gossip (d 07.12.1832)
  m. (26.10.1793) John Chalcraft
  iv. Susannah Harriett Gossip (d unm 11.04.1842)
  B. Wilmer Gossip of Thorp Arch (bpt 25.04.1742, d 19.02.1790)
m. (18.09.1770) Anne Wilmer (d 04.01.1799, dau/coheir of Randall Wilmer, m2. John Burke Ryan)
  i. Anna Louisa Gossip (d 02.06.1772)
  C. Thomas Gossip (b 21.06.1744, bur 20.07.1776)
  m. (03.03.1770) Johanna Cartwright (d 11.10.1825, dau/heir of Richard Cartwright of Evington, widow of Richard Cook)
  i. Randal Gossip of Thorp Arch (b 05.02.1774, d 29.09.1832, Lt. Colonel)
  m. (30.11.1798) Leah Currey (dau of Rev. John Currey of Dartmouth)
  a. Randal Gossip, later Hatfeild of Thorp Arch, Laughton, Skellow Grange & Wadworth (b 28.05.1800, d 1853) had issue
  m. (09.09.1825) Christiana Marshall (dau of William Marshall of Newton Kyme & Laughton (son of William by Susanna Hatfeild))
  ii.+ other issue
  D.+ other issue



BLG1886 reports that "The Gumbletons of Ireland are a branch of the Kentish family of Gomeledon of Somerfield. The name, both in England and Ireland, was variously written Gumbleton, or Gomeldon."
Richard Gumbleton of Castlerichard (Ballygarron), Sheriff of co Waterford (a 1732)
m. (1704) Anne Warren (dau of Wallis Warren)
1. Richard Gumbleton of Castlerichard, Sheriff of co Waterford (a 1772)
  m. (1743) Elizabeth Conner (dau of David Conner of Bandon, sister of William of Connerville)
  A. Richard Gumbleton of Castlerichard
  m. _ O'Hara (dau of Hamilton O'Hara of co Donegal)
i. Richard Gumbleton of Castlerichard aka Glencairn Abbey (dsp 1819)
  ii. Lavinia Gumbleton
  m. Henry Amyas Bushe of Glencairn Abbey
  iii. Rebecca Gumbleton (d 08.05.1859)
  m. (05.1802) Sir Tristram Ricketts, 1st Bart (d 16.08.1842, Admiral)
  B. Robert Warren Gumbleton of Glanatore 'of Castleview'
m. (18.12.1787) Margaret Bowen (dau of John Bowen of Oakgrove)
  i. Richard Gumbleton of Glanatore had issue
  m. (1823) Ann Rachel Fowke (dau of Henry Fowke of Tewkesbury by Jane Charlotte, dau of George William Maxwell of Dalswinton by Ann, dau/heir of Peter Hancock of Twyning)
  ii. John Bowen Gumbleton of Fortwilliam, Sheriff of co Waterford (a 1845) had issue
  m. Ann Everard (dau/coheir of Henry Everard of Spalding)
  iii. George Gumbleton of Belgrove (d 29.10.1860) had issue
  m1. Sarah Gumbleton (dau of Capt. Henry Gumleton, cousin) @@ below
  m2. (sps?) Frances Anne Penrose (dau of James Penrose of Woodhill)
iv. (Jane) Gumbleton
  m. (1822) (Joseph) Daunt (of Kilcascan)
  v. (Lavinia) Gumbleton
  m. (Charles) Colthurst of Clonmoyle
  vi. daughter
  m. _ Percy
  vii. daughter
  m. _ Hutchins
  viii. daughter
m. _ Garde
  ix. Margaret Gumbleton probably of this generation
  m. Richard Daunt (Captain)
  C. Henry Gumbleton of Curriglass House (d 1834, Captain)
  m. (1792) Sarah Massy (d 1845, dau of 2nd Baron Massy)
  i. Richard Henry Gumbleton of Marston (d 1863) had issue (1 dau)
  m. Catherine Elizabeth Moore (dau of Lt. Col. Robert Moore, great-granddau of 5th Earl of Drogheda)
  ii. William Gumbleton of Curryglass House possibly fits here
  m. (1834) Georgiana Purcell (dau of Rev. Mathew Purcell of Burton Park)
  iii. Sarah Gumbleton
  m. George Gumbleton of Belgrove (d 29.10.1860) @@ above
  iv.+ other issue
  D. Jane Gumbleton (d 1830)
  m. (05.1775) William Daunt of Kilcascan and/or Kilmanogue (d 1809)
  E. Sarah Gumbleton probably of this generation
  m. (01.1781) Marmaduke Cramer of Rathmore (d 1817)
2. Anne Gumbleton
  m. (1733) William Daunt of Kilmonogue
3. Susanna Gumbleton
  m. John Drew of Ballinspellig

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