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Families covered: Hardwick of Hardwick Hall, Hardwick of Lindley
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(1) A web site on Hardwick Hall reports that the Hardwick family owned land there from the 13th century. We have seen, on a web site, that the coat of arms of the Hardwicks (Herdwicks) of Lindley was a differenced version of that of the Hardwicks of Hardwick Hall, indicating that its founder was a younger son of the family of Hardwick Hall. 'History and Antiquities of the County of Leicester' (John Nichols, vol 4, part 2, 1811, 'Pedigree of Rodvile and Herdwicke of Lindley', p643), which provides the continuation for the Herdwickes (Hardwicks) of Lindley, starts with William, son of John de Herdwick of Herdwick in Warwickshire. We speculate that that John de Hardwick (Herdwick) was the ancestor of the later Harwicks of Hardwick Hall but note that John's Hardwick is reported to have been in Warwickshire whereas the later Hardwicks of Hardwick Hall were in Derbyshire.
(2) Visitation identifies the arms of this famiy as " Argent, a saltire engrailed Azure , on a chief of the second three cinquefoils pierced of the first".
John de Hardwick of Hardwick, Warwickshire (a 1215) father of William, presumed also of ...
1. ?? de Hardwick
  A. ?? de Hardwick
  Uncertain on number of intervening generations.
i. ?? de Hardwick
  a. ?? de Hardwick
  (1) William de Hardwick, Derbyshire
  m. Isabel de Coppeley
  (A) William Hardwick of Hardwick Hall
  William was the first mentioned by Visitation (Derbyshire). That identifies his wife as a daughter of Gowsell of Barleburgh. It appears that she was ...
  m. (1431) Elizabeth Goushill (dau of Sir Robert Goushill, widow of Sir Robert Wingfield)
(i) Roger Hardwick of Hardwick Hall
  Visitation (Derbyshire) identifies Roger's wife as Nevell, da of Robert Barley of Barley. We have seen her named as ...
  m. Nicola Barley (dau of Robert Barley of Barley (Barlow of Barlow) by Margaret Delves)
  (a) John Hardwick of Hardwick Hall
  m. Elizabeth Bakewell (dau of Henry Bakewell of Bakewell)
((1)) John Hardwick of Hardwick Hall (d 1507)
  m. Elizabeth Pinchbeck (dau of Sir Thomas Pinchbeck by Ann, dau of Sir Thomas Greene)
  ((A)) John Hardwick of Hardwick Hall (b c1496, d 24.01.1527)
  m. (1512) Elizabeth Leake (dau of Thomas Leake of Hasland by Margaret, dau of William Fox)
  ((i)) James Hardwick of Hardwick Hall (a 1569, dsp)
  m. Elizabeth Draycott (dau of Sir Philip Draycott of Painsley)
((ii)) Mary Hardwick
  m. Richard Wingfield
  ((iii)) Jane Hardwick
  m. Godfrey Bosvyle
((iv)) Elizabeth Hardwick of Hardwick Hall, "Building Bess of Hardwicke" (b 1521/7, d 13.02.1607/8)
  Visitation (Derbyshire) mentions just Elizabeth's marriage to the Earl of Shrewsbury. Her other marriages are well documented elsewhere.
m1. (1541, sp?) Robert Barlow of Barlow (Barley of Barley), Derbyshire (d 1544)
  m2. (1547) Sir William Cavendish of Chatsworth (d 25.10.1557)
  m3. (1559) Sir William St. Loe of Tormarton (d 1565)
  m4. (09.02.1567/8) Gilbert Talbot, 6th Earl of Shrewsbury (d 18.11.1590)
  ((v)) Alice Hardwick
  m. Francis Leeche of Chatsworth (dsp 1550)
  (b) Anne Hardwick
  m. Ralph Rochford of Bedfordshire
  (c) daughter
  m. _ Woodhouse of Derbyshire
2. William de Hardwick or Herdwick
  m. Isabella de Rodvile (dau/coheir of Walter de Rodvile of Lindley)

Main source(s): Visitation ('The Genealogist' (NS, vol 7 & 8, 1890-1), Derbyshire, 1569, 'Hardwick of Hardwick'), various web sites (in particular genealogics.org) plus input as noted above plus cross-references from elsewhere in the database
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