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Families covered: Hamilton of Aikenhead (Aitkenhead), Hamilton-Dundas of Duddingston, Hamilton of Glasgow, Hamilton of Holmhead, Hamilton of Torrance (Torrence), Hamilton of Westburn
[Much of the following was originally within Hamilton05. It was moved here to facilitate review & expansion of both pages.]

Matthew Hamilton, 6th of Torrance (d c1551)
m. Jean Muirhead (dau of ?? Muirhead of Lauchope)
1. Robert Hamilton of Torrance (a 05.1579, dsp?) not mentioned by Anderson or HJHeraldry
2. James Hamilton of Torrance, Provost of Glasgow (a 1574, d 10.1603)
  Anderson suggests that James witnessed a charter in 03.1624 but 'HamiltonHistory' reports that he died in October 1603.
  m. (c1561) Catherine Hamilton (dau of David Hamilton, 2nd of Broomhill)
  A. Robert Hamilton of Torrance (d 1624)
  m. (by 04.06.1601) Beatrix Hamilton (d 12.1628, dau of James (not Andrew) Hamilton of Peill)
  i. Robert Hamilton of Torrance (dsp 03.1649)
  m. Jean Porterfield (b c1588, d 12.1658, dau of Alexander Porterfield of that ilk)
ii. James Hamilton of Sheills & Torrance (d by 1663)
  m1. Anne Cunningham (d 05.1627, dau of _ Cunningham of Craig)
  a. Robert Hamilton (d young)
  b. Anne Hamilton
  m. James Hamilton of Overscheills ("of the Dalserf family")
  m2. (1630) Anna Robertoun (a 1653, sister of Bartholomew Robertoun)
  c. Robert Hamilton, last of Torrance (a 1666, dsp?)
  d. Grizel Hamilton possibly fits here
  m. Robert Hall of Fulbar
  e. daughter
  iii. Janet Hamilton
m. John Hamilton of Airdrie (b 1569, d 1648)
  iv. Katherine Hamilton --
  m. James Lindsay of Oversheills --
  v. daughter
  m. Gavin Blair (a 1636)
  vi. Annabella Hamilton possibly fits here
  m. Dugald Campbell (minister of Letterkenny)
  B. James Hamilton of Aikenhead (Aitkenhead), Provost of Glasgow (d by 1633)
  The following is supported by BLG1863 ('Woddrop of Dalmarnock represents Hamilton of Aikenhead'), 'AndersonMemoirs' ('Holmhead', p304+) & HJHeraldry (Hamilton, 'Aikenhead', p90+). They show only one wife for James whilst 'HamiltonHistory' shows two wives as follows. 'HamiltonHistory' names the estate "Aitkenhead" but we follow the other sources in using the older form without the "t".
  m1. (by 05.1598) Elizabeth Adam (d 10.1616)
  i. Robert Hamilton of Aikenhead (d 06.1649)
  m. (1625) Mary Porterfield (dau of Alexander Porterfield
a. James Hamilton of Aikenhead (d 1707, MP))
  (1) Anderson (1825), supported by BLG1863 & HJHeraldry (1909), reports that James "was thrice married, and, what os not a little singular, had thirty children in all, - twelve by the first wife, eight by the second, and ten by the third ... five sons and five daughters, but no sons by the first two (wives). Of this numerous family there are accounts of five only": James, Lilias, Mary, Margaret and a dau who m. _ Buchanan. 'HamiltonHistory' suggests that 12 daughters by the first wife "sounds improbable", that of the second wife and issue "I have found no information", but accepts that there were 5 sons and 5 daughters by his last marriage.
(2) Anderson, supported by BLG1863, identifies James's first wife as Anne, dau of John Portertfield of that ilk (or of Porterfield). HJHeraldry does not name her father. 'HamiltonHistory' names her father 'George Porterfield, late Provost of Glasgow' (shown in various web sites as "of the house of Duchill" (Duchall) which was the same as that of Porterfield). We have yet to see how that George fitted into the family of Porterfield of that ilk and note that our sources on that family do show Anne as dau of John. Provisionally, we retain that connection but hope to investigate George Porterfield and his family further in due course.
  m1. (1652) Anne Porterfield (dau of John Porterfield of that ilk)
  (1)+ issue - Mary (b 1653), Anna (a 1691)
  m2. ??
  m2/3. Margaret Muirhead (dau of James Muirhead of Bredisholme by Grizel, dau of James Hamilton of Westport)
(3) James Hamilton of Aikenhead (d 08.1740, rector of Glasgow University)
  m. (1708) Mary Govan (dau of John Govan of Hoggenfield)
  (A) James Hamilton of Aikenhead & Ardrossan (b 1710, d 1770)
  m. (12.01.1759) Marion Roberton (dau of John Roberton of Earnock by Elizabeth Hamilton)
  (i) James Hamilton of Holmhead (Renfrewshire) & Ardrossan (d unm 1832)
  (ii) Mary Hamilton of Holmhead
  (iii) Anne Hamilton (b c1770, dsp 17.02.1865)
  m. (1803) David Marshall of Neilsland
  (iv)+ other issue (dsp) - John, Elizabeth, Marion
(B) Mary Hamilton (b 1709)
  m. Patrick Bell of Cowcaddens (son of Sir Patrick of Hamilton Farm)
  (C) Lilian or Lilias Hamilton (b 1715, a 1756)
  m. Henry Wardrop, Woodrope or Woddrop of Dalmarnock
  (D)+ other issue - John of Glasgow & Glentoir (b 1711, dsp by 1754), Alexander (b 1714), Margaret (b 1712), Janet (b 1716), Jean (b 1718, d before 07.1768), Maxwell (b 1719)
  (4) Lilias Hamilton
  m. John (probably not James) Muirhead of Bredisholme (cousin)
  (5) Mary Hamilton
  m. _ Maxwell of Morristown
  (6) Margaret Hamilton
  m. _ More of Cairnhill
  (7) daughter
m. _ Buchanan
  (8)+ other issue - Alexander of Glasgow, Robert (a 1695), John (a 1695), William (a 1702), Ann (a 1695)a, Grissell (a 1695)
  ii. James Hamilton of Glasgow (d 02.1662)
  m. (mcrt 12.12.1628) Margaret Muir (d before 12.09.1645, dau/heir of Archibald Muir of Glasgow by Margaret Ross)
  a. Elizabeth Hamilton (b 1634)
  m. (mcrt 14.07.1654) John Hamilton of Hills (son of John of Udstoun)
  b. Margaret Hamilton (b 1635)
  m. (mcrt 12.10.1654) James Ross of Thornton
  c. Susannah Hamilton (b 1639, a 1684) shown a generation earlier by BLG1863 (not mentioned by Anderson)
  m. (mcrt 06.04.1657) John Anderson (a 1684, son of John of Dowhill)
  d.+ other issue - James (b 1633, d young), James (b 1641), Margaret (b 1631, d young), Agnes (b 1637)
  iii. John Hamilton of Glasgow (a 1634)
  m. Agnes Sempill
  a.+ issue - John (b 1629), Gavin (b 1631), Geills (b 1632), John (b 1633), James (bpt 12.04.1634)
  iv. Gabriel Hamilton (b 1616, d young)
v. Agnes Hamilton (a 1646)
  m1. Gabriel Maxwell (d 1615, minister of Eaglesham)
  m2. James Mowat, younger of Busbie (d before 22.05.1638)
  m2. (mcrt 20.10.1617) Margaret Ros (dau of Robert Ros of Thornton, widow of Archibald Mure of Glasgow)
  vi. Elizabeth (Bessie) Hamilton (b 1618, d before 20.02.1665)
  m. (20.02.1635/6) Sir William Mure of Rowallan
  vii.+ other issue (d young) - George (b 1621), James (b 1622), Daniel (b 1624), James (b 1627), Katherine (b 1619), Grisel (b 1626), Mary (b 1630, d by 1635)
  C. John Hamilton (to the Indies)
  D. Alexander Hamilton (b c1579, d c1646, minister)
  m. Ann Hamilton
  i. James Hamilton
  E. Matthew Hamilton of Glasgow (d before 30.04.1680)
  m1. (mcrt 02.06.1608) Elizabeth Lindsay (dau/coheir of James Lindsay of Glasgow)
  i. Agnes Hamilton (b 1612)
  m. Robert Robieson
  ii. Katharine Hamilton (b 1615)
  m2. (05.04.1622) Jonet Scott (dau of John Scott)
  iii. Bessie Hamilton (b 1622, d by 04.1680)
m. (21.02.1650) David Donald of Glasgow
  iv. Jonet Hamilton (b 1629, d by 04.1680)
  m. (07.08.1651) Matthew Herbertson
  v. Anna Hamilton (b 1632, a 1680)
  m. (mcrt 28.03.1660) Thomas Blair in Glasgow
  vi+. other issue - James (b 1626), Jonet (b 1628, d young), John (b 1634), Catherine (b 1636), Margaret (b 1637)
  F. Katherine Hamilton (a 1661)
  m. James Hamilton (d 28.10.1648, minister of Hamilton, son of Robert of Dalserf)
  G. Anne or Isabel Hamilton
  m. Robert Hamilton (minister of Cathcart)
  H. Elizabeth (or Jean) Hamilton
  m. James Fleming of Glasgow
  I. daughter
  m. John Lindsay of Southwood (a 1624)
3. Andrew Hamilton 'of Westburn' (d 03.1628, 5th son)
  (1) Anderson notes that Andrew "was probably a son of Matthew Hamilton of Torrance". 'The Old Country Houses' identifies Andrew as "said, by Nisbet, to have been a cadet of Torrance, and the same fact is stated in the Register of the Lyon Office, in the diploma of Armorial Bearings granted to his son Gabriel". 'HamiltonHistory' notes most of this but reports "No corroboration has been found for this statement. The grant of armorial bearings to the family about the middle of the 17th century is a strong indication that the statement is correct." The only clear identification for Andrew given by 'HamiltonHistory' is that he had a brother, Robert Hamiton of Baitland (d 09.1597) who m. Abigail Hamilton, dau of John, Provost of Bothwell (m2. Edward Merschell of Edinburgh). For earlier generations, Commoners merely identifies Andrew (a 1604) as a descendant of the Thomas who m. the heiress of Torrance of Torrance but BLG1862 follows Anderson, albeit jumping some generations.
(2) The following is supported by the article on Westburn in 'The Old Country Houses of the Old Glasgow Gentry' (2nd edition, 1878) with some support from BLG1862 ('Dundas of Duddingston') & Commoners (vol iii, 'Dundas of Duddingston', p179+). It is also supported by 'AndersonMemoirs' ('Westburn', p442+ in Supplement (replaces original p392+).
  m1. (by 1604) Elizabeth Luggie
  A. John Hamilton (a 1619, dsp)
  B. David Hamilton
  'HamiltonHistory' (p1042) mentions that a David of this marriage settled in Maine (Nova Scotia) and had descendants there (including the Hamiltons of Waterborogjh).
  m2. Jonet Crocket (a 1628)
  C. Gabriel Hamilton of Westburn (d 1669)
  m. Margaret Cunningham a 1674, (dau of Sir Robert (or Sir William or John) Cunningham of Gilbertfield)
i. Gabriel Hamilton of Westburn (dsp 1762)
  ii. Archibald Hamilton of Curmannock, later of Westburn (d before 1733)
  m1. (sp) _ Hay (dau of _ Hay of Craignethan)
  m2. (mcrt 26.05.1701) Margaret Hamilton (dau of Claud Hamilton of Barnes by Anne, dau of Sir Walter Stewart of Allantoun by Margaret Hamilton)
a. Gabriel Hamilton of Westburn (b 1702, d 10.1762)
  m. Agnes Dundas (d 1798?, dau of George Dundas of Duddingston by Magdalen Lindsay Crawfurd)
  (1) Gabriel Hamilton of Westburn (b 1736, d unm 10.1762, Captain, 2nd son)
  (2) John Hamilton, later Hamilton-Dundas of Duddingston & Westburn (b 1745, d 1820/6, 6th son)
  m. (1779) Grizel Hamilton (dau of John Hamilton of Barns)
  (A) Gabriel Hamilton-Dundas of Duddingston & Westburn (b 1780) had issue
m. (1804) Isabella Bryson Dennistoun (dau of James Dennistoun of Dennistoun & Colgrain)
  (B) Agnes Hamilton (b 1786, dsp 1854) who married ...
  m. (20.01.1835) James John Cadell of Banton & Grange (b 20.01.1779, d 13.11.1858)
  (C)+ other issue - John (b 1782, dvpsp), David Dundas (b 1783, dvpsp), James (b 1789, dvpsp 1805), George (b 1793, dvpsp), Marion (b 1785), Margaret (b 1787), Magdalen Elizabeth, Eleanor
  (3) Margaret Hamilton (b 1733, dsp before 22.02.1792)
  m. (1788) John Lockhart Nasmyth (Captain, RN)
  (4) Christian Hamilton
  m. (02.07.1777) Charles Napier of Merchiston Hall (b 19.11.1731, d 09.12.1807, son of Francis, 6th Lord)
(5) Mary Ann Hamilton
  m. Robert Gray of Carntyne
  (6)+ other issue - Gabriel (b 1735, d infant), Archibald (d young/unm), Hope Archibald (b 27.10.1748, d 1749), George (d young/unm), David (d young), Graham Christian, Agnes (d young), Magdalen Elizabeth (b 1790), Eleanor
  b. Ann Hamilton
  m. (1732/4) James Millar (minister of Hamilton)
  c.+ other issue - Robert (dsp), Archibald (b 1707), James (b 1710), Margaret (b 1709)
  iii. Elizabeth Hamilton (b 1653-4)
  m. (mcrt 17.09.1678) James Hamilton of Newton (d by 05.1698, cadet of Silverton Hill)
  iv. Jean Hamilton
  m. (mcrt 21.09.1671) John Bonteun of Geildstoun
  v. Rebecca Hamilton
  m. (30.04.1696) Walter Buchanan of (Yelliestoun,) Moss & Giliestoun
  vi. Susan Hamilton
  m. James Lang of Wester Kilpatrick and/or Overton
  vii.+ other issue - James (a 1670), John (b c1654, a 12.1671), Anne (b c1657, d unm 02.1673/4)
  D. James Hamilton in Aikentembe
  m. Katherine Baillie of Park
  i. Archibald Hamilton (b 1660, a 03.1724, bursar of the University of Glasgow, minister of Cambuslang)
  m. Janet Hall (dau of Rev. Gilbert Hall of Kirkliston)
  a. William Hamilton (b 1689, d 15.07.1769, minister of Douglas)
  m. (08.04.1729) Christian Dinwoodie (d before 1758, dau of Robert Diwoodie of Glasgow)
  (1) Janet Hmilton (b 1763, d 1791)
  m. (1742) James Scott (minister of Libberton)
  (2)+ other issue - Archibald (b 1738, a 1774), Lawrence (b 17442, d 1758), Gilbert (b 1744), Douglas (b 1746), Jean (b 1737, d 1811), Sarah (b 1740, a 1820)
  b. Gilbert Hamilton (b 1697)
  The following comes from 'HamiltonHistory' ('Rutherglen', p758+).
  (1) Gilbert Hamilton (b 1732)
  m. (14760) Isobel Reid
  (A) Archibald Hamilton (b 1765, 2nd son)
  m. (1786) Katherine Bowman (dau of David Bowman, Provost of Rutherglen)
  (i) Gabriel Hamilton (b 1788) had issue
  m. (1820) Helen Speirs
  (ii) David Hamilton (b/d 1789)
  (B)+ other issue - John (b 1763), Gabriel (b 1769), Isabel (b 1761), Agnes (b 1768)
  c. Archibald Hamilton (b 1698)
  (1) Gilbert Hamilton, Provost of Glasgow
  d. Cecilia Hamilton
  m. Robert Paton (minister of Renfrew)
  e. Eupham Hamilton (b 1701)
  E. Mary Hamilton (a 1628)
4.+ other issue - Alexander (a 1587), Archibald (a 1600), Katherine

Main Sources (see here): 'HamiltonHistory' ('Torrence' (p853+) & 'Aitkenhead' (p51+) & 'Westburn ('Parish of Cambuslang)', p868+)) with input/support from 'AndersonMemoirs' ('Torrance', p387+), HJHeraldry (Hamilton, 'Torrance', p88+) and as reported above
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