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Families covered: Halford of Edith Weston (Edithweston), Halford of Welham, Halford of Wistow

?? Halford
1. Richard Halford of Chepston (Clipstone), Northamptonshire
  A. Andrew Halford of Wistow, Leicestershire (dsp)
  m. Johanna Barret (dau of _ Barret of Medburne)
  B. Edward Halford of Langham, Rutland
  m. Dionisia Bury of Rutland
  i. Sir Richard Halford, Sheriff of Leicestershire, 1st Bart of Wistow (b c1580, d 1658)
m1. Isabella Bowman (dau of George Bowman of Medburne)
  a. Andrew Halford of Kilby (b c1603, dvp 1657)
  m1. Elizabeth Turpin (dau of Sir George Turpin of Knaptoft)
  (1) Sir Thomas Halford, 2nd Bart of Wistow (d 1679?)
  m. Selina Welby (d before 04.1698, dau of William Welby of Denton)
  (A) Sir Thomas Halford, 3rd Bart of Wistow (d unm 1689/960)
(B) Sir William Halford, 4th Bart of Wistow (dsp 1695)
  m. Judith Boothby (dau of Thomas Boothby of Tooley Park)
  (C) Sir Richard Halford, 5th Bart of Wistow (d 05.09.1727)
  m. Mary Cotton (dau of Rev. WIlliam Cotton of Broughton Asley)
(i) Sir William Halford, 6th Bart of Wistow (b 1709, d unm 1768)
  (ii) Thomas Halford
  m. Elizabeth Palmer (dau of Thomas Palmer of Leicester)
  (a) Sir Charles Halford, 7th Bart of Wistow, Sheriff of Leicestershire (dsp 21.07.1780, 4th son)
  m. (03.05.1769) Sarah Farnham (b 25.10.1741, dsp 02.10.1814, dau of Edward Farnham of Quorndon House, she m2. 6th Earl of Denbigh)
  (b)+ 3 sons (dvp)
  (iii) Elizabeth Halford
m. John Smalley (alderman of Leicester)
  (a) Hester Smalley (d 07.04.1791)
  m. (1764) James Vaughan of Leicester (b 27.03.1740, d 19.08.1813)
  Wistow passed to one of their sons who took the name Halford.
  (iv)+ other issue - Charles, Welby (d unm), Benjamin, Mary (d 1742), Rebecca (d 1728)
  (D) Grisel Halford probably of this generation
  m. Richard Boothby of Huncote
  (E)+ 18 other children
  (2) Joan Halford
  m. Andrew Freeman
  (3)+ other issue - Richard (d unm), Andrew (d unm), Elizabeth, Mary
  m2. Mary Hasket (dau of Humphrey Hasket of Creeton)
  m3. Mary Nichols (dau of William Nichols of Haslted, widow of Richard Orton of Lea Grange)
  b. George Halford of Turlangton (dsp)
  c. Joan Halford
  m1. _ Bowman
  m2. Francis St. John
  d. Mary Halford
  m. Samuel Luddington
  m2. (sp) joan Amber (d 1665)
  ii. John Halford of Knebworth (a 1619)
  m. Johanna Coleman (dau of _ Coleman of Turlangton)
  a.+ issue - John, Richard
  iii. Dionisia Halford
  m. _ Sprigge of Langton
  iv. Agnes Halford
  m. Thomas Fauson of Little Bowden
  v.+ other issue - Andrew, William, Elizabeth
C. daughter
  m. Robert Henson of Slapton
2. William Halford
  A. Roger Halford
  m. Grace Brodgate
  i. William Halford of Wellam or Welham, Leicestershire
  m. Jane Foxley (dau of Nicholas Foxley of Blakesly or Blakesley)
a. William Halford of Welham (a 1619)
  m1. Elizabeth Bussy (dau of Edmond Bussy of Hether)
  (1) William Halford (b c1615)
  Visitation ends with this generation. It is assumed that this was the William, identified in BEB1841 as grandfather of the 1st Bart of Welham, who married ...
  m. Mary Atkyns (dau of Sir Henry Atkyns of Clapham)
  (A) Sir William Halford of Welham
  m. (after 04.1659) Elizabeth Pretyman (dau of Sir John Pretyman, Bart)
  (i) Sir William Halford, 1st Bart of Welham (b 1663, d 03.1708-9)
  m1. (1692) Frances Cecil (d 1698, dau of James Cecil, 3rd Earl of Salisbury)
  (a) Sir James Halford, 2nd Bart of Welham (d unm after 1711)
  (b) Sir William Halford, 3rd Bart of Welham (d unm?) not mentioned by BEB1841
(c) John Halford
  m2. (sp) Elizabeth Lewis of Stanton St. John (b c1650, bur 17.11.1720)
  (2)+ other issue - Thomas, Jane
  m2. Elizabeth Elmes (dau of Thomas Elmes of Greenes Norton)
  b. Anthony Halford of Libourne, Northamptonshire (a 1619, 3rd son)
  (1)+ issue - Edward, Nicholas, Emma
  c. John Halford of Shankton, Leicestershire (5th son) had issue
  m. Jane Saunders (dau of Mathew Saunders of Shankton)
  d. Emma Halford
  m. John Bale of Carleton Curlew
  e. Grace Halford
  m. Milo Bussie of Hether
  f.+ other issue - Edward, Henry in London, Roger in London
ii. Richard Halford of Edithweston, Rutland
  m. Dorothy Moore (dau of _ Moore of Weld)
  a. Richard Halford of Edith Weston, Sheriff of Rutland (b c1595/7, d 1675)
  m1. Anne Montgomery (d c1627, dau of Sherrington Montgomery of Sherrington)
  (1) Charles Halford of Edith Weston, Sheriff of Rutland (b c1623, a 1681)
  m. Elizabeth Michell (a 1681, dau of Thomas Michell of South Witham)
  (A) Jane Halford
  m. Christopher Berisford of Long Ledenham
  (B)+ other issue - Richard (b c1663, a 1681), Charles (d young), Elizabeth (b c1658), Anne (b c1659), Catherine (d young), Mary (d young), Catherine (d young), Dorothy (b c1667, a 1681)
  (2) John Halford (d young)
  m2. Jane Day (dsp 1667, dau of John Day of Chard)
  b. Thomas Halford (d 1648, rector of Edith Weston, 4th son)
  m. Catherine Dowman (dau of William Dowman of Uffington)
  (1) Richard Halford
  (2) Jane Halford
  m. George Barr of Dowsby
  (3) Catherine Halford
  m. Richard Clamp of Lynn Regis
  (4) Anne Halford
  m. Robert Wilson of Edith Weston
  c. Jane Halford
  m. William Burton of Brarnston
  d. Grace Halford
  m. James Oliver of Norton
  e. Susanna Halford
  m. Francis Roos of Ashwell
  f. Dorothy Halford
  m. John Cooper of Elton
  g.+ other issue - Thomas (parson of Edithweston), Roger in London (d unm), John (dsp), William (dsp), Mary (d young), Elizabeth (d unm)
  iii. daughter
  m. _ Brandwood of Warwickshire

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