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Families covered: Henderson of Bardister, Henderson of Buness, Henderson of Gardie, Henderson of Gloup, Henderson of Liverpool, Henderson of Midgarth, Henderson of Pettister

It is not clear whether or not the following family has the same roots as those shown on Henderson03. Grant reports that the following William "claimed to be descended from Hendrich Hendrichson, Great Foude, Lawmany, and Chancellor of Zetland, whose commission, granted by King Christian I. of Denmark, in the year 1450 (was) written in the Danish language". Probably son of Magnus was ...
William Magnusson or Henderson of Buness & Gardie (a 03.1598)
1. Ninian Henderson of Buness & Gardie (d 1616)
  m. Janet Crichton (dau of James Crichton)
  A. Magnus Henderson of Buness (d 1625)
m. Margaret Sinclair (dau of Arthur Sinclair of Houss)
  i. Ninian Henderson of Buness
  a. Magnus Henderson of Buness
  m. Katherine Scott (dau of John Scott, fiar of Voesgarth)
  (1) Ursula Henderson of Buness (a 1761)
  m. Thomas Sanderson 'of Buness''
  (A) Charles Sanderson (dvp unm)
  (B) Janet Sanderson (dvpsp)
  m. Gilbert Basil Scott of Voesgarth (cousin)
(C) Barbara Sanderson
  m. James Archibald
  (i)+ 3 daughters (d unm)
  (D) Mary Sanderson
  m. (01.02.1775) Laurence Edmondston in Lerwick (surgeon)
(2) Janet Henderson
  ii. James Henderson of Gardie (d 1651)
  m. Barbara Gifford (dau of Andrew Gifford of Weathersta)
  a. Magnus Henderson of Gardie (d 1669)
  m. Catherine Craigie (dau of William Craigie)
(1) Ninian Henderson of Gardie (d 1680)
  m1. (01.1657) Elizabeth Scott (dau of James Scott of Voesgarth)
  (A) William Henderson of Gardie (d 1737)
  m1. Janet Williamson (dau/coheir of Laurence Williamson in Bressay)
  (i) Magnus Henderson of Gardie (d 01.08.1753)
  m. Elizabeth Mitchell (dau/coheir of James Mitchell of Girlsta)
  (a) James Henderson of Gardie (dsp 12.12.1799)
  m. (09.02.1756) Jean Rose (dau of Henry Rose by Margaret Henderson) @1@ just below
  (b) Barbara Henderson (d 04.06.1755)
  m. (14.11.1751) William Nicolson of Bulister
(c)+ other issue - William, Margaret, Janet
  (ii) Charles
  (iii) Margaret Henderson
  m1. Arthur Nicolson of Bulliesetter
  m2. Henry Rose (collector of Customs in Zetland)
  (a) Jean Rose (bpt 22.08.1732, "eldest daughter")
  m. (09.02.1756) James Henderson of Gardie (dsp 1799) @1@ just above
  (iv) Margaret Henderson (2nd)
  m. James Craigie
  m2. Katherine Mitchell (dau of John Mitchell of Berrie, widow of Wiliam Neven of Windhouse, m3. James Stewart)
  (v) William Henderson (bailie in Bressay)
  m. Katherine Mitchell (dau of Sir John Mitchell of Westshore, Bart)
  (a)+ issue - William (bpt 12.05.1739), Elizabeth
  (vi) Jean Henderson
  m. (1736) Patrick Cheyne, fiar of Tangwick
(B) Janet Henderson
  m. William Cragie
  (C)+ other issue - James, John, Elizabeth, Grizel
  m2. Agnes Ross
  (2) Margaret Henderson
  m. Charles Hoseason of Dalsetter
  (3) Elizabeth Henderson
  m. Walter Dick of Wormadale
  (4)+ other issue - William, James
b. Katherine Henderson
  m. Hosea Scott of Reafirth
  c.+ other issue - Ninian, John
  iii. John Henderson of Pettister
  m. Elizabeth Spence (dau of John Spence of Gardie)
  a. George Henderson of Pettister
  m. Jane Henderson (dau of William Henderson of Colvister) @2@ below
  (1) William Henderson of Pettister
  m. (10.04.1796) Andrina Henderson (dau of Gilbert Henderson of Bardister) @3@ below
  (A) George Henderson of Pettister & Brough (b 31.01.1797, d 08.04.1891) had issue
  m. (31.12.1824) Barbara Ross (dau of Henry Ross of Lerwick)
  (B) James Henderson of Bardister (d 25.10.1878, 5th son) had issue (1 dau)
  m. Margaret Henderson (dau of Gideon Henderson of Papa)
(i) Margaret Henderson
  (C) William John Henderson of Gloup (d 07.01.1885) had issue (1 dau)
  m. Mary Maclean
  (D)+ other issue - Gilbert, William, Robert in Canada then Liverpool (d 14.03.1769), Magnus (d young), Anne (d infant)
  (2)+ other issue - Thomas (bpt 29.08.1776), Margaret
  b.+ other issue
  iv. Gilbert Henderson of Midgarth
  m. (c1700) Elizabeth Scott (dau of James Scott of Voesgarth)
  a. John Henderson of Midgarth
  m1. Janet Scott (dau of James Scott of Voesgarth, widow of Rev. John Catanach of Unst)
  m2. Katherine Spence (dau of James Spence of Houlland)
  Not clear which wife was mother of ...
  (1) Gilbert Henderson of Midgarth (d c1819)
  m. Ursilla Ogilvy
  (A) Katherine Henderson
(B) Bettie Henderson
  m. John Mouat of Brookpoint
  (C) Ursilla Henderson
  m. Laurence Bartholomson in Unst
  b. William Henderson of Ollaberry (b 1705, 1764)
  m. Christian Murray (dau of Captain John Murray, niece of Lady Mitchell of Westshore, widow of Andrew Gifford of Ollaberry)
  (1) Gilbert Henderson of Bardister
  m. Anne Gifford (dau of Gilbert Gifford of Urafirth)
  (A) William Henderson of Bardister (d unm)
  (B) Gilbert Henderson of Bardister & Liverpool (d 04.12.1841)
  m. (29.09.1796) Jane Cheyne (dau of James Cheyne of Tangwick)
  (i) Gilbert Henderson of Bardister & Liverpool (dsp, recorder of Liverpool)
  m. Frances Penny
  (ii) Ann Henderson
  m. _ Philips (RN)
  (iii) Isabella Henderson
m. _ Shaw
  (iv)+ other issue (d unm) - Robert Sellar in Liverpool, Arthur
  (C) John Henderson of Liverpool
  m. (01.09.1793) Mary Bolt (dau of Andrew Bolt of Berry)
  (i) Andrew Henderson (dsp, 2nd son)
  m. Emily Adolphius (dau of A. Adolphius)
  (ii) Mary Henderson
  m. _ Lamb
  (iii) Andrina Henderson
m. (10.04.1796) William Henderson of Pettister @3@ above
  (iv)+ other issiue (d unm) - John in London, Eliza (b 1800)
  (D) Charlotte Henderson
  m. (06.11.1808) Magnus Hoseason of Fetlar
  (E)+ other issue - Christian, Katherine, Anne
  (2) William Henderson of Papa Stour
  The following comes from 'The County Families of the Zetland Islands' by Francis Grant, 1893 ('Henderson of Springfield', p134).
  m. (10.01.1769) Elizabeth Sinclair (dau of Alexander Sinclair of Brew)
  (A) Gideon Henderson of Springfield (b 09.1776, 2nd son) had issue
  m. Margaret Gray (dau of Captain William Gray by (Margaret), dau of Arthur Nicolson of Lochend)
  (B) Christian Henderson (b 10.1772)
  m. James Mouat of Wormadale
  (C)+ other issue - Andrew (d 02.1813), Elizabeth (b 20.11.1778, d unm), Barbara (d unm)
  (3) Francis Henderson (d Havannah unm 1762)
  (4) Alexander Henderson
  m. (29.01.1781) Mary Umphray (dau of Robert Umphray of the Raewick family)
(A)+ issue - William (b 1783), Gilbert (b 1786, to Canada)
  c. Janet Henderson
  m. Gilbert Spence of Hammer
  d. Bess Henderson possibly of this generation
  m. Arthur Hoseason of Aywick (a 1776)
  v. David Henderson of Gloup
  a. William Henderson of Gloup
  m. Jane (Janet) Nicolson (dau of Arthur Nicolson of Lochend)
  (1) John Henderson of Gloup
  m. Catherine Roberson (dau of John Robertson of Gossaburgh)
  (A) William Henderson of Gloup (d 1830, Captain) had issue
  m. Amy Campbell (dau of General Archibald Campbell of Arbeth, son of ?? of Kilberry)
  (2) William Henderson of Colvister
  (A) Jane Henderson
  m. George Henderson of Pettister @2@ above
  (3) Magnus Henderson in Edinburgh
  m. Grizel Drummond
  (A) Christian Henderson
  (4)+ other issue - Laurence (a 1767), 3 daughters
  vi. Grizel Henderson
  m. Charles Leask
  B. Ursilla Henderson
  m. Alexander Scott of Reafirth

Main source(s): 'The County Families of the Zetland Islands' by Francis Grant, 1893 ('Henderson of Buness' (p124+) & 'Henderson of Gardie' (p126+) & 'Henderson of Pettister' (p129+) & 'Henderson of Midgarth' (p131+) & 'Henderson of Gloup' (p135+))
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