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Families covered: Haldenby of Haldenby

Visitation (Yorkshire, 1563-4) spells the family name as 'Hawdenby'. We follow MGH & Foster in using the more common spelling.
Robert Haldenby of Haldenby 'and Swanlands' (d 11.1452)
m. Isabel Usfleet (dau/coheir of Sir Gerard Usfleet 'of Swanlands')
1. John Haldenby of Haldenby
m. Isabel Portington (dau of Sir John Portington (Justice) by Margaret, dau/heir of Richard Mills)
  A. Robert Haldenby of Haldenby (d after 10.1452)
  m. Elisabeth (Isabella) Scargill (d before 07.12.1452, dau of William Scargill of Thorpe by Dorothy, dau of Sir Thomas Conyers)
  i. John Haldenby of Haldenby
  m. Katherine Hildyard (d before 05.04.1540, dau of Sir Robert Hildyard (by Elizabeth Hastings), m2. William Girlington)
a. Robert Haldenby of Haldenby
  m. Ann Dawnay (dau of Sir Guy Dawnay of Cowick)
  (1) Robert Haldenby of Haldenby
  m. (before 1521) Anne Boynton (dau of Thomas Boynton of Barmston (in Holderness) by Cecilia Strangeways)
(A) Francis Haldenby of Haldenby (b 1529, d 1596)
  m. Elizabeth Wentworth (d 1562, dau of Sir John Wentworth of Elmsal by Jane Appletonl)
  (i) Robert Haldenby (b c1550, dvp)
  m. Ellinor (Helen) Tyrwhit (dau of Philip Tyrwhitt of Barton, son of Sir Robert of Kettleby)
  (a) Francis Haldenby of Haldenby (b c1583 (1573?), d before 07.08.1621)
  m. Elizabeth Darley (b 1572, a 1654, dau of Richard Darley of Buttercrambe)
((1)) Robert Haldenby of Haldenby & Marshland (b 1600)
  m. Jane Cobb (d before 04.04.1674, dau of Sir Francis Cobb & sister of Sir Francis, m2. Edward Hamerton)
  ((A)) Robert Haldenby of Haldenby, Swinfleet & Seanland (a 1646)
  ((i)) Robert Haldenby of Haldenby (b c1651)
  m. (c09.1679) Katherine Knollys of Rotherfield Grays (b c1657)
  ((B))+ other issue (a 12.1646, unm) - Mary, Joan, Frances, Anne
  One of these was probably the wife of ...
  m. Henry Swift (vicar of Peniston)
  ((2)) Anne Haldenby 
  m. (1614) Robert Crompton of Great Driffield (d 04.09.1646)
  ((3)) Mary Haldenby 
  m. (1625) Robert Morton, Mayor of Hull (a 1639)
  ((4)) Frances Haldenby 
  m. (625) Thoams Lascelles of Northallerton
  ((5))+ other issue (a 1612) - Edward, Alice, Joan
  (b) Elizabeth Haldenby
  m. (1595) Francis Bayldon of Kippax (bur 11.03.1612-3)
  ((1)) Gilbert Bayldon (bpt 01.12.1611)
  ((A)) Anne Bayldon (b 25.01.1634-5, d 19.03.1640-1)
  ((2))+ other issue
  (c)+ other issue - Christopher, Robert
  (ii) Francis Haldenby (3rd son)
  m. Elizabeth Lockwell
  (a) Francis Haldenby (d before 1634)
  (b) Daniel Haldenby of London (a 634, saddler)
  m. Jane Wotton (dau of Richard Wotton of London)
  ((1))+ issue - Richard, Daniel, Anne, Mary
  (iii)+ other issue - Edward, William (d before 1612), Henry, Christopher, John, Anthony, Isabel (Elizabeth or Elsabeth)
  (B) Robert Haldenby (d by 1581)
  (i)+ issue (a 1591) - Marmaduke, Cecily
  (C) Richard Haldenby (d before 07.10.1609, 4th son)
  (i) Isabel Haldenby
  m. (after 1591) Ralph Bigod of Adlington (son/heir of Piers)
  (ii) another
  (D) John Haldenby of Patrington (dsp 06.05.1591, 6th son)
m. (after 1582) Margaret Frothingham (dau of Edward Frothingham of Frothingham, widow of Edward Walker of Patriongton)
  (E) Philip Haldenby (a 04.1592)
  m. (before 1582) Lora Frothingham (dau of Edward Frothingham of Frothingham, widow of Henry Catton or Cotton)
  (i) Anne Haldenby of Foston
  m. (c1597) John Tenison (bur 25.09.1644, Rector of Downham)
  (ii) Jane Haldenby
  m. (1605) Rev. John Wilkinson
  (a) Jane Wilkinson
  m. (1626) Richard Haldenby @@ below
  (iii)+ other issue - Edmond, John of Foston (dsp before 07.02.1633), Katherine
  (F) Katherine Haldenby
  m. Robert Wylflete of Holden (Wyflet or Wilfleete of Howden)
  (G) Dorothy Haldenby
  m1. Thomas (not Robert) Constable of Grimsby
  m2. Richard Burgh or Brough
  (H)+ other issue - Thomas, Leonard
  (2) Gerard Haldenby (youngest son)
m1. ??
  m2. Margaret Gorrell
  (A) Roger Haldenby of Aldingflete (Adlinfleet) (d before 21.05.1627)
  m. Ann Hutton (dau of Thomas Hutton)
  (i) Robert Haldenby (b c1605)
  m. (1626) Jane Wilkinson (dau of Rev. John Wilkinson by Jane, dau of Philip Haldenby) @@ above
  (ii) Elizabeth Haldenby (a 1612)
  (B)+ other issue (a 1591) - Francis (d by 07.1603), Simon
  (3) Elizabeth Haldenby
  m. (before 1540) George Copley d 1557, (son/heir of Edward by Mary Maulverer)
  (4)+ other issue - Christopher, William, Elizabeth, Christian, Dorothy, Anne
  b. Katherine Haldenby
  m. Vincent Grantham (brother of Thomas of Goltho)
  ii. Joan Haldenby
  m. Robert Legard of Anlaby (son/heir of Ralph by Custance Cutts)

Main source(s): MGH (NS4 vol 4 (1912), Pedigree of Haldenby of Haldnby, Yorkshire', p71+) with support from Visitation (Yorkshire, 1563-4, 'Hawdenby'), Visitation (Foster, Yorkshire, 1584/5 + 1612, 'Haldenby of Haldenby')
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