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Families covered: Hamilton of (Inch of) Bathgate, Hamilton of Howden, Hamilton of Lochhouse, Hamilton of Newhouse, Hamilton of Pryorhill, Hamilton of Woodhall

Robert Hamilton of Newhouse (d 1597)
1. Robert Hamilton of Broustarland & Newhouse (d 08.1623)
  A. Robert Hamilton of Newhouse
  m. (c09.1602) Helen Cornwall (a 1627, dau of Nicol Cornwall of Bonhard)
  i.+ issue - Robert, James
  B. James Hamilton (b c1580, d 1631, minister of Lesmahagow)
  m. Marion Livingston
  i. Agnes Hamilton
  m. Alexander Weddell of Glasgow
  ii.+ other issue - Robert (b 1603, a 1639, later in England), James, Alexander, Isobel
  C. Gavin Hamilton (a 1601)
  D. Sara Hammilton
  m. (1619?) Willam Bogle of Chapell
  E. daughter
  m. (by 1623) John Weir of Burnside
2. John Hamilton of Pryorhill (d before 1649)
  m. (mcrt 20.10.1600) Margaret Lindsay (dau of Archibald Lindsay, younger of Crevoch)
  A. daughter
  m. (before 08.0.1649) James Hamilton in Strathaven, later of Pryorhill (brother of Robert)
  i. James Hamilton of Pryorhill
  ii. Alexander Hamilton
  iii. Jean Hamilton (d 10.1666)
  m. John Hamilton in Readen
  B.+ other issue - James of Pryorhill (a 1649), Umphra of Pryorhill (a 1633)
3. Andrew Hamilton of Hamilton (d 04.1613)
  m. (by 1605) Marikon McCulloch (m2. Patrick McMorrane)
  parner(s) unbknown
A.+ issue - Gabriel, Andrew
4. Charles Hamilton (d before 1613)
  A. Robert Hamilton
5. Janet Hamilton
  m. (mcrt 04.02.1582/3) James Flemyng (son of John of Glasgow)
6. Beatrix Hamilton
  m. (mcrt 21.11.1595) Archibald Hamilton of Netherfield-dyke
7. Elizabeth Hamilton (d 02.1598/9)
  m. Archibald Hamilton in Halls of Glengavill
8.+ other issue - Gavin, James



Michael Hamilton of Lochhouse (a 1489)
1. Gilbert Hamilton of Lochous (a 11.1517)
  A. Michael Hamilton of Inch of Bathgate (a 08.1523)
  m. Mariia Borthwick
  i. Alexander Hamilton of Easter Inch (d 05.11.1604)
  m1. Katherine Marshall
  a. Michael Hamilton of Inch of Bathgate (d before 08.06.1647)
  m1. Christian Dundas (d 12.1637, "of the Breistmilne family")
  m2. Jonet Eistoun (d before 24.05.1647, widow of Alexander Stewart of Edinburgh)
  b.+ other issue - Robert, David
  m2. ??
  d. daughter
  m. _ Kello
  e.+ other issue - Thomas, Alexander, William
  ii. Marion Hamilton
  m. William Logan in Tranent
  iii.+ other issue - Michael, Peter (d 20.02.1592/3)
2. David Hamilton



James Hamilton, 1st of Woodhall, Lanarkshire
'HamiltonHistory' is not clear on the early generations of this family - reporting that Anderson shows this James as of the Torrance family with him being father of John (m. a Hamilton of Orbistoun) father of Thomas - reporting also that "The first reference to the family found in records" was John and then reports that "I have not found any reference in the records to John's wife nor to his connection with Thomas, his successor in the estate".
m. (c1480) Isabella Livingstone (dau/heir of _ Livingstone of Woodhall)
1. John Hamilton of Woodhall
  m. _ Hamilton (dau of _ Hamilton of Orbistoun)
  A. Thomas Hamilton of Woodhall (a 1510)
  Anderson (supported by HJHeraldry) shows Thomas (m. "a daughter of the house of Haggs") father of James (m. Margaret Muirhead) father of John (m. Christian, "of the house of Kilsyth"). 'HamiltonHistory' provides the following.
m. Margaret Muirhead (possibly dau of James Muirhead of Lauchope)
  i. John Hamilton of Woodhall (dsp)
  ii. James Hamilton of Woodhall (d 08.11.1594)
  m1. (20.03.1548/9) Christian Livingstone (d 12.1558, dau of James Livingstone of Baldorane)
  a. Christian Hamilton
  m2. Isobel Hamilton (d 01.1574/5, sister of James Hamilton of Haggs (son of John son of Gavin))
  m3. Katherine Hamilton (dau of Gavin Hamilton)
  It is not clear which wife was mother of James's sons.
  b. John Hamilton of Woodhall (a 09.1607, d before 01.1608)
  m1. (13.02.1566/7) Christian Hamilton (a 1580)
  (1) Janet Hamilton
  m. (before 11.1612) Alexander Glen of Bara
m2. Grisel Hamilton (m2. James Hamilton of Westport()
  (2) Fynwall Hamilton
  It is not clear which wife was mother of John's sons.
  (3) John Hamilton of Woodhall (a 1647) named James by Anderson
m. Giles Knox (dau of Andrew Knox, Bishop of the Isles then of Raphoe)
  (A) James Hamilton of Woodhall (d before 1689)
  The following is partly supported by 'AndersonMemoirs' ('Woodhall', Supplement, p475).
  m1. (22.11.1621) Jonet Morison not mentioned by Anderson
  - Bethia Hamilton
  'HamiltonHistory' suggests that a Bethia of this marriage m. (mcrt 06.06.1687) John Drew of Glasgow (maltman) but that it is not shown in our copy of 'AndersonMemoirs'.
m2. (mcrt 20.07.1633) Bethia Hamilton (dau of Sir John Hamilton of Orbiston)
  (i) John Hamilton of Woodhall (d by 1695)
  m. (before 1662) Jean Muirhead (dau of Sir James Muirhead of Lauchope)
  (a) Margaret Hamilton
  m. Laurence Crawfurd of Jordanhill (d 1728)
  (ii) Thomas Hamilton (b c1647, dsp 11.1699, minister of Hamilton, Dean of Glasgow, later in Ireland, 3rd son)
  m. (c1678) Jean Douglas (dau of Sir Francis Douglas of Sandilands (brother of the Marquis of Douglas), relict of Rev. Alexander Inglis of Douglas)
  (iii) Bethia Hamilton
  m. Hew Crawford of Jordanhill
  (iv)+ other issue - James (dsp before 1695), Jean (b 1638, d young)
  m3. (before 1653) Anne Hamilton (dau of Sir James Hamilton of Broomhill)
  (v) Isobel Hamilton (a 1703)
m. (mcrt 12.1671) Hew Crawford of Cloberhill (Cloverhill)
  (vi) Jean Hamilton
  m1. William Grierson of Bargatton
  m2. Thomas Maxwell of Cuil
  (vii) Anne Hamilton (a 05.1688)
  m. James Muirhead of Bredisholm (d before 15.05.1688)
  (viii) Margaret Hamilton
  m. (by 1674) Archibald Robertoun of Bedlay
  (ix) Giles Hamilton (d before 1695)
  m. (c1667) William Cunningham of Brownhill
  (4) James Hamilton of Howden, later in Killybegs (co. Donegal) (a 1627)
  m. Susanna Lindsay
  (5) William Hamilton of Howden (d before 1654, rector of Killybegs, Ireland)
  m. (mcrt 22.07.1619) Agnes Walkinshaw (dau of Patrick Walkinshaw, sub-dean of Glasgow)
  (A) Edward Hamilton of Howden (a 1654)
  (B) Patrick Hamilton of Glasgow (d 12.1667)
  m. Margaret Hamilton (dau of Robert Hamilton, bailie of Glasgow, cousin) @@ just below
  (C) Mary Hamilton (a 11.1668)
  m1. (mcrt 10.11.1654) Henry Anderson of Glasgow (d 08.1659)
  m2. (mcrt 03.05.1661) David Neill of Glasgow (d 03.1667)
  (6) Robert Hamilton (bailie of Glasgow)
  m. (24.10.1620) Jonet Robertoun
  (A) James Hamilton (b 1622, d 04.161)
  m. (30.10.1651) Barbara Campbell
  (i) Barbara Hamilton (b 1654)
  m. (03.07.1683) John Cochrane of Ferguslie
  (ii)+ other issue - Robert (b 1656), Colin (b 1658), Jonet (b 1652), Marion (b 1660)
  (B) Elizabeth Hamilton (b 1620, d 1647/50)
  m. (29.12.1640) James Hamilton of Glasgow (of the Airdrie family)
  (C) Christan Hamilton (b 1625)
  m. (mcrt 09.06.1647) Edward Robieson of Glasgow
  (D) Margaret Hamilton (b 1628)
  m. Patrick Hamilton of Glasgow (d 12.1667) @@ just above
  (E)+ other issue - William (b 1630), Jonet (b 1626)
  (7) Christian Hamilton mentioned by Anderson, not clear who was her mother
  m. James Glen of Bara
  c. Claud Hamilton (4th son)
(1) Elizabeth Hamilton
  d.+ other issue - Thomas, Andrew, William
  iii. Margaret (or Marion) Hamilton
  Thomas Pettigrew of (Nether) Coitts
  iv. Gelis Hamilton
  m. Robert Winrame in Ratho
2. Jean (or Margaret) Hamilton
  m. John Hamilton of Orbiston

Main Sources (see here):
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(3) For lower section : 'HamiltonHistory' ('Woodhall', p888+), 'AndersonMemoirs' ('Woodhall', p398+), HJHeraldry (Hamilton,'Woodhall', p 95+)
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