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Families covered: Gillum of Middleton

Henry Gillum of Rumford, Essex
m. (05.03.1727) Martha Fryer (bpt 08.11.1705, bur 20.04.1731, dau of Abraham Fryer of Rumford, sister/heir of Robert)
1. Henry Gillum of Childetditch (bpt 17.04.1730, a 06.1770)
  m. (c1762) Sarah Offen of Childerditch
  A. Stephen Fryer Gillum of Middleton, Sheriff of Esssex (d 10.1726) the first mentioned by BLG1862
  m1. (16/17.12.1793) Susannah Marlar of New Boswell Court
  i. Anne Gillum
  m. Frederick Stale
  m2. (08.11.1809) Elizabeth Selby (b 08.11.1809, dau of George Selby of Twisell)
  ii. Stephen Fryer Gillum of Middleton Hall (b 30.10.1812, a 1857) had issue
  m. (05.05.1837) Mary Ann Forster (dau of Thomas Forster of Adderstone House)
  iii. Prideaux William Gillum (b 06.07.1824, dsp 02.1890)
  m. ?? (widow of ?? of Ontario)
  iv. Margaret Gillum
  m. Rev. Edmund Wills
  v.+ other issue - Henry George (b 06.04.1816, d 23.06.1828), Elizabeth, Marianne, Isabella Selby, Charlotte Sarah, Georgiana (d unm?), Catherine (d unm?)

Main source(s):
(1) For Gillum (uploaded 23 03.19) : 'A History of Northumberland' (vol 1, Edward Bateson, 1893, 'Gillum of Middleton', p399) with a little support from BLG1862 ('Gillum of Middleton Hall')
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