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Families covered: Hamilton of Barr, Hamilton of Clatto, Hamilton of East Quarter, Hamilton of Ferguslie (Ferguslee), Hamilton of Kilbrackmont(h) (Kynbrachmont), Hamilton of Parkhead

James Hamilton of Ruchbank & Kilbrackmont (Kilbrackmonth) (d 14.12.1600, rector & vicar of Kernteun)
m. (by 1563) Margaret Dishington (d 25.12.1612, dau/coheir of Paul Dishington of Ardrois)
1. James Hamilton of Langherdmestoun & Kilbrackmont(h) (d before 1647)
  m1. (mcrt 02.1591/2) Agnes Betoun (d 08.1613, dau of Robert Betoun of Balfour)
  A. George Hamilton of Kilbrackmont (dsp before 07.09.1669)
m. Jean Napier (dau of John Napier "the inventor of logarithms" (by Anna Chisholm), widow of John Gaw)
  B. John Hamilton of Clatto (d 02.1647)
  m. (1631) Grizel Aytoun (a 1669, dau of James Aytoun of Grange)
i. Robert Hamilton of Clatto & Kilbrackmont (d 02.04.1720)
  m. (25.06.1662) Margaret Carstairs (dau of Sir John Carstairs of Kilconquhar)
  a. Philip Hamilton of Kilbrackmont (b c1669, d by 1738, 3rd son)
  m1. (10.1696) Helen Gedde (dau of John Gedde of St. Nicholas (Provost of St. Andrews), widow of James Lentron)
  (1) Margaret Hamilton (b 08.1697, a 1717) probably the Margaret (d 11.12.1783) who married ...
  m. (by 1728) Sir Alexander Sharp of Scotscraig, 5th Bart (d before 1771)
  m2. (15.06.1706) Margaret Wemyss (dau of Sir James Wemyss of Bogie, widow of John Bethune of Blebo)
  m3. (mcrt 22.12.1711) Helen Fotheringham (d before 1740, dau of Thomas Fotheringham of Ballindean, widow of Andrew Couper of Lochblair)
  (2) Robert Hamilton of Kilbrackmont (d 09.11.1769)
  m. (02.07.1741) Agnes Fotheringham ( dau of Robert Fotheringham of Ballindean)
  (A) Agnes Hamilton (d 1782)
  m. (c1760) John Ramsay Lamy of Dunkenny
  (B) Helen Hamilton (d 27.07.1804)
  m. Kid Fotheringham (writer)
  (C)+ other issue - Robert (b c1750, a 1782, Captain), James, Thomas, Stewart, Janet, Anne
  Not clear which wife was mother of ...
  (3) Stewart Hamilton
  m. (13.11.1740) John Dempster of Dunnichen
  (4)+ other issue (a 02.1730) - Helen (d before 09.07.1740), Mary (d before 09.07.1740), Agnes
  m4. (03.04.1741) Isobel Stewart (dau of Alexander Stewart in Milltown of Pittenweene)
  b. Jean Hamilton
  m. John Gordon, younger of Garverry, later of Kirkconnell
  c. Mary Hamilton (a 1706)
m. (c1701) James Preston (d 1706, professor at St. Andrews)
  d.+ other issue - John (b 1663, d young), George (b 1664, d young), Helen
  ii. John Hamilton
  iii. Helen Hamilton
  m. (mcrt 03.01.1659) James Robertson (son/heir of James of Newbigging)
  iv. Elizabeth Hamilton
  m. (mcrt 02.07.1669) John Dundas of Manor (d 1711)
  C. Frederick Hamilton of Lingo (d 06.1628)
  m2. (before 11.04.1618) Anna Stewart
  D. James Hamilton (d before 1666)
  m. Anna Hamilton (a 1666)
  Not clear by which wife were ...
  E. daughter
  m. (before 06.1618) John Pinn of Quhytehill (m2. Barbara Hamilton, relict of James Aytoun of Grange)
  F. Jean Hamilton (a 1637)
G. Elizabeth Hamilton
  m. (mcrt 02.1641) John Kirkaldy of Cullelo
  H. Isobel Hamilton
  m. (before 22.01.1640) James Mowbray of Malleny
  I. Margaret Hamilton
  m. (mcrt 22.03.1648) Andrew Rollock of Over Carnbee
  J. Helen Hamilton possibly of this generation
  m. Robert Aytoun of Inchdairney (a 1649)
2. Archibald Hamilton (a 1602)
3. David Hamilton
A. David Hamilton
4. George Hamilton of Edinburgh (d 17.01.1631)
  m1. (27.06.1611) Agnes Hamilton (d 09.1615)
  A. James Hamilton (dsp 1638)
  m2. (28.08.1617) Bessie Ainslie (d 1645, dau of James Ainslie)
  B.+ other issue - William (d before 1638), George, Marion (d 1645)
5. Margaret Hamilton
m. Claud (not John) Hamilton of Broomhill
6. Mary Hamilton (d 05.07.1616)
  m1. Daniel Lowrestoun
  m2. James Douglas 'of Morton' of Over Gogar
  A. Beatrix Douglas
  m. (1621) William Hamilton of Wishaw
7. Helen Hamilton (d 1609)
  m1. (mcrt 08.1593) Alexander Bruce of Bangour (d 1596, son of Sir Alexander of Airth)
  m2. (after 03.1602) William Congiltoun or Congaltoun of that ilk
8. daughter
  m. John Hamilton of Udstoun



Arthur Hamilton of Parkhead
AndersonMemoirs ('Parkhead', p333+) shows Arthur father of James of Parkhead father of James (a 1635) who was succeeded by Claud (a 1656) succeeded by James (a 1684). However, HJHeraldry (Hamilton, 'Parkhead') starts with Claud who m. Jean, dau of Arthur Hamilton of Parkhead, and was father of James. The following is supported by 'HamiltonHistory' ('Parkhead', p668+).
m. Christian Hamilton ## see here ##
1. James Hamilton of Parkhead
m1. (mcrt 07.01.1589-90) Jean Polwart (d 06.1627, dau of James Polwart or Polward of Coustoun)
  A. Arthur Hamilton of Parkhead (d 01.1634)
  m. Jean Hamilton (m2. John Milne in Milnheugh)
  i. Jean Hamilton
  m.(mcrt 28.02.1653) Claud Hamilton (Captain, son of Sir James of Broomhill)
  Parkhead passed to their elder son.
  ii. Anna Hamilton (b 1634)
  m1. (before 20.06.1657) William Hamilton of Turnlaw
  m2. (before 26.12.1679) _ Bellenden
  m2. Elizabeth Hamilton
  B. James Hamilton of Treaton
  'HamiltonHistory' ('East Quarter (of Glasfurd)', p317+), following a book by Patrick Hamilton Baskerville, reports that this James was possibly the same person as the James of East Quarter (d before 16.02.1666) who was father of ...
  i. James Hamilton of East Quarter
  a. John Hamilton of East Quarter (d before 1752)
  m. (1709) Janet Arbuckle
  (1) John Hamilton of East Quarter (a 01.1752)
  m. (mcrt 18.06.1740) Isballa Allison (dau of William Allison of Over Lothian)
  (A) William Hamilton of East Quarter & Brunside
  m. Euphemia Alston of Muirburn
  (i) John Hamilton of East Quarter, later in Philadelphia (a 1826) had issue
  (ii) George Hamilton (d c1837, dsp? had son?)
  (iii) James Hamilton, later in North Carolina (d before 22.07.1845) had issue
  m. Mary Ridley
  (iv) Patrick Hamilton, later in North Carolina (b 1789, d 1850, youngest son) had issue
  This information from 'HamiltonHistory' ('Burnside, North Caroline', p1045).
  m. (1812) Mary Eaton (b 1796, d 1837, dau of William Baskervill of Virginia)
  (v) Isabella Hamilton (b 1767, d 1825)
  m. _ Morrison
  (vi)+ other issue (d unm) - William in Hamilton, later in USA (d 1840), Robert (b 1780, d 1845), Alexander (b 1786, d 1823), Jean (b 1775, d young), Euphemia
  (B) John Hamilton of Parkhead in Avendale, Hamilton Hill (Glasgow), etc.
  (i)+ issue - John in Craighall (a 1828), James (d c1820), Hugh of Parkhead (a 1820)
  (2) James Hamilton of Parkhead
  b. Andrew Hamilton in East Quarter, Glasfurd (d before 22.08.1692)
  m. Margaret
  ii. Alexander Hamilton (a 02.1666)
  C.+ other issue - John, Cristine, Grissell presumed of this marriage
2. Cristina Hamilton



John Hamilton of Ferguslie & Barr (d before 09.11.1556)
m. Jonet Levingston (d 10.09.1552)
1. John Hamilton of Ferguslie (d before 1563)
m. (c09.11.1556) Katherine Semple (relict of John Stewarde of Paisley)
  A. Allan Hamilton of Ferguslie & Barr (a 1620)
  m. Janet Wallace (dau of William Wallace of Elderslie)
  i. Margaret Hamilton (a 1651)
  m. (mcrt 11.11.1606) John Wallace, later Hamilton of Ferguslie (d 12.1651, son of William of Elderslie)
  Later Hamiltons of Barr & Ferguslie are shown on the Wallace continuation.
  ii. Elizabeth Hamilton
m. (before 02.03.1614) James Stewart (son of William Stewart of Caversbank & Paisley)
  'HamiltonHistory' notes that this was probably Sir James Stewart of Eday & Tullos who m. (before 1603) Elizabeth Hamilton.
  iii.+ other issue - Grissell (a 1626), Janet, Bessie (a 1647)
  partner unknown
  vi. John Hamilton in Holland then Ireland (a 1643)
m1. "a Dutch woman" (d before 1619)
  m2. (?) Jaqueline Quenlie ("a French woman")
  m2/3. (05.1619, div before 11.1638) Margaret Stewart (dau of Hercules Stewart (natural brother of the Earl of Bothwell), m2. John Hamilton)
  B. Janet Hamilton (d 12.1589) probably of this generation
  m. William Wallace of Elderslie (d 1599)
  C.+ other issue - James (a 1566), Margaret (a 1585)
2. Archibald Hamilton of Rybrayis (d before 13.08.1597)
3. Robert Hamilton (a 1588)
  m. (by 1555) Ellen Maxwell
4. Margaret Hamilton
  m. Robert Denzilstoune of Colgrain

Main source(s) (see here):
(1) For upper section: 'HamiltonHistory' ('Kilbrackmont', p511+) with support from 'AndersonMemoirs' ('Kilbrackmonth', p314), 'HJHeraldry' (Hamilton, 'Kilbrackmonth', p53+) ,'East Neuk of Fife' (Walter Wood, 1887, p151+)
(2) For middle section : 'HamiltonHistory' ('Parkhead', p668+)
(3) For lower section : 'HamiltonHistory' ('Ferguslie (and Barr)', p351+) with only a little support from 'AndersonMemoirs' ('Ferguslee', p283), 'HJHeraldry' (Hamilton, 'Ferguslee', p54)
[The upper & lower sections were previously within Hamilton27. The data for the middle section were previously within Hamilton03.]
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