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Families covered: Hawarden of Appleton, Hawarden of Fenilstrete (Fenistreet), Hawarden of Lea Green, Hawarden of Upton Hall, Hawarden of Widnes, Hawarden of Wolstone (Woolston)

(1) Walsh reports that "The Lancashire family of Hawarden was represented in the seventeenth century by two main branches. The Hawardens of Woolston were, according to Flower, a branch of the Hawardens of Hawarden, co. Flint, but Mr. Gillow ... points out that it is almost certain from the armorial quarterings that the family derived from the de Ardernes of Harden or Hawarden Hall, co. Chester". Walsh then adds "In 1401 Hugh de Wolston was in possession of the manor of Woolston. Through the marriage of his daughter Annabel (or Elizabeth) to John de Arderne, son of John de Arderne, of Hawarden, co. Chester, by his marriage with Amery, daughter and heiress of John Legh, of High Legh, the manor of Woolston passed to the Hawardens."
(2) As mentioned above, Flower (possibly wrongly) shows the Hawardens of Wolstone as descended from the Hawardens of Hawarden, Flintshire. The first mentioned by Flower was ...
John Hawarden of Hawarden, Flintshire
m. Amery Lighe (dau/heir of John Leighe of High Lighe)
1. John Hawarden of Hawarden
  m. Annabell Wolstone (dau/heir of Hugh Wolstone of Wolstone)
  A. Thomas Hawarden of Wolstone, Lancashire
  m. ?? Leycester (dau of John Leycester of Tabley)
  i. Thomas Hawarden of Wolstone
m. Jane Stanley (dau of John Stanley of Lathom)
  a. John Hawarden of Wolstone
  m. Helen Hulton (dau of Adam Hulton of the Parke)
  (1) Adam Hawarden of Wolstone (d 06.02.1596-7)
  m. Alice Norrys (dau of Sir William Norrys of the Speike)
  (A) Elizabeth Hawarden
Flower ends naming the children of this generation. Walsh reports that, with "his only son having predeceased him", the manor passed through Elizabeth into the family of ...
  m. (1574) Alexander Standish (son/heir of Edward Standish of Standish by Helen, dau of Sir William Radcliffe of Ordsall)
  (B) Clemency Hawarden (d 09.1615) possibly of this generation
  m. Alexander Radclyffe of Newcroft (d 04.1628)
  (C)+ other issue (a 1567) - John, Anne, Margaret, Helen, Isabel
  (2)+ other issue - William, Alice, Elizabeth
  b. Anne Hawarden
  m. Richard Briche
  c. Elizabeth Hawarden
  m. Richard Rutter
  ii.+ "Divers others"
  B. Anne Hawarden possibly of this generation
  m. Ralph Aldersey of Middle Aldersey



Walsh reports that "The Hawardens of Widnes are said to be a branch of the Hawardens of Woolston. It should, however, be noted that a William de Hawarden settled at Widnes as early as 1332." The first mentioned by Walsh and the Visitations was ...
John Hawarden of Appleton, Lancashire
m. (c1500) _ Appleton (dau/heir of _ Appleton of Fenilstrete in Appleton)
1. John Hawarden of Fenilstrete, Appleton (d by 1621)
  m1. Elizabeth Gryce (dau of Thomas Gryce or Grice of Warrington)
  A. John Hawarden of Fenilstrete (Fenistreet), Appleton (d c1630)
  m. Alice Linacre (d by 1634, dau of John Linacre of Cuerdley)
  i. John Hawarden of Fenilstreet in Widnes (b c1605, d 1667-8)
  m. Anne Ditchfield (dau of John Ditchfield of Ditton Hall)
  a. John Hawarden of Appleton (b 1633)
  m. Margaret Mere (dau of William Mere of Mere Hall (Meare of Meare))
  (1) John Hawarden of Appleton (b c1661, d c1715)
m. (before 04.1693) Catherine Lea (d 08.04.1718, dau of Bryan Lea of Sutton by Eleanor, dau of William Holland of Sutton Hall by Margaret, dau/heir of Henry Myleson of Myleson House in Sutton)
  (A) John Hawarden of Lea Green in Sutton (bur 09.04.1715)
  m. Mary (bur 01.06.1757)
  (i) John Hawarden 'of Lea Green' of Chorley (d 15.03.1741)
  m. Jane Gillibrand (dau of Thomas Gillibrand of Chorley Hall)
  (a) Thomas Hawarden of Appleton & Liverpool, later Gillibrand of Gillbrand (d 23.05.1787)
  m. Elizabeth Crook (dau of Christopher Crook of Chorley)
  ((1)) Thomas Gillibrand of Gillbrand Hall, Chorley (b 30.06.1780) had issue
  m. (23.03.1801) Marcella Goold (b 1789, dau of Henry Goold of Ballygriffin by Catherine, dau of Donat O'Callaghan of Kilgory)
  Their eldest surviving son assumed the name Fazakerley.
((2)) Mary Meliora Hawarden or Gillibrand (b 24.12.1778, bur 23.07.1800)
  (b)+ other issue (a 1741) - John, William
  (ii) Thomas Hawarden (priest)
  (B) Bryan Hawarden of Lower House, Appleton 'of Widnes' (d before 01.10.1730, surgeon)
  m1. (sp) Anne Hodgson (dau/coheir of Albert Hodgson of Leighton Hall by Dorothy, dau/coheir of George Middleton Oldfield of Leighton (grandson of Sir George Middleton of Leighton, Bart))
  m2. Mary Fazakerley (dau of Robert Fazakerley of Fazakerley)
  (i) John Hawarden, later Fazakerley of Fazakerley (bur 10.02.1781)
  m. (21.09.1748) Anne Parr (dau/heir of Samuel Parr of Ormskirk)
  (a) Samuel Hawarden Fazakerley of Fazakerley (b 1753, d 20.06.1813)
  Fazakerley passed to his cousin Henry Hawarden Gillibrand (son of Thomas Gillibrand above).
  (b)+ other issue - Robert (b 05.1757, bur 01.06.1757), Anne (b c1754, d 10.10.1767)
  (C) Margaret Hawarden (d 1759)
  m. Richard Richardson of Lower Green (d 1759)
(D) Catherine Hawarden
  m. (1726?) Thomas Scott of Wigan
  (E) Mary Hawarden
  m. William Fletcher of Liverpool
  (F)+ other issue - Thomas (b 1693, d 04.1743, priest), William, Anne of Wigan (d by 1755), Alice
  (2)+ other issue - William (d by 1665), Thomas (b 1664), William (b 1666, dsp 30.10.1727, priest), Caryl (b 1677, a 1707, priest)
  b. Thomas Hawarden of Upton Hall (d by 1664)
  Dugdale shows the 2nd son as Thomas of Croxteth who m. Helen, dau of Edward Tarlton of Egberth. Walsh shows him as shown and his wife as ...
  m. Mary Tarleton (a 1717, dau of Edward Tarleton of Aighburth)
  (1) Caryl Hawarden of Upton Hall
  m. Catherine Crosbie (dau of Thomas Crosbie of Warrington)
  (A) Thomas Hawarden of Upton Hall (b c1726, 3rd son)
  m. Jane
  (B)+ other issue - John (b 02.05.1724, d 27.05.1770, priest), Edward (d 17.12.1793, priest), Caryl (a 1737), 2 daughters (a 1735), Elizabeth (nun)
  (2) Edward Hawarden (b 09.06.1662, d 23.04.1735, priest)
  ii. Anne Hawarden
  m. Richard Golden of Winwick Hall (son of Thomas of Winwick)
  iii. Margery Hawarden
  m. Henry Coney of Ditton
  B. Francis Hawarden of Boughton
  m. Susan Legh (dau of John Legh of the Ridge)
  i. Francis Hawarden (b c1604, a 1613)
  C. Prudence Hawarden
  m. Bryan Lea of Sutton
  D. Elizabeth Hawarden
  m. Edward Fox
  E. Mary Hawarden
  m. Richard Watnough or Watmough of Micklehead (son of Francis of Micklehead)
F. Christian Hawarden
  m. John Gregg
  G.+ other issue - Savage (b 29.09.1582, a 1603), William of Upton (d c1633), Edward of Upton (d by 1649), Richard of Widnes
  m2. Jane Mileson (d by 1629, dau of Henry Mileson or Myleson of Sutton)
  K. Thomas Hawarden of Upton Hall in Widnes-with-Appleton had issue
  m. Jane Culceth (dau of John Culceth of Culceth)
  L. Anne Hawarden
  m. William Mere of Mere Hall
  M. Jane or Christian Hawarden
  m. John Culceth of Culceth (bpt 10.12.1599)
2. Anne Hawarden
  m. Gabriel Roberts
3. Margaret Hawarden
  m. William Barlow of Beaumaris

Main source(s):
(1) For the upper section : Visitation (William Flower, Lancashire, 1567, 'Hawarden of Wolston')
(2) For the lower section : 'The Pedigree of the Late Henry Hawarden-Gillibrand-Fazakerley' by V. Hussey Walsh (reprinted from The Genealogist, N.S.,Vol. XXXIII), with thanks to a contributor (CV, 06.10.13) for drawing this to our attention (at archive.org), with support from Visitation (Richard St. George, Lancashire, 1613, 'Hawarden'), Visitation (William Dugdale, Lancashire, 1664-5, 'Hawarden of Widnes'), Visitation (Cheshire, 1613, 'Hawarden of Boughton')
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