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Families covered: Hamilton of Balloch, Hamilton of Bardowie (Buthernock)
[Some of the latter generations were first reported on a Draft version of this page on 22.03.10. That draft was scrapped when this page was released.]

Bardowie is in the parish of Baldernock, formerly known as Buthernock. The question of how Buthernock came into the Hamilton family was the subject to vigorous debate in the 1820s, sparked by the release of 'AndersonMemoirs' in 1825 then its Supplement in 1827. We have not investigated this in any depth but it appears that the then laird of Bardowie ("Dr. Hamilton of Bardowie", probably Francis Buchanan-Hamilton although it appears that a T.R. Buchanan acted on his behalf) disagreed with Anderson (or rather a Mr. John Riddell who appears to have taken up the issue on Anderson's behalf) about whether ownership of the Bardowie lands had originally come through the Galbraiths, whose heiress (Jonet Keith) was mother of the undermentioned John, 1st of Bardowie, or some other transaction involving the Earls of Lennox (who had held superiority over them) in the 13th or 14th century. [Apparently, this had implications for our understanding of the early Hamiltons & Galbraiths and of "the male representation of the House of Stewart".] T.R. Buchanan (apparently on behalf of Dr. Hamilton of Bardowie) released 'Memoirs of the House of Hamilton, Corrected with an Addition' in 1828. [The 1827 Supplement had inserted "some objections that have been made to the account given of the Hamiltons of Bardowie, with an answer by Mr. Riddell, which Mr Anderson considers as setting the point fairly at rest". Dr. Hamilton clearly disagreed.] Later that same year, Riddell replied with 'Reply to the Misstatements of Dr. Hamilton of Bardowie' with scathing response to Dr. Hamilton's assertions. This all became somewhat personal! We are unlikely to research this matter properly but we take comfort from the fact that George Harvey-Johnston identifies the Authorities for his coverage of the family in HJHeraldry as "House of Hamilton and the Discussion between Dr Hamilton of Bardowie and John Riddell, Advocate". Accordingly, we trust that Harvey-Johnston has sorted things out for us - although it is not clear to us whether or not there had ever been meaningful dispute over the succession reported by Anderson, as the dispute seems to have been mainly about the land. 'HamiltonHistory' adds nothing to this.
(Sir) John Hamilton, 1st of Bardowie in Buthernock (a 1390, 1411)
m. (mcrt 05.1394) Margaret Fraser mentioned by Anderson & HJHeraldry but not by 'HamiltonHistory'
1. John or Robert Hamilton of Bardowie in Buthernock (b c1391) named John by Anderson & HJHeraldry but Robert by 'HamiltonHistory'
  A. Robert Hamilton of Bardowie in Buthernock (a 1454, dvp?) named Robert by Anderson & HJHeraldry but left unnamed by 'HamiltonHistory'
  i. John Hamilton of Bardowie in Buthernock (a 1462, 1516, d before 04.04.1517)
  Anderson shows John (a 1487, d before 11.01.1504, m. Margaret Spreule) father of John (a 1487, dvp) father of John (m1. Mariot Maxwell, m2. Margaret Weir) father of Allan. HJHeraldry shows John (a 1487) father of John (dvp, m. Margaret Spreule) father of John (m1. Mariot Maxwell, m2. Margaret Weir) father of Allan. 'HamiltonHistory' shows the following.
  a. John Hamilton of Bardowie in Buthernock
  m1. ??
  (1) John Hamilton of Ballinkere (dvp before 1494)
  m. Margaret Spreule
  (A) John Hamilton of Bardowie in Buthernock (a 1494, d 1526)
  m. Mariot Maxwell (a 1535)
(i) Allan Hamilton of Bardowie (d 01.11.1537, 2nd son)
  m. Mariot Stirling relict of Allan, presumed mother of ...
  (a) John Hamilton of Bardowie (d 29.10.1603 (not c1586))
  m1. ?? Alexander (dau of Andrew Alexander of Menstrie)
  ((1)) John Hamilton of Bardowie (dvpsp 24.08.1592 (not by 1605))
  m. Janet Napier (probably sister of John of Merchiston (inventor of logarithms), m2. James Muir of Thornton)
  ((2)) James Hamilton of Bardowie (d before 02.11.1615)
  m. Marion Houston (dau of Patrick Houston of that ilk)
  ((A)) John Hamilton of Bardowie (d 02.1656) - continued below
m. (mcrt 17.04.1616) Mary Douglas (dau of Alexander Douglas of Mains)
  ((3)) Adam Hamilton (d 03.1627)
  m. Elizabeth Widderspune (d before 06.12.1636)
  ((4)) Barbara Hamilton (d 01.1615)
  m. (after 11.11.1581) Robert Livingstone of Westquarter ## see here ##
  ((5)) Elizabeth or Elspeth Hamilton
  m. (1588) John Stirling, 7th of Craigbernard
  ((6)) other issue - Allan (d 14.06.1611), William (d before 16.05.1610), Umphra (d before 01.12.1610), Marion
  m2. Jean Stirling (a 1601)
  m3. Katherine Paterson (a 1603)
  partner unknown
  ((7)) John Hamilton of Balloch (d 01.1680)
  m. (1625) Jonet King (a 1680, dau of James King in Barnelland)
  ((A)) John Hamilton of Balloch (b 1630, a 1716)
  m. Helen Simson
  ((B)) Janet Hamilton (b 1626)
  m. (1644) Matthew Robein
  ((C))+ other issue - Alexander (d young), James (b 1639), Mathew (b 1641), Alexander (b 1645), William (b 1648), Marion (b 1628), Mary (b 1632), Bessie (b 1634), Jean (b 1643)
  p1. Helen Campbell
  ((L)) William Hamilton (b 1640)
  p2. _ McHunter
  ((M)) Janet Hamilton (b 1642)
  (ii) Robert Hamilton (d before 26.02.1549/50)
  (a)+ issue - John, Janet
  (iii)+ other issue - Robert (d 1526), Andrew in Balquharry (a 12.1589)
partner unknown
  (v) Robert Hamilton
  (2)+ other issue - Robert (a 1517), Archibald may have been illegitimate
  m2. Margaret Weir (a 1549)
  (4) Robert Hamilton (a 1549)
  partner(s) unknown
  (5)+ other issue - Thomas (d before 04.04.1527), Adam (a 07.1513)
2. Janet Hamilton shown as of this generation by 'HamiltonHistory' but a generation later by Anderson
  m. William Crawford of Crawfordland (d 1423)



John Hamilton (10th) of Bardowie (d 02.1656) - continued above
m. (mcrt 17.04.1616) Mary Douglas (d 11.1670, dau of Alexander Douglas of Mains)
1. John Hamilton of Bardowie (a 1677, d before 13.09.1684)
  m. (mcrt 20.02.1643) Anne Levingtoun (dau of Pat Levingtoun (Livingstone?) of Saltcoates)
  A. John Hamilton of Bardowie (b 1645, d by 1714)
  m. (mcrt 27.11.1675) Joanna or Jean Hamilton (dau of James Hamilton, bailie of Hamilton)
i. John Hamilton of Bardowie (d 14.07.1757)
  The following is supported by the section on 'Hamilton of Bardowie' within BLG1886 ('Buchanan-Hamilton of Spittal, Leny, and Bardowie') which starts with this John, identifying him as "Twelfth in descent from John de Hamilton, of Bothernok, or Bardowie".
  m. (mcrt 14.09.1704) Marion Buchanan (dau of Robert Buchanan of Arnpryor)
  a. John Hamilton of Bardowie (d unm 1739)
  b. Robert Hamilton of Bardowie (dsp 14.07.1757)
  c. Katherine Hamilton (a 1759, dsp)
  m. William Anderson of Glasgow (d by 1759, professor)
  d. Mary Hamilton (a 1759, dsp)
  m. James Brown of Monktoun (d before 01.1759)
  e. Elizabeth Hamilton (a 1759)
m. Thomas Buchanan, 10th of Spittal & Leny, later of Bardowie
  Bardowie passed into the Buchanan family, members of which assumed the name Buchanan-Hamilton.
  f.+ other issue (d unm before 1757 in Jamaica) - James, Francis
  ii. Robert Hamilton of Hamilton Hill
  m. Helen Graham (d by 1777, of family of Kilmardiney)
a. Jean Hamilton
  m. Gerald Forrester at Falkirk
  b.+ other issue (d unm) - John, Walter
  iii. James Hamilton of Dowan (a 1754, RN, 4th son)
  m. Janet Buchanan (dau of John Buchanan of Craigievarn)
  a. Jean Hamilton
  m. John Hamilton of Everton (Overtoun)
  iv. Anna Hamilton mentioned by 'HamiltonHistory' (as "probably" fitting here), not by Anderson
  m. Peter Patoun (Dr.)
  v. Jean Hamilton mentioned by 'HamiltonHistory', not by Anderson
  m. (c1695) James Brown (minister in Glasgow)
vi. Mary Hamilton
  m. (mcrt 11.1711) James Grahame of Glengyle
  Anderson reports that James "on the death of Archibald MacGregor of Kilmanan, became chief of the Clan Gregor, and was called "Gregarach Glundhu", or the black-kneed MacGregor". See here.
  vii. Elizabeth Hamilton
  m. (1711) William Buchanan (son of John of Craigievain (Craigeavern))
  B.+ other issue - Alexander (a 1704), Mary (b 1644), Anna (b 1647), Marion (b 1649)
2. Alexander Hamilton (b 1630, d before 15.11.1660, 4th son)
  m. Agnes Stevin
  A. Margaret Hamilton (b 1648)
3. Marion Hamilton (b 1625, d before 12.1671)
  m. (mcrt 04.12.1641) John Fleming, younger of Woodelie
4. Elizabeth Hamilton (b 1629)
  m. (06.05.1648) John Douglas (son of Walter of Kaigtoun (Kayston))
5. Margaret Hamilton (b 1631)
  m. (05.06.1649) Arthur Colquhoun of Kenmure
6. Jean Hamilton (b 1633) probably married ...
  m. William Crichton
7.+ other issue - Adam (b 1624), James (b 1627), Mary (b 1635)

Main source(s) (see here): 'HamiltonHistory' ('Bardowie', p91+), 'AndersonMemoirs' ('Bardowie', p209+), HJHeraldry (Hamilton, 'Bardowie', p105+)
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